Elrond reminisces as he's heading for the Havens, on all the things he's leaving behind. (This is an alternate ending for my other fic, Loss Immeasurable)

Vilya is mine

Its power fades, the comforting warmth that has stood me throughout my days fades.

It is a ring of Power, though not The ring of Power.

It reminds me of my daughter.

Arwen Undomiel, the Evenstar. She is lost to us as Luthien was before her. What is about Men that makes them determined to take the best of our kind for them. Like my brother...

I have not thought of Elros for centuries, but now every time I see the ranger who stole my daughter I am reminded of him. Elros was like him, only more merry and musical. The thought of my daughter leaving me burns me deep inside, hurts me in that place that Elros occupies. His bones will be dust by now, his bright eyes closed.

I do not age, I do not sicken, but I hurt, deep down inside.

Elrond HalfElven stopped, and shut the book, laying down his quill.

His eyes were as bright and his hair as glossy as it had been on that day of the last alliance of men and elves. His face was not lined and aged with the passing of years. He stared down at his ring, at his last love.

"You and I alone go to meet my wife. I leave behind my daughter, my brother and so many friends."

Elrond wondered when he started talking to his ring.

The last ship to leave the Havens was waiting. Elrond waited till the last had boarded, desperately hoping his daughter would appear over the hilltop. The ship started to move.

Tears came to the Elf's eyes and he cried out, using the last power from Vilya to send his cry ringing over the Havens.

"A im ú-'erin veleth lîn!"

"Ada!" a voice answered.

"Arwen?" he whispered incredulously.

Elrond rose from where he had slumped on the floor of the ship, standing upright

he called "Arwen?"

Tears stung his eyes and they streamed down a face that had not cried in a millennium. Not when Celebrian left for the havens, not when Arwen chose her ranger, not when Elros chose humanity and its terrible gift?curse

The grey ship docked again at the havens and a father jumped from the ship to the shore, his boot clad feet thumped onto the wood and then he ran, silently as is the prerogative of the elves into his daughters arms.

"Gerich meleth nîn, ada."

The grey ship left the Havens again, slowly and Elrond drew back to gaze piercingly at his daughter.

"Are you sure my dear?"

Arwen looked at him, at the ship and the sea and then turned around, gazing back at the land.

"Aragorn will chase you"

Arwen looked at her father "Gerich meleth nîn, ada"

Later, as the ships approached the shores of the Undying Lands Elrond stood, his arm around his daughter and gazed at the land before him. Arwen clasped his hand in hers and whispered "Mother will be there"

And she was.

Elrond had no need to write in this land, where sorrow and pain were far away. His thoughts of Elros, of his adopted son Elessar brought smiles not tears and when he looked at Arwen he saw she was at peace.

A im ú-'erin veleth lîn

Do I not also have your love?

"Gerich meleth nîn, ada."

you have my love, father