Warning: This story in the future will contain, bad 'Punk' references, slight RAPE humor, racist comments, gay humor and no AIDS Jokes. So if you're going to read this, take it with a grain of salt, it's not meant to be serious. And if you still do, please remove the stick that has taken up residency in your ass. Thank you, enjoy.

Hermione sat on the window seat in her room and wrote.

"I walk down the street, people pass me by.
But they don't see me.
They see the social outcast.
The loner.
The loser.
People don't see the real me, all they see is the outside.
I wonder if anyone will see the real me?
Or is it hopeless to wonder.
Is all we do in life wonder?"

She wrote some what wallowing in self pity.

"No one understands me.
I don't know why, I'm the same person.
Only my outward appearance has changed.
But this world is superficial and ignorant.
You can't get anywhere unless you're a whore.
But fuck this world, I'm sorry I'm too original for it.
I hope these people get cock knocked without relent,
For that is what they deserve. Hehe stupid asses."

Hermione wrote, when she was finished she closed her red book. She hated calling it a diary, so she called it her red book, it sounded better to her. And that's always what matters to her, is if she liked something. Hermione sat staring out the windows for a few minutes before she started writing.

"But I don't really know if I want the world to know me?
I don't think they would be able to accept me.
But I don't care I like the new me, the me without the label.
But I wonder if people will still call me a bookworm?
I still love books, they're my life, but that's not all that I am.
And I'm sick of not getting the respect that I want.
I swear if you're smart in this world they treat you like shit, but if you're dumb ass shit you're cool.
What fun, I wonder what it would be like to be a person who still needs their Mum to tie their shoes.
God, I don't want to be that, it's no fun to be a stupid moron who uses their bodies to push forward in life.
Please can't someone out there be like me? I just want to be able to relate to someone.
But I guess having a good head on your shoulders and knowing that you don't want to ruin your life with sex is the ultimate taboo.
I wanna change the world, not have the world change me."
Hermione wrote.

"Hermione?" Her mother asked knocking on the door.

"Yes, Mum?" Hermione asked.

"Don't you think it's time you went to bed?" Her Mum said.

'What the hell time is it?' She thought to herself? 'Check your watch retard!' Hermione said laughing to herself. '11:15. Oh that's so late!' She thought making fun of her Mum. "Yeah, I guess I should." Hermione said getting up from her window seat. "Good-night Mum, I love you!" Hermione said trying not to gag. Hermione walked over to her dresser and set her book on it, then she started rummaging through the drawers, she came out with a button up long sleeve silk pajama shirt, and some boxers that came down to her knees. "Wow, you're a hot one!" She said as she caught a glimpse of herself. She still had on her Converse, which just added to the dopiness of her clothes. Before climbing into her bed she turned on her radio, the music always helped her sleep. Three songs into her 'Mix Cd' she fell asleep.

Ten and half hours later she was ripped from her sleep by her Mother banging on her bedroom door.

"Hermione!" Her mum yelled.

"What?" She answered.

"Time to get up!" She said.

"Well, tell Oprah that I don't want to do her show!" Hermione said.

"HERMIONE! GET UP NOW!" Her mother yelled, startling her out of her bed.

"Oh fizzy shit sticks!" Hermione yelled as she rubbed the back of her head.

"What did you say?" Her Mum asked.

"Nothing, Mum I'll be down in a few minutes!" Hermione said in an aggravated tone. 'I can't believe I slept with my shoes on!' Hermione thought as she tried to untangle herself. "Mother bubbles on your fat ass!" Hermione said. "GRRR!" She yelled at her little mermaid sheets. Well after the war Hermione had with her sheet she got up and walked into her bathroom. "Oh hey sexy long time no see!" Hermione said as she grabbed her tooth brush, and then reaching for her minty fresh tooth paste. "Smells like you gargle doo doo!" She said as she squeezed a small amount on her toothbrush, she stuck it in her mouth and began to work it around her teeth, and down her tongue. "Good enough for me!" She said rinsing her tooth brush off. Hermione stood there wondering if she wanted to take a shower. "Well, I don't smell that bad!" She said sniffing her pits. "No, I'm good, not that good, but good none the less." She said reaching for her hair brush, she took down her long brown hair, the curls had finally calmed down, and she found something that actually helped her hair. It didn't look like a wild bush anymore, but if she asked her hair it would of course comply and turn out like shit.

"I'm too sexy for my clothes!" Hermione sang as she was brushing her hair. "So sexy it hurts!" She said then bursting out in laughter. "When I fall in love, it's going to last forevah!" Hermione said pulling her hair back into a pony tail. Hermione set her brush down on her bathroom counter, and walked out of the bathroom and walked over to her wardrobe. "I never know what to wear! It must be very hard for you Victoria, can't decide whether to wear the little Gucci dress, the little Gucci dress or the little Gucci dress!" Hermione said quoting one of the dumbest movies ever made. "Black, black, black or black?" Hermione asked herself looking at her clothes. She stood there looking through her clothes, in the end she decided on a pair of black Bermuda shorts and a plain black shirt, and of course her trusted Converse.

"Now what to take with me?" She asked herself remembering she never finished packing her clothes. "Oh fuck it!" She said as she grabbed her clothes, some just fell of the hanger, some didn't, so she had to get feisty on them. "Okay, I packed everything else last night, now all I need are my toiletreees, and a few books!" She said to herself.

So after Hermione packed her last few things she walked into her bathroom to get dressed. "Ahhh... deodorant!" She said remembering that she needed it. "Pheww funky girl!" She said lifting up her arms and rubbing a good coat on. She walked back out of her bathroom and walked over to the door, then walked out and got some breakfast.

Okay there is more to the A/N! Okay first thing, this story is not meant to be a reflection on me, I'm not punk rock, nor do I want to be. So could you all calm down on that? I mean crap I took that from one damn season of the f-ing Real World, the reason she went home is because she's to punk rock, and that's always struck me funny. Sorry if I wasn't born with a stick up my ass, and onto some other things now...Oh and I find it so damn funny that you 'I'm such a better writer than you' people don't even give the other 30 stories I have a chance before you write me off as a ignorant moron, I know how to write, thank you so much for pointing out that this is not the best story in the world, I know that. I admit to everyone, but people 'liked' so I wrote more and more to it. I'm sorry I don't really write for other people, I write what I want when it is I want. Okay and if you don't like it don't be a prick and leave me a two paragraph review telling me something that 25 percent of my reviews already told me. Yes, it's not the perfect, booking loving, quiet, let things slide Hermione, if I had wanted her to be the book version than I wouldn't have written this. And yes by the way I have read all of the books, I understood all of the books, and I just wanted her to be different from that! I'm sorry that I didn't make her a slut that wants to give it to every guy at school, I don't like writing women like that, I'm not weak and none of the women in my stories are going to be either. I guess the one thing that Hermione does without a doubt get from me is the whole sex thing, I'm not for it, so I don't write it, it's not something cool, SEX IS NOT COOL! Mkay, and for all you little kids that think it is, I pity you, for I feel that's a waste of life...moving on.

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