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Plot Summary: Kindergarten Cop sequel. Steve Rosenberg agent of the DEA goes on an undercover assignment in a middle school in the very north of New Jersey as an 8th grade teacher. Also there's a local cop named Stephanie Jacobs working with 2 more local cops named Mark Christopher and Phillip Michaels. Steven Rosenberg as a rookie cop once had John Kimble who was undercover as a substitute teacher in a kindergarten class in Astoria, Oregon and Steve's boss is Sean Richards who worked with Captain Salazar on bringing down Colin Crisp's drug suppliers and distributors. The Principal James Rodgers puts Steve Rosenberg in an 8th grade class. The local police investigates philanthropist Lenny Bombay who may or may not be the kingpin to this underworld in national drug supplement.


At a drug lab in Southern California. There are several men working there. They are storing meth and coke. They are smugglers and distributors.

Outside of the drug lab. There is the DEA agents. With them are Sean Richards and Steve Rosenberg. Richards: "We don't know who the leader is. That is something to find out. Word is that they are smuggling drugs into New Jersey for the leader to deal. We bring them down." They have their guns drawn. They burst into the drug lab. They get inside the place.

The agents aim their guns. The men in the drug lab draw their guns. They pull them out. The drug thugs open fire on the agents. Steve: "DEA. You are all under arrest." DEA agent: "Nobody move! This is a raid." The agents fire back.

Steve shoots down a thug. The agents and drug dealers are shooting at each other. Sean Richards shoots a thug. In the shoot out the rest of the drug thugs throw down their guns. Steve: "Get your hands on top of your heads now." They put their hands on top of their heads.

Later on there are cops outside of the drug lab. They are taking the drug thugs in handcuffs. Steve Rosenberg comes out.

He reports to his boss Sean Richards. Steve: "I have burned all the coke and meth. They managed to get allot of it into New Jersey and New York." Richards: "A prime suspect is business man Lenny Bombay. He is dealing to middle school and high school students."

In Northern New Jersey. In the building in an office. There is Lenny Bombay. Female Gang Leader Sally Hernandez comes in. She gives a report to Lenny Bombay. Bombay: "What is it Sally?" Sally: "Your shipments have been brought into here. Your distributors and smugglers have been brought down the by the DEA."

Bombay: "Blast it!" Sally: "I am dealing to students and staff at the middle school in Newark." She leaves. Lenny gets onto his telephone. He calls mob boss Anthony Berellio. Bombay: "Hello. Anthony Berellio. We have got our shipments in."

At Anthony Berellio's building. There is Anthony Berellio at his desk. His phone rings. He picks it up. He is talking to Lenny Bombay. Berellio: "It's Anthony. I know that the DEA has taken down your smugglers and distributors." Bombay: "Come to my office and bring your under bosses."

Later on at Lenny Bombay's office. There is Anthony Berellio with his under bosses Jackie, James and Harry. They get seated.

Bombay: "Let's get down to business men." Berellio: "I heard that the DEA has brought down a drug lab in California. I have escaped from the Organized Crime Division on racketeering charges." Bombay: "Some of you gang leaders work for me in an underworld. New Jersey will be mine."

At DEA headquarters in California. Inside there is Steve Rosenberg heading off to Richard's office. He goes to his superior. He is on an assignment. Richards: "There has been dope dealing in New Jersey. I might have you pose as a teacher and look out for students and staff on drugs. It has been happening for over a year where teachers are being fired from the Middle School in the very north of New Jersey."

Steve: "I heard about Detective John Kimble who was my veteran officer when I joined his police department. I was 3 years as a cop. He posed as a Kindergarten teacher to find out the family of Cullen Crisp. Cullen Crisp's parents were divorced before I was born. You and Captain Salazar took down Crisp's dealers. One of them gave the cocaine money to Crisp's mother and that dealer was taken down by you."

Richards: "A woman who was to testify against Crisp bought the dope and she died of an overdose. Someone from New Jersey running the underworld owns a Spanish gang and an Italian mob. They are in the business of organized crime with drug dealing. John Kimble's partner on the Cullen Crisp case was Phoebe O'Hara. She and Henry Shoop now have 2 kids. Crisp is dead. His mother died of a heart attack a few years ago." Steve: "I'll take the assignment." Richards: "Good."

On the streets of Northern New Jersey. There is Sally Hernandez and her gang. There are many men and women in the gang that are Hispanics.

There are 4 middle school teachers on the street. Sally: "There's our customers." 3 women and 1 man. Sally and her gang are selling dope. Those teachers approach Sally. They bring out dollars. They buy the dope.

Back in California at DEA headquarters. There is Steve Rosenberg walking through the halls with Sean Richards. Richards: "You are going to New Jersey. We'll have you work with the local police department. You will team with them to bring down this underworld kingpin and bring down the criminal gangs that he runs."