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New Neighbours
Chapter One: Introducing Twins

It was a Tuesday afternoon and the air surrounding the young girl was turning stale. She turned her head to look at the old, grandfather clock behind her. 4:58. the girl had been sitting in this place for the past 2 hours and she was bored out her mind. Turning back, she resumed her silent debate with the man in front of her. Her eyes displaying her annoyance. Crossing her legs, she showed off her black combat boots. Not even flinching when the clock chimed at the hour, she cocked her head to side and drawled in the way only a teenager can.

"Guess I'm free to go, right Charleston?"

"Yes go, go. But I do hope you learned your lesson this time Ms. Hayden," His voice filled with authority.

"Sure did, Sir," Her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Yes well, you may go," He said pointing to the door as he dismissed her.

Just passing through the door she turned and mock saluted to him while it closed behind her. Standing there for a moment she could practically hear him roll his eyes. Laughing she walked through the next pair of double doors and out into the hallway. As she walked the now empty halls of her school she remembered her first day here and how terrified she had been.

Flashback September 5, 2001 North Brook Academy

The building in front of them was huge. It was built of grey brick and brown wood. Set in the shape of a huge V, the entrance was surrounded by acres of green grass and two long strips of building. The set of two double doors were intimidating and caused the girls to get huge lumps in their throats. Gulping, they stared at the building, transfixed by the fact that there were three floors and huge towers that rose above. The windows were small and modest. Just normal glass panes outlined in brown wood. It was the huge gargoyles on the roof that scared them, along with the fact that it looked like the building would close in on them at any minute. It looked like an ancient castle to the both of them.

"Well doesn't this look interesting? Huh girls?" Christopher Hayden asked the two young ladies in front of him.

"Is it supposed to look so..."

"Off with their heads!"

End Flashback

Rory POV

We were always like that, finishing each others sentences. People said we were always on the same wave length and that maybe we even shared the same brain. We would laugh and say, 'Were identical twins, not Siamese twins'. Now, I and Lilly were not only sisters, we were best friends for life. Both born on April 17, 1990. I'm older then Lilly but only by a couple minutes and it doesn't show. We share everything with each other and were usually glued together at the hip. You would think that being almost identical to each other would be weird but we thought of it as a blessing. I can always remember the good times at our old school where we would switch places with each other and play with people minds. Doesn't work so much now because we actually look different.

Lilly is my sister and I met her for the first time in the delivery room right after I was born. Our mom was this really cool girl named Mackenzie Martin. My dad and her were actually married once but they got divorced a couple years before we were born. Chris then met Jennifer and they went out for a while but she was too flighty for him and didn't want to settle down. They spilt in the summer of '89. That week Chris and Mackenzie had met at a party and something's led to another. When they decided it was best if they didn't get back together, they went their separate ways. During the next month Mackenzie came to Chris with the news that she was pregnant and he was the father. After the birth, our parents tried to work things out but still decided that it was best for their children if they spilt up. We got spilt up to, I went with our dad and Lilly went with our mom. When we were 2, Mackenzie died in a car crash so Lilly was sent to live with Chris and me. We never really new our mom so we don't miss her that much. Our dad then met Lorelai and they got married in '98. Lorelai's really cool and we like her a lot.

I walked out of the front doors and searched my beloved bag for my phone. The bag had been given to me by my boyfriend, Joel Harper. It was made out of black wool always smacked into my hip when I walked. I had decorated it with pins and patches once I got it. Fishing my phone out through all the junk, I called Billy, my 19 year old brother who was back in town for a while. He never answered so I left a message telling him to pick me up at North Brook. I settled down in front of my favourite weeping willow and pulled out a book from my bag. A Farewell to Arms, one of my favourite books.

"Hey Ror!" I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard Billy call me.

"What?" I said, annoyed he had been able to startle me like that.

"What book you reading this week?" he asked me. I held the book up for him not bothering to tell him myself. "Is that by Dickens?"

"Hemmingway," I told him in a voice that was clearly mocking him.

"Right! I so knew that," he explained trying to blow it off.

"Sure you did," I said, my dark blue eyes laughing at him.

We walked towards his car. It was my favourite car in the world. Hence the reason I called him and not the chauffeur to pick me up. See our dad has a lot of money. We're probably one of the richest families in Hartford. We've got billions, live in this mansion that I still get lost in, and drive really expensive cars. Except, we don't. Sure we live in a mansion, and it's gigantic but we don't drive the top line cars or buy the latest fashions. We're the rich family that's down to earth. Billy's car is a Desoto FireFlite. And boy does he love it. It's always getting checked up and washed and no ones aloud to touch it unless he's there. But I still love it. Getting into the passengers seat I put my bag on my knee and take out my book again. After driving for a while in silence, Billy turns the radio onto Kiss fm. Guilty by Gravity Kills starts playing just as we turn into the driveway.

"Thanks Billy," I yell to him over my shoulder as I run to the door.


"Daddy I'm home!" I yell into the house. No answer. I hear talking in the living room so I walk there. Standing out of sight I hear two voices I don't recognize and then my dad's. Shrugging I walk inside the room, plant a kiss on my dad's cheek and continue through another hallway that leads up to my room.

"Uh...Lorelai! Honey come back!" Dad yells hoping to catch me.

"Yeah," I turn around and make my way back to the living room with an expression of boredom on my face.

"These are the DuGrey's and the Mavor's. Their new to Hartford," My dad explained to me.

Shooting a glance at the other people in the room, I notice that there are two guys about my age sitting there two. Not letting my eyes linger for to long, I snapped my attention towards my father and said, "Whou- Whoo!" Then walked out of the room.

"You get used to her," I heard my father tell them. Laughing I make my way upstairs and into my bedroom. Falling onto my bed I take my Linkin Park CD out of my disc man and out it into my CD player beside my bed. Pressing play I get my bag and take out my book and started reading.

Meanwhile downstairs, the adults are moving out into the backyard. The two guys are slowly tagging along, their minds clogged with the beautiful girl that had just walked by.

"You know maybe moving here won't be so bad," One says to the other, who just laughs in response.

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