A little bit special: Chapter forty-eight:

He waxes his cake hole.

Err...lets start somewhere else...

"Cock knock," Draco yelled hitting a poor first year in the face with his cock. "Ah-take that. Bahahahaha." Draco screeched as the poor kid fell down the stairs. Draco stood doing a victory dance. His wang swung in the wind, since he was only wearing his socks and shoes, and school shirt and tie. "What are you looking at?" He yelled to someone.

"The fact that you don't have a dimple at the top of your ass." Hermione smiled as she walked down the stairs. Draco gave her a shut-the-fuck-up look and an obscene hand gesture to boot. "I saw that you fucking ugly scat." Hermione said when she reached the end of the staircase. She stepped over the first year that lay crumpled on the floor. Hermione was quite relieved that she didn't have a skirt on. Draco huffed and ran down the stairs, his wang bouncing from side to side, thigh to thigh.

"Shim, sham. Alakazam." Draco yelled leaping from the last stair over the cock knock kid. Who screamed at the sight of Draco and his wang mid-air. It was a slow jump, Draco had time to look down at the cock knock kid. He gave him a wink and smile. And then he landed about a foot away from him. Offering the poor kid a glimpse into his back garden. He shuddered and just laid there. Draco walked briskly to the open doors of the Great Hall, he smirked and stopped dead center in the middle of the opening. He began to do the helicopter with his dink (Yes, dink.) "I'll take ya down." Draco said swinging his cock while he managed to do some disco style dance moves. Everyone that sat in the Great Hall that morning had their attention on Draco, and his wang. "I'm telling you to loosen up my buttons." Draco undid a few of the buttons on his shirt while he sang, not too successfully. He messed up the words a lot. The only people that cheered him on was Freaky Chink, and Neville everyone else pushed their plates away and then began to talk to each other about their sudden loss of appetite. Hermione didn't look at him once, she sat with a tight smirk on her face trying to force down her oatmeal. "You people suck." Draco said walking away from the Great Hall. He ended up in the Slytherin common room, where he threw his naked arse on the couch. He pouted and then picked a few grapes from the tacky bowl on the coffee table. He ate them slowly, he pretended that they were balls and he was the great porn master. Draco was alone in the common room, and the whole house for that matter. He putted around on the couch for a while before farting and getting up. Draco walked slowly to his dorm, where he got a black dress sock from his trunk. Draco held the sock in his mouth while he strummed his dick like it was guitar. One of his favorite techniques to get his dick up and at 'em. He took the sock out of his mouth and slipped his hardness inside of it. He did a spell with his wand to ensure that it would stay on while he was in class. When he was sure that it was good a secure he grabbed his books and headed for the door.

"So, he shaves." Seamus noticed.

"Every square inch," Hermione interjected as she came up behind him. She stopped. "He even waxes his cake hole." She shrugged and went to her seat. Which was next to his Royal Nekkidness.

"Hello Hermione." Draco said in a high pitched voice. He was wagging his wang around. Hermione never looked at him.

"Listen dick wad, if you would like to keep Ole Captain Francis I suggest you put it away." Draco mocked her. She raised a brow and took out her wand, a hot cup of tea appereard on the desk in front of her. She smiled and looked at Draco. His head was down and he was talking to his penis, so he didn't notice that hot cup of tea. But when the hot liquid connected with his skin he sure did. Bitchy screams echoed in the classroom. Everyone looked up and at Draco, Hermione looked around like she didn't do anything wrong.

"Dyke." Draco cried.


"I hate you." He cried holding onto his nuts.

"I hate you more," She said finally looking at him. His face was red, and so were his eyes. Tears streamed down his face. "It's the small price you pay for breaking my heart." Hermione sang.

Twenty minutes later:

Snape was no where to be found, so most of the students became restless and left. Draco was the first one to leave about seventeen minutes before, he walked slowly up to the hospital wing. While he was on the stairs the skin that was burned by the tea began to itch like there was no tomorrow. He tried scratching the itch with his hand, it didn't work. So he stopped and used one of the stone banisters. Which from behind it looked like he was having sex with it. Filch cleared his throat, he couldn't think of anything to say. Mrs. Norris stuck around though, he began to lick Draco's calf, which made him have an accident in his sock. While Draco was in the hospital wing Madam Pomfrey told him that he also had poison ivy on the burnt skin around his dick. Draco clenched his jaw and narrowed his eyes. "Hermione," He said. When he was allowed to leave Draco went in search of Hermione. She was still in the Potions classroom waiting for Snape. Hermione was writing something down on a piece of paper when she heard a shuffle, she turned her head and looked up. Draco stood framed like a slut in the doorway wearing a diaper. Hermione began to laugh at him. Draco strutted into the classroom, he walked up to the side of the desk and put both hands down on the cluttered surface. "You're going to regret this."

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