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Jet rested himself against the arm of the couch, his legs stretching across the other seats. His hands rested in his lap as he looked around the empty living room. A few flakes of snow fell outside the window, and a tree stood decorated in the corner of the room. His eyes closed, and he reminisced about the past - how long had it been?


And so the team left Little Twister. They traveled on horse back since the day before Virginia had told Lombardia she could finally have her eternal rest since their battle was over.

"What'd you go and do that for?" Gallows asked. "We're wanted criminals, she could help us!"

"Exactly," Virginia replied, much to the dismay of her teammates. "We needed Lombardia's aide when we were fighting Siegfried. But now that we're fighting for ourselves against the Ark of Destiny…"

"Use a dragon against a demon, but in human affairs, use ARMs and spirit," Clive interjected. "For the battle, pick the proper fire power."

"Exactly!" Virginia exclaimed again, causing Jet to look away and roll his eyes.

"Fine," Jet replied. "Let's just go then…" As Virginia giggled and cheered, Jet just stared straight ahead, an awkward feeling in his gut. "To the train then?" Jet suggested.

"That…might not be a good idea…" Gallows replied. "They're all on the look out for us…"

"Well then what do you suggest we do!" Jet snapped, his temper getting the better of him.

Gallows looked from Jet to Clive to Virginia. "There's the sand canal to the north…"

"Sand Canal! We are not going throught that again. I am not running between those blocks. You couldn't even balance on them, remember!" Jet continued, his frustration increasing.

Clive smiled slightly and Virginia stifled a giggle. "Cmon Jet, it'll be simpler this time. The monsters in there are far below our abilities."

Jet did not respond. He simply looked away.

"To the Sand Canal!" Virginia exclaimed. The sun was bright and high in the sky. Virginia was cheerfully in the lead, Jet a short ways behind, Gallows a little further behind, and Clive took up the rear.


Jet leaned his head all the way back and stared at the ceiling. His heart pounded as his eyes suddenly found every little swirl interesting…


The group continued to travel west over the desert wasteland on their horses their ARMs up by their sides, still in about the same formation. Suddenly something soared over their heads and roared above them. They stopped their horses and grouped close together.

"What the hell was that?" Gallows exclaimed.

"Lombardia?" Virginia asked.

"No," Clive replied. "Not Lombardia. It appears to be a complete machine."

"More of that ancient technology?" Gallows asked.

"Let's shoot it down!" Jet interjected.

"Don't do that!" Virginia yelled, reaching over to push Jet's gun towards the ground.

"Why not? It's obviously-" Jet was interrupted by another flying object. This time they all looked up, eyes full of curiosity.

A moment later they all looked at each other. Clive pushed his glasses up before declaring his observations. "Seems to run on motors similar to that of Deus ex Machina. Quite fascinating."

"Just forget about it!" Gallows jumped in.

"But what if it's demons again?" Virginia asked. "Then it concerns us!"

"Then wouldn't the Guardians be freaking out by now!" Jet exclaimed, still all worked up.

"He's right," Gallows interjected. "We would feel something."

"But if it's not a demon…" Virginia began.

"The Ark of Destiny?" Gallows finished.

"Of course, who else would hae the capability to…" Clive began. Loud shots could be heard. The Drifters looked about, seeing dirt and dust fly up everywhere. Their eyes widened as they looked around alarmed.

"Cmon! Let's get to Humphrey's Peak!" Virginia exclaimed, trying to cover her mouth in her shirt collar. On their horses, they took off, pushing the horses as fast as they could possible go.

The large metal birds above them followed, firing at the criminals as they were forced to travel to the South in the wide open wasteland. Due to the heavy artillery, it was difficult to fire accurately. It barely helped that the Drifters were pushing their horses to their limit as they flew across the wasteland.

"They're closing in!" Gallows exclaimed looking behind him for a moment.

"How the hell are we going to swing back around into Humphrey's Peak!" Jet yelled out.

He did not hear whether his question was answered or not, as the air around them roared and the earth groaned as the bullets kicked up around them. Their horses neighed and began to jolt around, kicking up even more dust below them. Jet was unable to see, but when he caught up next to Gallow's black horse, he noticed Clive was on the same horse. Virginia caught up next to Jet, and they continued to move, unable to see where they were headed.

Another volley of bullets sprayed the area. Jet looked up, ignoring the stinging of dust in his eyes, seeing that Gallows and Clive were still fine. He assumed Virginia was-

There was a loud scream.

