Sequel to "Clash of the Bladers" but it should be fairly easy to catch onto the characters.

Death Angel's Shadow-Wow thanks! You really like it that much? Well, here's the sequel

Yugiohfreak-Yeah, my friend is trying to think of the ultimate revenge. She thought about that box idea but Kai's not stupid so I sort of had Tek fight him until she's satisfied. Of course Kai is cute and so kawaii when he blushes! Ray too!

Okay, what I said in the summaries about how they left the team and all has already happened okay? Oh yeah, since Tek, Ulrich, and Chris come from rich families. They got themselves their own house…at least, Kaida, Tek and Chris did. Ulrich lives somewhere else since he's on a different team now. So they don't live in Tyson's house anymore, but they stay over there most of the time for no reason even though they are almost next door neighbors. And they know Daichi and Hilary.

So anyway, Kaida's in her backyard with a pond.

"I can't believe it! (skips rock) How can they do that to us! (throws rock) I don't know what to think anymore…" Kaida thought. She touched her two halves of two Yin-Yang necklaces. She touched the pink one and thought of Ray. Than the black one and thought of Kai.

"This is stupid! I got to stop thinking about them," She got up and walked inside,

"Come on, guys, lets go to Tyson's place," said Kaida and the group got there.

"Yes, finally!" said Tek as she shot up from her moments of boredom.

"Morning," said Kaida as she and her team walked into the living room and sat down.

"Good morning!" said Grandpa (they've lived in Tyson's house for so long they call him Grandpa too and because he wants them too) as he got up to do other stuff.

"Morning, Kaida," moaned Tyson,

"Morning!" waved Daichi.

"Yo! Daichi!" Tek and him high-fived.

"I don't know how you guys are not upset," said Chris as he slumped his back.

"We'll get over it….eventually," said Ai (surprise! surprise! Ai joined Kaida's team! If you remember from the last chapter of the last story, Ai had a note in her present for Kaida. The reason why Kaida was trying not to laugh was b/c Ai told her she sort of got fired/quit her team and was asking to join hers. Kaida accepted but it took Chris a while to adjust to it).

"Yeah, eventually," said Kenny.

"Oh, lighten up, people!" said Tek.

"So, what's your new team name that you told me about for the upcoming tournament?" Kaida asked.

"Oh yeah. We're the BBA Revolution!" Tyson exclaimed.

"What about our new team name?" Chris asked,

"Well, I have an idea. Tyson, you don't mind me using the name 'BladeBreakers' in our name do you?" Kaida asked,

"Uh…I don't know," said Tyson,

"My name will include all of us together," said Kaida.

"Well, alright," said Tyson.

"How about 'The Mystical BladeBreakers'? Mystical includes us, and the BladeBreakers include…well, the BladeBreakers," said Kaida.

"I like it!" said Tek,

"Nice call, Kaida," said Chris.

"Fine with me," said Ai.

"I guess you can use it," said Tyson.

"It doesn't matter what name we have, we'll win the tournament!" exclaimed Daichi.

"Say what? No way! The Mystical BladeBreakers will win!" said Tek as she pounded the table.

"No! The BBA Revolution!" and the two started arguing.

"It would be nice to win against you guys for once," said Chris.

"Almost all the teams changed their teams at least a little, so this tournament could be in any one's hands," said Ai.

"But, now that Ray, Kai, Ulrich, and Max are on different teams, they pretty much give their teams an edge," Chris.

"Pheh! We don't need them!" said Daichi.

"I agree! They shouldn't of had left us in the first place!" said Tek as the two pouted and crossed their arms.

"But Ulrich and us…we've been friends for so long," said Chris.

"Me and my team too," said Tyson.

"But we made a promise!" said Tek and looked like she was going to cry.

"We promised! That we'll always be the Mystic Bladers! It'll always be us four!" said Tek.

"Just get over it!" said Daichi.

"You know, just because they are on different team doesn't mean you guys aren't friends anymore," said Ai.

"True," said Tyson and Chris at the same time.

"Yeah…" said Kaida

"Don't mind her…or us," said Chris.

"Just understand that's it's just been the four of us for almost forever. No other friends but us four and the BladeBreakers," said Tek.

