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"I am worried about Beast Boy…" Starfire announced as she entered the living room/kitchen in Titans Tower where all her teammates but Beast Boy were currently watching television or, in Raven's case, reading a book.

Ravenlifted her gazefrom her story with a look more of irritation then of concern, quirking a brow at Starfire's comment but saying nothing.

"Why's that, Star?" Robin finally asked after a moment of silence. Even Raven had to admit there was something wrong when Beast Boy wasn't piping in. She'd noticed it had been…quieter lately but she'd never really paid attention to why.

"He has not annoyed Raven, or played games with Cyborg, or come down to partake in the hanging out, or discussed with me what is under your mask, or-"

"You two try to figure out what's under my mask?" Robin suddenly inquired, interrupting Starfire's vomit of words. Starfire blushed and grinned in a silly kind of way before coming up with an excuse.

Raven rolled her eyes at this and returned to her book. If that was all that Star was worried about then it was nothing. Maybe Beast Boy had just finally decided to grow up. She attempted to read her book, forcing her mind to excuse the topic, but was drawn back to the conversation when Cyborg spoke up.

"You know, now that I think of it, BB has been actin' kinda strange lately. Like this morning, I accidentally ate his tofu-" he cringed slightly as he remembered the taste, being as he wasn't a big fan of tofu "-but he wasn't put off at all. That was the last of it too; I don't know what else he could have eaten today.

"Maybe he went out for food." Raven put in hotly, quite aggravated with the fact that Beast Boy was getting in the way of her books even when he wasn't around.

"But that's just it. He hasn't left the Tower." Cyborg insisted, looking from Raven over to Star and Robin inquiringly.

"Oh no! What if Beast Boy has gotten…the sickness!" Starfire gasped after another moment of silence.

"What's 'the sickness' supposed to mean?" Raven asked offhand but was ignored.

"That's possible I guess…We could try giving him soup." Robin said thoughtfully. "That might help him feel better."

"BB won't eat it. You remember that one time he got sick and Star offered him some?" Cyborg interjected.

"Yeah, but that stuff looked radio-active." Raven said bluntly, ignoring Starfire's look of disappointment.

"On my planet it would have made even the sickest of people better! And there was no radio-active in it!" Starfire yelled defensively but was distracted by the sound of a door opening.

Even Raven blinked in surprise when the team caught sight of what was behind it; Beast Boy was looking rather pale green in color as well as depressed. His hair was – if possible – even messier then usual and the dark lines under his eyes bore witness to his lack of sleep.

"Friend Beast Boy! You are feeling better now, yes?" Starfire exclaimed hopefully, clasping her hands together. Raven was about ready to chuck her book at Starfire's head with that comment. Was she so thick that she didn't see how horrible the shifter looked? Somewhere she felt a sense of pity for Beast Boy, though she'd never admit it to the others and definitely not to him.

"I didn't realize everyone was down here…" Beast Boy mumbled before turning around and heading back to his room in a sluggish sort of way.

Slowly Starfire's expression of joy dropped as well as her hands as they all watched Beast Boy walk away.

"Something's definitely wrong with him." Robin affirmed with a puzzled look.

"Yeah, but why's he like this?" Cyborg considered out loud.

The rest of the conversation and possiblecausesof Beast Boy's conditionwere drowned out in Raven's thoughts as she pulled her book up to conceal her face. She'd never seen Beast boy so messed up before…was that why she felt this way? It was a strange sensation that was coming over her as his disgruntled appearance flashed back into her mind; pity, irritation, even guilt, but for what she didn't know.

"Well I'm not gunna sit here askin' questions when BB's feelin' down. It just isn't the same without him!" Cyborg said determinedly. "I'm sure he'll feel better once he plays-" He gave a dramatic pause before pulling a game out of nowhere and holding ithigh. "-Ultra Mega Monkey Race Car Robots for the Gamestation! Just came out this week." With that he marched off to the door that led to the halls, a large grin on his face.

"Was it just me, or…was that really weird?" Robin asked after a moment, quirking a brow at the now closed door.

"Oh, I do hope Beast Boy will partake in the Monkey CarRobots." Starfire said hopefully.

Raven slipped behind her book again, her aggravation reaching an all-time high. She couldn't read her book, she couldn't get time to think, and now she couldn't understand how her teammates could possibly be so ignorant! He obviously wanted to be left alone! So let him alone! There were plenty of times when each of them just needed some quiet solitude! What made him any different! Raven blinked in surprise when she realized her hands had been shaking in her ever-tightening grip on her story.