Jet's head quickly looked over his left shoulder to see Virginia's eyes closed, her body falling toward the horse's neck. Except the horse began to gallop erratically, and Jet watched Virginia barely hold on. His brow frowed, wondering why the girl had lost sudden control of the horse when she was normally the best of all of them. Either way, he turned his horse around and galloped towards her. As he approached her, he soon noticed the blood drenching the horse's pure white coat. The horse must have been bleeding a lot, as he noticed blood on Virginia as well. Well, either way…Jet had not more need for thinking, as his body was already intiating his plan before he fully told himself it. "Virginia!" He called out just as his horse was galloping right next to hers. The teenager looked over, her eyes half closed. "JUMP!" She gathered enough strength to what seemed to be a half-hearted leap towards Jet. He caught the girl with his left arm, pulling her onto his horse. His eyes widened slightly despite the dust which was calming somewhat as he soon noticed that the blood on Virginia was not from her horse, but was in fact her own.

"Jet…" She whispered slightly. Jet did not respond as he put both hands on the reigns, using his arms and himself to make sure Virginia stayed on the horse. He turned his horse to gallop back towards Clive and Gallows. Their eyes met, and Clive waved his arm, gesturing for Jet to follow them. As the third spray of bullets hit, Jet narrowed his eyes, focusing on the black horse in front of him, following as fast as his horse could go.

Within a few moments they found themselves at a single pointed peak that were numerous among the wasteland. For the first time in several long moments, the group was finally able to hear each other again. "She was shot!" Gallows exclaimed, jumping down from his horse, walking towards Jet.

"Let's get her inside the bit of shelter and heal her up," Clive directed, jumping from Gallows' exhausted horse. Jet jumped down, and both he and Clive aided Virginia in getting down. They walked up the small granite hill and took a left into a short tunnel that led to an open room. A few blankets and other pieces of tattered belongings were spread throughout the room where light peered in from the holes in the natural ceiling.

Jet rested Virginia against a wall, checking over her wounds. "I'm…ow…fine."

"Yeah, okay," Jet replied sarcastically.

"So what are we gonna do now?" The Baskar asked, looking over to Clive.

Clive looked about. "With Virginia's wounds, we're going to have to stay here tonight."

"I'm fine!" Virginia insisted, head looking up.

The three looked at their leader, all unsure of how to respond. The more they fought, the more she would resist.

Gallows turned his attention back to Clive. "We haven't heard them fly overhead again…"

"Let's step outside and observe the situation," Clive suggested. He then turned his attention to Jet. "You'll tend to her wounds?"

" Yeah," Jet replied, already cleaning the blood on her left leg.

"Very well," Clive replied, he and Gallows heading outside.

"Jet…I'm fine."

There was a long pause as Jet applied pressure with a cloth he had with him to stop the bleeding. Virginia just watched him, green eyes seemingly staring at him. Once the bandage on her leg was applied, his allowed his pale eyes to meet hers. "What?" He asked, somewhat annoyed that she had been staring at him.

"I told you I'm fine!"

"And I told you-" Jet stopped in his tracks.

"Told me what?" Virginia asked loudly, a grin on her face, knowing the trap she was about to catch Jet in again.

"They've stopped flying over," Gallows said, holding his hand out as it began to sprinkle slightly. "Because of the rain?"

Clive looked up to the dark sky. "Most likely. Meaning they'll begin searching on the land for us."

"So, what do we do?" Gallows asked grimly.

"We have to stay here for tonight…" Clive was soon interrupted by the echo of Virginia and Jet's small argument. The Baskar and the sharpshooter looked between each other and chuckled.

"Virginia might have another word in that…" Gallows said, scratching his head.

"Perhaps, but if the Ark of Destiny is looking for us, there is little doubt they will search Humphrey's Peak, especially with the rain."

"Which is only getting heavier," Gallows interjected.

"In that case, they may call off their search until weather permits for a simple search. If the rains become heavy for a long period of time, there's bound to be flooding."

"Then at least we're up on higher grounds…"

"And I believe it's best if we let yours and Jet's horse free."

"Free? How come?" Gallows asked.

Clive pushed his glasses up as they were slipping off his face from the rain. "They know we were traveling on horse. They probably did not see much since the dust and clouds did not fully settle until the rain began, but seeing two dead horses and being unable to find any trace of other horses or bodies will at least keep them off of our trail until we make it to Humphrey's Peak and are able to make a more efficient plan."

"L-look!" Jet stammered, finding himself worked up for the third time in the same day. "You got shot by some massive bullets, you were nearly kicked from your horse!" As Jet stared at him, Virginia looked back in his amethyst eyes, and suddenly burst out into laughter. "Whatever…" Jet mumbled, moving to her left side, where there was a slight wound.

