Revenge of the Rabites

Chapter 1: The Gathering

In the Rabite Forest, a peaceful little forest with ankle-biters, was strangely silent; they're all gone,deep into the depths of the forests discussing the current situation. After the 3,456th Rabite was brutally slashed into pieces, the Rabites started to revolt, because they have had enough. One Rabite, called Ray, decided to set off on a journey to protest. His first destination? The Cave of Waterfalls.

Since Duran the dull-witted Forcenan broke the seal with the faerie, any being can now get in. And as Ray went in, he found it deserted. "Hello?"He squeaked. Suddenly, the flapping of wings was heard and a Battum flew down. "Hello, I'm Bob! What areyou?" "I'm a Rabite!" Ray was heard to say. "What are you?" "I'm a Battum! I've only been here my entire life! I know the whole place here, so where do you want to go?"

"I've heard about the Priest of Light, but I can't speak human." "Who cares? Let's go!"