Why was she getting so angry? This was Beast Boy she was thinking about! Thinking about Beast Boy…"This is stupid…" Raven mumbled as she stood abruptly and stormed out of the room, startling Robin and Starfire as she did so.

But no one bothered her after that.

She was running, from what she couldn't quite understand, she just had to get away. The city was in ruins, corpses lined the street, fires were everywhere, the mark of Scath was creeping up along her body, marking her withits unbearable sensation as though she were on fire, the Titan's were defeated before her eyes, each one brutally massacred, Beast Boy was the last to get killed, but, out of nowhere, he was held gingerly in the arms of Terra…How dare she touch him! Her body trembled as she saw this, all senses of right and wrong being blurred. How dare she! After what she did to him! Her anger rose considerably, the numb and half awareness that had accompanied her through most of this event giving way to a burning sensation of hatred and confused emotions. She struck the girl down. She killed Terra.

Raven shot up from her bed, her heart racing and cool sweat pasting her hair to her face. "What the hell was that…" She whispered hoarsely, hugging herself to stop the feeling of helplessness in her; but it didn't work, it would certainly consume her, she couldn't beat this feeling alone…

Shaking profusely, Raven stumbled to the door. Maybe a shower would calm her down…but before she could get to it there was a knock, followed by Robin's voice. "Raven?"

/Not now, not now…/ Raven thought in a panic. Maybe if she just stayed quiet…

"Please, Raven, I know you're in there." Robin demanded, a hint of worry in his voice. This could only mean trouble…which was something she didn't need right now. That was when she saw her meditation mirror out of the corner of her eyes.

/Damn/ No wonder her emotions had been so haywire lately! She hadn't used her mirror in a while…her true emotions were plain as day! /Not good…/ What if she lost control? What if she did something stupid? What if they found out how she really felt about Beast Boy? /Idiot, idiot…/

Robin continued to knock on the door, somehow more persistent then usual. He'd end up denting the door if he kept pounding it in the same spot like that…With a sigh that more resembled a growl, Raven pulled her hood onto her head and opened the door a crack. "What do you want?" She asked miserably.

"It's about Beast Boy…" Robin said, furrowing his brows a bit. Raven felt her heart speed up as he said Beast Boy's name which only further aggravated her; the first thing she was going to do when she closed the door was to get rid of all these filthy emotions.

"What about him?" She finally choked out.

"He won't come out of his room. After Cyborg tried to get him out he's ignored every one of us and locked the door. We're not sure what else to do."

"Ever think of just leaving him alone?" Raven said bluntly, quite clearly aggravated, but it did the trick, Robin had that look on his face that evidently stated 'I never thought of that.' She started to close the door but Robin caught it, looking evenmore determined now.

"Did he ever leave you alone when you were feeling bad?" She blinked blankly at this remark, silently letting the words sink in. Did he ever leave her alone? Hell no! He always bugged her with his incessant high-pitched voice!…Until she caved in and he ended up making her feel better after all…"Please, I think he'll listen to you, Raven…"

She nodded slowly, not quite taking in his words, and in a sort of daze her feet carried her past Robin without a word anddown the halls, silentlybringing her to Beast Boy's door, her hand taking it upon itself to knock. But the sound snapped her back into reality and she immediately regretted what she did. This meant she had to face him, emotions locked away or not.

But she was drawn to stay as a guilty feeling punched her in the gut. /It's the least I can do for the dope…/ She decided grudgingly as she knocked again and managed to find her voice. "Beast Boy? You in there?" But there was no response. Maybe he really wasn't in there and that was why he hadn't answered anyone. "Beast Boy, it's Raven." She insisted, knocking on the door again.

And this time, though she doubted it was intentional, she heard a rustling from inside as soon as she had said her name. So he was in his room…but he wasn't answering her…did she do something wrong? Was she the one that had caused him to be like this? Maybe she shouldn't have fought with him last night over slipping that tofu into her dinner…

"Beast Boy? I'm coming in." She lifted her hand to open the lock with her power but was intercepted by a sudden voice from inside. She recognized it…but at the same time didn't.

"Just go away…"

It was such a sad voice, full of depression and rejection, and it cut into Raven's heart like a hot knife in butter…She almost walked away, but the images from her dream flashed through her mind and willed her to stay. She could never admit her feelings for Beast Boy, but it wasn't inexcusable to cheer a friend up…Slowly she lifted her hand again and this time she opened the lock, a small click sounding from it, quickly followed by a thumping of feet rushing over to manually lock it again but to no prevail. She opened the door and found herself face-to-face with Beast Boy.