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The song Belongs to 3 Doors Down. It's called Let me go.

Summary: During the heists Leon has a girlfriend. However, the girl has no idea what's happening.the song isLet me go by: 3 Doors Down.

One more kiss could be the best thing
But one more lie could be the worst
And all these thoughts are never resting
And you're not something I deserve

Let Me Go- 3 Doors Down

Let Me Go.

Chapter 1: One More Kiss.

I knew that what we were doing was wrong. It haunted me all the time. Sure, we got money, but when it boils down that meant jack shit. Money is money. You know that saying, Money screws people up? I always thought, it's just a saying it doesn't mean shit. Well, when you have someone that you care about it does. It means too much. I was part of a team. Not a gang, a team. It was made out of six people including me and two others that you all will find out in a while.

Dominic- He was the leader. He did everything. He owned a garage and he owned a store. He looked big and tough but we all knew that he was a big softie when it came down to important things. He spent two years in Lompoc for nearly killing the guy that killed his father. It's a sad story. His dad was a racer. I'm guessing that it's genetic. Anyways, even though we all love and look up to Dom, he's the one that got us into this mess.

Letty- She's Dominic's girlfriend. It surprised me that even after all that happened they're still together. Letty is and probably always will be a tough woman. I've got to give her props; she's a tough nail to break. Then again, you know what they all say; Even the strongest wall breaks. She did break. Not while it was just the two of us. She broke down when Dom came. He walked through the door and she jumped into his arms and cried. I think that, that was the first time I ever saw her cry.

Vince- Ol' Coyote. We should have listened to him in the first place. I think that every one of us regrets not listening to him. We all underestimated him. Well, not all of us. She never underestimated him. She's a different story though. I'll get back to her. Anyways about Vince, or Coyote as we call him, he's different. He likes to be alone. He's always had a good heart but only showed it to the people that he trusted. We saw his heart, but I think that we threw it to the ground and stomped on it. Maybe that's why he became so distant. Vince and Dom were best friends since the second grade. Even when he came down to Mexico he was distant. He was distant even from Dom. I think that he missed her. I miss her. I miss her like crazy. I think that they still talk, but I'm not entirely sure.

Mia- God bless her soul, after everything she had to go through. She was there for everyone. Since her mother died when Mia and Dom were young, I think that Mia's taken to be the mother of all of us. She always takes care of us. She works the store and she does the books. Sometimes, when I think back, I'm pretty sure that we took her for granted some of the time. Family means everything to her; I'm guessing that's why she chose us over him. Over the 'Busta' as Vince called him. She was pretty heart-broken when she came down to Mexico. We all were. We left everything that we had and loved in .LA. And moved down to Mexico. Mia, though, through everything she still remained with us. That's got to mean something, right?

Jesse- The brain of the team. He's my best friend. I think that I almost died when I found out he was shot. He pulled through. Miraculously, he pulled through. He's never been the same since though. Jesse along with being the brains was the youngest out of the team; we all took care of him. I keep on wondering what would of happened if he hadn't raced Johnny Tran for slips. He wouldn't have been shot. He wouldn't have changed. I know that this seems really selfish of me, but I want my best friend back. I knew him since he was ten. I knew him when his father got busted and had to go to jail, and I knew him while we were on the team. I don't really know him anymore.

Leon- That's me. My names Leon. I joined the team when Jesse and I came and never left. There was something about the Toretto's and everyone in there, that made me feel at home. I don't have much of a story. My dad left my mother while she was pregnant with me, and when I was thirteen she died in a car accident. Thirteen years old and I was walking on the street looking for a place to live. That's when I met Jesse. Jesse and his dad took me in and they became my surrogate family. My mom was always good to me and I knew that she loved me. It was kind of hard not to when she told me at least twice every day. Three times the day she died. I've always had the guys. You know what I mean right? Every true friend I had was a guy, never a girl. Girls that I knew were all sluts trying to get some. That all changed the day I met her. I guess I should start from the beginning, huh? They all say that it's good to start at the beginning, so I think that, that's what I'm going to do.

I met her at the races. Surprise, surprise. Every week either on a Friday or a Saturday we'd go to the races, Dom would race he would win, and than we'd go party. This one night was different though.

I was standing with Vince and Jesse, these girls with short skirts and tight tops that were too small for them we're standing all around us. A couple of them went to Dom, but immediately walked away in shame when Letty ripped them up. I didn't notice what was happening until Vince elbowed me in the ribs. I gave him a look that screamed 'What the fuck do you want?' The man was interrupting a good conversation that could result in a good night of sex. He pointed to where Dom, Letty and Mia all were. There was another guy with them. He had dark red hair. I knew he was tall; he was even taller than Dom when he stood next to him. It looked like there was going to be trouble so Vince, Jesse and I walked over, to make sure that nothing was wrong and everything was cool. We didn't want something to go down on a race night. When we got there Dom saw us and he smiled, sort of that 'You've got to hear this' kind of smile.

"This guy thinks that he can beat me." Dom said.

We laughed. Not matter what happened, or how good a person claimed to be. Nobody could beat Dom. It was just impossible.

"Just give me a chance and you'll see how good I am." I noticed that this guy had an accent. He sounded Irish.