Daichi spat out the drink he was drinking,

"What? Don't you guys get bored of each other? How can you not make new friends until you met Tyson and the others?" Daichi asked,

"Well….yeah," said Tek.

"But that's what made Kaida's friendship with everyone so special. Friends is what kept her here today," said Ai.

"And also how Kaida is getting double the whammy. First, it's Ulrich, a childhood friend. Then its Love Dove and Tiger who are the closest people she's been with besides us," said Tek.

"Okay, enough about Kaida, I get it!" said Daichi.

"And like I said before, we don't need them to win this tournament, because I'll win it!" he added.

"You mean we!" said Tyson pushing Daichi's head down.

"Whether we need them or not, we're friends," said Ai.

"I hope so," said Kaida.


Tyson shuttered,

"Hilary," he mumbled,

"Over here!" Tek shouted.

"Hi guys!" she said.

"Hey, Hilary!" Tek greeted.

"Hi…" everyone else said simultaneously,

"What are you guys talking about?" she asked,

"The upcoming tournament and how I'm going to kick Kai's butt in it!" said Tek putting one fist in her open hand.

"Yeah right, you've always been scared to beybattle him so why now?" smirked Chris.

Tek looked confused,

"Who said I wanted to beybattle him?" Tek asked and everyone did an anime fall.

"What's with you and Kai? Seriously?" Kenny asked,

"He always outsmarts me somehow! I can never get my revenge!" Tek pouted.

"I think she did once or twice," said Ai.

"Yeah, when we went swimming together. Kai was talking to Kaida by the edge of the pool and Tek pushed him in with the only clothes he had with him," said Chris.

"Of course, Kai got back at her again," Kaida added.

"So, technically, Tek never did get her revenge," said Ai.

"AND I HATE THAT!" Tek shouted.

"You guys are weird," said Daichi.

"I know!" said Tek.

"You are, not us," said Chris with a sweatdrop.

"Well, I know I'm weird and I'm proud of it! But I'm not as badly dressed weird as that monkey-boy over there!" Tek pointed at Daichi,


Then the two picked a fight.

"Do you two have to fight everyday?" Kenny asked,

"Seriously, you're all weird," said Hilary.

Tyson stood up and pointed at Hilary,

"I don't even know why you hang out with us!" said Tyson.

"Why aren't we training?" Chris asked,

"Because some of us are more depressed than others," said Ai.

"Yeah! Love Dove and the Love Tiger must really miss the Little Dragon over here," said Tek as Daichi had her to the ground.

"I'll get over them," said Kaida.

"You know you can't!" said Tek as Daichi sat on her.

"Hey, Chris, how does it feel being the only boy on your team now that Ai joined and Ulrich left?" Tyson teased.

"How does it feel having 3 team members leave you?" Chris bit back.

"Tyson, besides you and Daichi, who else is on your team?" Kaida asked,


"Well, I probably won't be blading a lot," said Kenny.

"You'll do fine on my team, Chief!" said Tyson.

"I think we should concentrate more on the training and less on the talk about our little traitors for now!" said Chris

"I'm in," said Ai.

"Alright, lets train," said Tyson,

"Yeah! We have to strengthen our chances of winning the tournament!" said Tek.

Kaida stood up,

"No…We'll win no matter what. Tyson, lets make a promise. That no matter what, the winner of the tournament will either be the BBA Revolution or the Mystical BladeBreakers," said Kaida.

"Promise!" and the two shook on it.

Where Ray is:

"(Sigh) I hope Kaida will understand, this is a friendship thing after all," thought Ray,

"Is something wrong, Ray?"

"Huh? Oh, it's nothing Mariah," said Ray.

"Kaida is not going to be happy when she finds out that Tala is on my team," thought Kai wherever he is at the moment.

Oh, and clothing changes: Kaida has a Chinese top. She still has her black trench coat but she ties it around her waist now. Tek doesn't wear that baggy sweater anymore. She wears more movable clothing that is pink. Chris now wears a black vest over his shirt. And believe it or not, Ai wears girlish punk clothes which are pink and black. Yeah, this chapter was pretty much re-introducing the characters. They'll be at the tournament next chapter.

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