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In Her Violet Eyes

Chapter 8

"And you haven't heard from them since?" Beast Boy asked in troubled surprise as he, Robin, and Starfire raced across Jump City, Robin holding a blinking device in his hand to locate the forest where Raven and Cyborg had dissapeared into over an hour ago. They still couldn't get in contact with the other Titans and Beast Boy was having difficulty getting his head around everything.

All this time they hadn't given up on him.

If he wasn't so upset, he probably would have smile in spite of it all. He didn't remember everything clearly; much of the time that Starfire described as his 'unfriendly friend time' Beast Boy had very fragmented memories of. And a sore spot on his head hinted that a minor concussion might be to blame for that.

"We haven't heard a thing. Their communicators aren't working; it's like there's some kind of interference." Robin continued, all business.

BB frowned and looked ahead of him unseeingly, conflicting emotions making matters worse. He wanted desperately to find Terra...But Raven and Cyborg needed him too. It was his fault they were missing after all. Beast Boy bit his lower lip, an unusual habit for him that he'd only recently picked up. But more than that, as selfish as it seemed, he only went with Robin and Starfire because they said Terra was with them. He felt a guilty pang in his chest that could also have been a jump of excitement depending on how you viewed his situation. The thought 'Terra was alive!' flashed through his mind again, giving him an extra boost of adrenaline.

This time...he was going to do things right. He hadn't been able to protect her last time but this time...this time he was going to...

But a flash from his earlier dream made him stumble and almost trip. Those deep amethyst eyes still haunted him. He couldn't remember the entire dream; but those eyes were clear as day, and he felt an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"There it is!" Starfire announced, pointing ahead of the trio. And sure enough, just ahead was a large forest, stretching out for miles in front of them.

In unison they slowed to a stop, all facing the brink of the forest with grim faces.

"We must find friends Raven and Cyborg." Starfire stated after a moment, as if to remind the others of their goal.

"Whatever's got them must be powerful though." Robin noted grimly, turning to Beast Boy and Starfire with a frown creasing his face. "There's no backing out now." He was looking squarely at BB now, who was suddenly having difficulty looking his teammate in the eyes. "I'm not happy with what you've done lately," Beast Boy looked away guiltily, clenching his fists in anticipation for a lecture. "but we're going to have to work together for this. Don't lose my trust." And with that he turned and stepped into the forest, an eerie reddish mist churning about in his wake and licking at his heels possessively.

Beast Boy stared after Robin in stunned silence, Starfire smiling reassuringly before flying off after the boy wonder. Even Robin forgave him. Something wet dripped down the side of his face and onto the ground, a faint smile of hope twitching at BB's lips. If he could get Robin's trust back, then maybe he really hadn't thrown everything away. With a deep breath to get a hold of himself, he scrubbed at his damp eyes then dashed after the other two, ready to tackle whatever was in store for them.

But after walking around in the forest for some time, he hadn't come across Starfire or Robin yet."Guys?" BB hesitated, walking much more carefully as he waded through the forest, that unearthly mist giving him shivers. He faintly remembered it but it never seemed quite so threatening before. If only he hadn't left his communicator behind...it sounded real useful right about now. Gulping nervously, Beast Boy pushed a branch tentatively out of the way. "Guys?" he tried again, his voice cracking slightly, a sense of foreboding washing over him. They couldn't have gotten too far ahead...could they? A sudden thought that they might have abandoned him here just to get him lost in this creepy, misty forest forever flashed through his mind but vanished when he finally caught site of two figures ahead, blurred by the mist

"Robin? Star?" Beast Boy called hopefully, but as he stepped towards them the forest around him suddenly turned shadowy, a familiar energy coating the world in it's pitch black power. He stepped backwards as the ground turned from earthly colors to deep ebony and a tree was ripped mercilessly from the ground by some unseen force. Beast Boy looked back up at the figures, one of them crouching over, and in a frantic realization he ran over as fast as he could, his heart racing as he dodged flying foliage. All thoughts of Terra were whiped clear from his mind.

The ethereal purple eyes looked up helplessly.

"Raven!" Beast Boy scrambled over to her, a tree trunk whizzing by, mere centimeters from his face. The sudden surge of air tossed him about, and he just barely kept his footing. Why was this happening? A boulder shot past him, and before he could dodge it, the giant rock nailed him in the leg with a sickening crack, sending Beast Boy sprawling forward on the ground, blood dripping from the spot of impact.

