Later on at the police station. There are the men arrested in the interrogation room. Steve Rosenberg comes in with Mark Christopher, Stephanie Jacobs and Phillip Michaels. They go and interrogate them. Officer Michaels: "We need answers. My brother is a janitor in the school."

Officer Christopher: "Who is the underworld kingpin? Your boss's name please." Cartel 2: "It's Lenny Bombay." Supplier 2: "Lenny will come to the school next. He runs the mobs and street gangs." Steve: "We'll try his office since I found the place easily."

At Lenny Bombay's office. Lenny has the newspaper at his desk. He finds out that his cartels and distributors are arrested.

At the middle school the next day. Steve Rosenberg parks his car. He gets out. The 3 cops get out of their cars too. They go into the classrooms.

Stephanie: "My father's SWAT team didn't catch Lenny Bombay. He should then be coming to here. Let's nail him." Steve: "We have our guns. They will soon find out that I am DEA and the rest of you are local police. They just hired replacements for those teachers."

Later on there is a drugs awareness assembly in the auditorium. There are classes seated. Many girls and boys are seated in the auditorium. There is Steve Rosenberg with his class. Also there is Stephanie Jacobs with her class.

There are local cops there who are DARE officers. There is also Captain Jacobs present. There is also Mark Christopher and Phillip Michaels with their classes. Principal Rodgers is there with the vice principal Mrs. Jacobs. Mrs. Jacobs gets up for everyone's attention.

Mrs. Jacobs: "Everyone turn your attention to me. This is the drugs awareness assembly. We have had teachers and students here on drugs. They are fired or expelled. I want you to turn your attention to my husband Captain Henry Jacobs of our local police department." Everyone turns their attention to the vice principal. Captain Jacobs gets up. He goes over to the mike. Captain Jacobs: "In over this past year I have arrested many drug dealers here. Many of you have taken DARE class. My daughter here is a teacher in a 7th grade class. Recently there was an incident. Mr. Rosenberg here reported it."

Somewhere else in the school. There is Lenny Bombay. He goes over to fire alarms. Lenny pulls the switch setting the alarm off. The alarm goes off. Lenny hides himself in the building. Lenny pulls out a hand gun. Bombay: "No one says no to me. None of you cops will break up any youth gangs that I employee."

Back to the auditorium. Everyone in there hears the alarms going off. Everyone gets up in lines. Mr. Rodgers: "Everyone. It's a fire drill. Please be calm and exit the building." They are evacuating the building.

The Captain Jacobs goes to somewhere in the building. Lenny Bombay with his gun puts it at the police captain's head. Bombay: "You aren't going anywhere. You took down the cops that I corrupt." Captain Jacobs: "I am arresting you on charges of racketeering and drug charges."

Outside there are the teachers and students. There are many people out there. Fire trucks show up. Steve: "I think that Lenny Bombay is here and he's taken our captain hostage." Stephanie: "If he kills my dad I will want him given the death penalty." Steve Rosenberg goes into the building with officers Stephanie Jacobs, Phillip Michaels and Mark Christopher with other officers in the department. They draw their guns. Steve: "We are police officers and we are rescuing someone." They go hunting down Lenny Bombay looking for Captain Jacobs. The firemen enter the building searching for a fire.

Somewhere in the school hallways there is Lenny Bombay with Captain Jacobs held hostage. Lenny has taken Captain Jacobs's gun. Bombay: "Don't any of you move or I will shoot Captain Jacobs here." Steve: "Drop the gun Bombay. You are under arrest." Steve Rosenberg shows up with the local cops along with the 3 other cops he is working with. The cops aim their guns at the underworld kingpin.

The cops put their guns down. Steve: "We put our guns down. Now put your's down." Lenny takes the 2 guns off of the police captain. Lenny pulls the 2 guns on the cops and DEA agent. Steve Rosenberg shoots Lenny Bombay in the shoulder with a clear shot. Lenny Bombay falls to the ground.

Captain Jacobs gets his gun back into his hand. Mrs. Jacobs shows up. Mrs. Jacobs: "Henry. You are in one piece." Steve: "I will have him arrested on drug charges if he lives." Lenny Bombay gets back up. Mrs. Jacobs: "Look out! He's got a gun." Bombay: "Now you will all die." Steve and the local cops aim their guns at him. Steve: "Hold it right there or you're dead. I am heading back to California."

Later on outside. There are cops taking out Lenny Bombay in handcuffs. The cops go back to their classes as does the DEA agent. A fireman goes over to everyone. The principal is present. Mr. Rodgers: "It was just a false alarm. Everyone may now reenter the building." Everyone reenters the building.

At the Newark Airport. There is Steve Rosenberg getting ready to board his plane back to California. There are the 3 undercover cops Stephanie Jacobs, Mark Christopher and Phillip Michaels to say goodbye to the agent they worked with. Steve: "You are so beautiful. I haven't had a girlfriend in 5 years now." Stephanie: "I could e-mail you. I had an online boyfriend from upstate New York when I was in college." Steve: "My plane is going now." Stephanie: "Please send me an e-mail when you get back." Steve Rosenberg boards his plane. He gets on. The plane takes off back to California. The 3 cops leave the place.