Inuyasha, going to highschool?

Disclaimer: if I owned inuyasha I would be speaking better japanese.:P


"Dammit, she's late!" Inuyasha screamed

"calm down inuyasha, Kagome's always gotten back a little late" Miroku said as he was sipping some tea.

Inuyasha stood up and stomped out.

with another sip of tea "He's going to deffinately regret that later."

"deffinately." sango and shippo said together.

The silverhaired hanyou stomped up to the well and looked into it. Clenching a fist he jumped into the well. A bright flash of light amerged on the other side of the well as the golden eyed hanyou slowly came up from the ground, Inuyasha looked around and hoped out of the well, he startled Sota when he landed, Sota who was there for rat controll dropped the candle he was holding. It hit the steps and rolled to the well, lighting it a blaze. Slowly they looked over towards the well and screamed.

They went to the well and frantically looked around for a way to put out the flames. While looking around Sota noticed the steps were on fire, the fire then spread to the rest of the old hut like a wild fire. Inuyasha thinking only to get the boy out grabed Sota and jumped through the door. Kagome's mom looked outside, seeing the old shack a blaze she called the fire department. Kagome went outside to see what was the matter, when she caught eye of a red Kimono, silver hair, with matching dog ears on top of his head, and amber eyes. She ran over to Inuyasha grabbed his ear dragged him to the back of the house and...


The only thing left was a 10ft crater with a limp inuyasha. Moments later the fire truck arrived, they managed to put out the fire but the shack collapsed destroying the well and filling up the hole that it surrounded. Kagome managed to drag Inuyasha out of the hole and into her room. She locked the door and ran down stairs to check on the fate of the old shack.

"I'm sorry mam but it's completly buned down, We'll send someone next week to pick up the remains of the building. I do hope you were insured." The fireman stated apologetically

"oh, thats okay. That thing didn't have anything of value in it any way. Would you like something to eat?" Mrs. Higurashi,

"MOM! How could you say such a thing! What about the well" Kagome interjected.

"uhh, I'm sorry but I gotta go We're very busy this time of year." at that the fireman left the shrine.

"How would he have reacted if I told him that an irreplacable well that links my daughter and a hanyou to the feudal era?" She pointed out.

"sigh Good point. but what would I tell Inuyasha?" Kagome went up stairs and told Inuyasha the 'good' news

"WHAT! THE WELL IS GONE!" Inuyasha screeched

"Uh-huh" she sighed



"WHAT NOW!...Oh crap, please don't, oh please, oh please, I'm begging you don't say it." He begged



"what was that for!" he cried

"because you were overreacting and getting on my nerves."

Inuyasha's head slumped down.

"your deadly with that word, I can't believe you haven't gotten this thing off of me yet."

"why should I? it comes in handy, and it keeps you in line"

"but your going to kill me"

"no I won't your just over reacting."

"sigh I give up."

"which reminds me why are you even here in the first place!"

"you were late, I came to get you"

"should have seen that one comming."

"What happened to the well?" a voice shouted behind Kagome.

"Well you see Mr.Impatient came along and startled sota so he dropped his candle and burned the place down."

"Great now I have to rebuild it!" Kagome's Grandpa muttered

"Grandpa! you can?"she questioned

"It will take months to do but I think I can fix it."

"Grandpa your so wonderfull" at that she hugged him.

"careful Kagome or you'll kill the old man to." Inuyasha interjected

"Shut-it Inuyasha or do you want to make me say the word S - I - T again." She threatend

"Please don't!"he cried.

Grandpa left to do some wood working on the well and Kagome worked on her school work, while inuyasha just sat there looking into space. Kagome finally kicked inuyasha out of her room because she was getting creeped out by him.

The next couple of days were simple, Kagome went to school and Inuyasha stayed at home helping Grandpa on the well. At night Inuyasha would sleep in the same room as Sota. One day..

"I can't take it anymore it's not possible! it can't be done! The well is gone...permanently!" the old man screeched!

"Huh? you mean your giving up on it already?" Inuyasha yelled

"Now that the well is gone the link is severed, gone no turning back, the way back is sealed gone forever."

"grr dang it old man, why didn't you say this sooner?"

"you were such great help I didn't want to disturb you."

"gah! I'm out of here!" Inuyasha stomped off.

Kagome got home from school and looked at inuyasha slumping.

"whats got you Inuyasha?" she asked

"Grandpa couldn't do it, he gave up. so I'm stuck."

"great, that means your stuck here"

"you say that as if it's a bad thing!" Inuyasha yelled.

"can I interject here?" Mrs. Higurashi interupted


"Why doesn't inuyasha go to school with you Kagome? He can't stay here forever." She pointed out.

"What? Go to...School?" Inuyasha said.