Beast Boy's heart nearly stopped as Raven looked up at him, her violet eyes dull and unseeing as she collapsed to the ground, and just as suddenly as the forest had turned black, it returned to it's original state (which in BB's opinion, wasn't much of an improvement on the creepy scale. But that was besides the point). "Raven!" Beast Boy struggled to get over, unable to walk on the injured leg. Every movement sent shocks of pain up and down it. But Raven was hurt. Something was wrong. Finally he made it to her side, stumbling to the ground next to her and shaking her shoulders. "Raven! Wake up! Are you okay?"

"Rav- BB?" Cyborg stared at his friend in disbelief as he pushed a bush that had assulted him out of the way, unable to decide if he was happy, shocked, relieved, or all of the above to see his best friend. His eyes lingered momentarily on Raven then BB's injurged leg.

"What happened to her?" Beast Boy demanded when Raven wouldn't respond. He looked up at Cyborg fearfully. "What's been going on?"

Cyborg took his eyes off the bloody limb that BB was ignoring. "Don't you know?" returned uncertainly, kneeling over by his friends to get a better look at the now unconscious Raven.

"No!" Beast Boy yelled back in frustration, turning away. "I don't know what's going on." He admitted quietly, holding Raven a little tighter, the pain from his leg making it difficult to think straight. His dream from earlier tore through his consciousness, making him flinch. All this time he was supposed to be finding Terra. It was always about Terra. So why...? Beast Boy looked down at the motionless form in his arms, Raven's breathing weak and shallow, a tortured look formed on his face. "I don't know what's going on." He whispered again, curling up slightly, his shoulders shaking. Raven had always been a good friend, even if he had been more of a pest and her more of an adult than anything. But there was always...something. He never understood it but it was there.

Beast Boy looked back up at Cyborg, holding Raven protectively. "What happened to her?" He asked again with a little more composure, a composure that for a moment reminded Cyborg of when Beast Boy had destroyed Jump City. "You have to tell me." Beast Boy pleaded, his voice cracking.

Cyborg hesitated, that hidden resolve that Beast Boy suddenly possessed troubled him; what if this was all a ruse? What if BB was still 'bad'?

"Cyborg," Beast Boy insisted. "what happened to Raven?"

"I happened to Raven." A cool female voice stated with smug satisfaction, a shadowy form materializing in front of them. Beast Boy and Cyborg looked up in surprise.

"You." Beast Boy spat, trying to get up but failing misterably.

"Yes. Me." The figure cackled, throwing some hair over her shoulder, deep blue eyes suddenly appearing in the mist. "You wanted to be with Terra, didn't you? It's what you told me when I found you in that underground crypt of a memorial place." Slowly she stepped over to them, the shadowy figure taking form into Terra. Beast Boy's eyes become wide. It was Terra, but with a distinctly different voice; cold and bitter. "Terra's right here." The look-alike hissed, spreading her arms wide and flashing a lopsided grin. "This is what you wanted, right?" She continued, lowering her arms and gliding over to BB, the red mist parting effortlessly about her.

But suddenly there was a canon-like arm to her head, Cyborg glaring dangerously. BB looked between them helplessly; he was far from understanding what was going on anymore. "What'd you do to Raven? And while we're at it, drop the charade."

"You don't like my outfit?" She pouted, sticking out a lower lip. "I think it's rather fitting." She continued with a wide smile, spinning around to show off her 'Terra-outfit', disregarding Cyborg's threat "The tom-boy look works well with me, don't you think?" But she stopped when Cyborg nudged the canon against her head.

"I said drop the charade. And what did you do to Raven?" Cyborg demanded, clearly unsupportive of the woman's antics.

She sighed heavily and rolled her eyes. "Men are all the same," Suddenly her body began to melt into the shadows, becoming a black puddle before springing up into a tall, slender teenager with long blonde hair and deep maroon eyes. Her clothes were all black and she had a sort of twisted beauty about her. "one track minds." She lifted a finger to push the canon away from her head. "I go by the name Cast Shadow," She smirked, twirling a lock of her lifeless blonde hair between her fingers. "A top student at Hive Academy." Cast finished, crossing her arms about her delicate frame. When Cyborg didn't respond she tilted her head with a bemused look. "I dropped the charade.

"You didn't tell us what you did to Raven." Cyborg stated with thinning patience. He was getting sick of repeating himself.

Cast rolled her eyes again and tossed her hair over her shoulder before a devious smile formed on her lips. She looked down at the lifeless form that was Raven before her gaze trailed up and met Beast Boy's eyes. "I gave her a taste of her own medicine."

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