"What makes you think that you're good?" Vince snarled immediately starting to get defensive.

I think that, that was about the time I flew out over my head. Her voice was as soothing as a melody. "I suppose that everyone thinks they're good. Who wouldn't? If it's between you and another person, you're going to obviously think that you're the dominant person. It all comes down to the race. You can all stand here in front of an audience and proclaim that one is better than the other, but we're never going to know unless you both get off your high chair and race." She had a slight Irish accent too.

That had to be the smartest thing I've ever heard anyone say. I was never into that philosophical shit but when she said it, it was like you had to listen to what she had to say. You became entranced. I noticed that even Vince was thinking hard about what she said. I looked at her. I mean I know that before I was looking at her, but now I actually 'looked' at her. She was standing next to the big guy with the red hair. She had red hair herself. Not just any red. A deep shade of crimson red, which flowed down past her shoulders. He skin was an ivory color and it looked flawless. Not one freckle adorned her face, which was odd for a red head. She had these deep emerald green eyes, when you looked at them all you could see was how green they were. It was similar to if you were in a forest surrounded by bright green trees and nothing else. She was small; about five foot four, maybe five foot five. She had a body that I think any girl would die for. She wasn't fat, yet she wasn't overly skinny, she was the perfect size. She looked to be around eight-teen.

The red head guy smiled and put an arm around her shoulders. Something flared up inside of me. I grew so jealous over a woman that I didn't even know.

"This is my younger sister, Crimson. And I'm Reese." He introduced.

Crimson. Saying that name still sends a shiver down my spine. It's funny how a name can fit someone so perfectly. I was hypnotized. She looked over at me and gave me a smile which made me weak in the knees. I gave her a slight smile back. Outside I was clam and collect, inside was a different story. I felt like I was about to explode I was so happy.

As the night wore on, I was on the scanners. My mind wasn't on the scanners though. It was on the red headed girl who literally took my breath away. Looking out the window I saw that the object of my thoughts was conversing with Vince and Jesse. It was in the middle of the conversation that she let out a loud Whoop. Looking at the race I saw Reese's car pull in front of Dom's. My mind was reeling. Had someone actually beat Dom? It seemed impossible, but as it turns out, nothing is impossible.

I saw Dom and Reese talking. It blew my mind that Reese had actually beat Dom but what blew my mind even more was when Reese smiled and shook Dom's hand. What exactly happened? Was my first thought, but when the voice came onto the scanner about the police finding out that there was a race, I picked up the walkie-talkie and hurriedly warned the racers that the cops were coming.

Going home was going to be tough. I knew that even though Dom lost, the party would still be on. The question was, was Crimson going to be there?

It was three months later and Crimson and I were inseparable. She came to the party and we hit it off so well. It surprised me that I could actually enjoy talking to a girl instead of just using her for sex. Both she and her brother were always over. They seemed to know everything, but they lacked the important knowledge. We were car-jacking trucks. It occurred to me, that if we were ever found out, Crimson would somehow get into the middle of it. I didn't want that. It was hard enough with her being eight-teen. I know her brother didn't like it very much. Me, seeing her all the time, but I couldn't help it. I was falling hard and I was falling fast. I think that every person who ever met Crimson would have something for her. She was irresistible.

I remember that one day so clearly. It was the night before we met Brian. Crimson and I were outside in the backyard swinging on the swinging set. We had a truck to jack but all I wanted to do was spend time with Crimson. Jesse was the one who came to get me.

"Yo, Leon, we gotta go man." Was what he said.

I nodded and looked over at Crimson. "Where are you going?" She asked.

I wanted to tell her. I wanted to tell her so badly that it hurt. Looking at her made me feel like I was shit. She deserved someone better than me. "It's just something that we have to do. I'll be back." I gave her a small kiss on the lips.

She smiled and nodded. I got up and turned to walk away. "Leon?" She called out. I turned to face her. She was walking towards me and I felt my heart rate speed up. "One more kiss?"

How could I not? I gave her one kiss and I made it worth while. She was so small against me. She had to stand on her tip-toes. She melted into me perfectly. I never wanted to leave her embrace. After the kiss she looked up at me. Her emerald eyes so big and innocent. "Is what you're going to do dangerous?" She asked.

Did you ever have to lie to someone that you love? If you ever did, it hurts like a bitch. I couldn't just say. 'No what I'm doing isn't dangerous. I mean we're only car-jacking trucks worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Probably millions.' "No." I lied to her. "It's nothing dangerous."

I couldn't look at her any longer. It hurt too much. I walked out and went to where Vince, Dom, Jesse and Letty were waiting. Thoughts were streaming around in my head. I was lying to the girl that I loved. I was slowly but surely breaking her heart. What if something happened? What if something went wrong? All of these damn What Ifs were running through my head that it started to hurt.

"Yo brother!" Vince called to me.

I looked at him. I noticed that Dom and Letty had already left and Jesse and Vince were waiting for me in Vince's car. We went in two cars. Letty and Dom in Dom's car and Vince, Jesse and me in Vince's car. I shook my head and climbed in the front seat of Vince's car.

"Leon. Everything okay man?" Jesse quietly asked me. I knew Vince heard because he turned his head expecting an answer from me too.

I looked at them. "I don't deserve her." Was all I said.

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