Revenge of the Rabites

A/N: Sorry I've been so lazy! I just didn't have the motivation!

Chapter 3:

"Hello there!" said the bright flame. "My name is Wisp, and I'm a Mana Spirit!"

"… Since you're a Mana Spirit, why were you trapped in that crab?" questioned Angela (I'll start to use their names now.)

"Well, um, that is—"Wisp stammered, seeing as that Mana Spirits were powerful, and that he got trapped, he fell into shame and his glow dimmed a bit. "Argh! I'll just give you my holy powers so you can have magic, ok!" And then he bestowed his godly light powers on the two humans.

As they traversed back to the waterfall, Ray and Bob heard footsteps approaching, and BAM! They got hit by a battalion of Beastmen; Bob fell into Duran's armor, Ray into… well, somewhere.

So anyways, when they woke up, they found themselves in a jail cell, guarded by a Beastman. They heard someone in the next cell wanting out; it sounded like a woman.

"Let me out of here you $#$!" said the person. "Why you—" said the guard, unlocking the cell, dashing in and—

BAM! Knocked out cold.

The person came into view and, although she wasn't as sexy as Angela, she sure was powerful.

"Hi, my name's Lise."