"Jet! I can deal with my own wounds!" Virginia exclaimed, as she moved her right arm across, and - "Ahhh!" She screamed in pain, her left hand immediately clutching her right arm, just above the elbow.

Without saying a word, Jet moved away from the small wound on her left side that had already closed up and looked as the purple sleeve soon had hints of crimson within it. As if on auto-pilot, Jet ripped off both of his gloves, something Virginia had only seen him do at night, and put his left hand under her elbow, and his right gently held her hand and moved it away. Her eyes were staring at him, he could feel it. And he hoped that her gaze had not made him blush, as it seemed to normally do. Gently he held his hand over where Virginia had clutched it. Jet forced himself to think quickly, and thus removed Virginia's purple jacket. Virginia's eyes widened at the suddeness, but it was soon replaced with pain as Jet gently wiped away some of the blood with the cloth he had been using before. It's still bleeding too much…Placing the cloth down on the small bag of healing herbs, he looked around for something else to apply pressure with. His eyes met with Virginia's just for a moment, and in the next moment he found himself ripping a large piece of his red scarf and applying pressure to the wound, and in the same moment, finding himself hushing to calm her. Virginia noted through the pain that it was oddly out of character.

But all things considered, she was grateful.

It was a good change to see Jet focused on something aside from gella. Especially since he was focusing on her. Oh, and the way he kept fighting with her stubborness to let her handle her own wounds. Virginia soon found herself blushing as she watched Jet carefully treated her wound. It stung, far more then Virginia would ever admit. But, there was a bit of comfort as Jet's finger or knuckle would brush against her skin. Sure, his hands were rough and calloused, but this was like…a bit of tenderness, and Virginia was both shocked and pleased to see it coming from her fellow Drifter. When Jet pulled back, he sat on the floor across from her, and just looked into her hazel eyes. What? What is he thinking?

Jet began pulling things together to put away and putting his gloves back on, but all the while, he couldn't break his gaze from her. Why the hell does she have to be so careless? If we'd all just split up, they would've never caught onto us! And she…she wouldn't-

"What is it Jet?" Virginia asked plainly.

Jet swallowed hard, but bit his lip. He had been so plain frustrated, and here was this girl who just damn near died, and was unable to realize that it was because of her own damn foolishness. He knew if he said that aloud, he'd only wind up apologizing though. Besides, she had lost a lot of blood, and the last thing that needed to happen was her to pass out and for him to have to carry her to Humphrey's Peak.

Speaking of which, Clive and Gallows walked back inside. "I believe we're safe for now," Clive said to the two Drifters on the floor. "The rain is falling quite steadily, thus making it impossible for them to fly over us, and making it quite difficult to search for us."

"But, we should move on anyway. It's just a little rain, right?" Virginia asked, using her left hand to brush a few stray pieces of hair from her face.

"Far from a little," Gallows replied. "It's absolutely pourin' out there. And it don't look like it's gonna stop anytime soon."

"Will it flood?" The female Drifter asked.

"Most likely," Clive replied.

"Then we should make sure we get to Humphrey's Peak in case it floods out there…" Virginia started.

Clive shook his head. "That would not be wise. Not only will the Ark of Destiny be expecting us to move there, but if they were going to search, they surely would have retreated to there due to the rain." Silently he pushed his glasses to his nose. "For the night, we will have to stay here."

Gallows turned to Clive. "Then, where do we go from there? The Ark's got some idea where we are now, and without Lombardia or our horses, we won't be getting anywhere fast."

"We should at least-" Virginia lept to her feet, and then winced in pain as she moved the wounds.

Jet jumped up to his feet. "What are you, stupid! You have three wounds, one which would not stop bleeding!"

"You don't have to remind me Jet!" Virginia shouted back.

"Well apparently I do! If you hadn't decided that we should all stay together and advertise out on the wasteland that we're damn wanted criminals the Ark of Destiny wouldn't be on our asses and we wouldn't have our horses and you wouldn't be bleeding from every vein!" There was an awkward pause after Jet finished as everyone stared at him. Oh shit. He thought, as his eyes roamed around. He knew he couldn't look at Virginia. Doing that would only…well, he wouldn't feel bad.

His eyes met hers.

Oh shit. Okay, so maybe he would.

With a deep sigh he turned around and walked outside.

"I believe that we should start fire and pick who will keep watch tonight," Clive said, breaking the silence. Gallows began to gather small sticks that had blown into their small alcove, as well as any left over logs. In fact, anything that could catch fire and was replacable was thrown into the fire. Virginia simply sat down and watched it all.

God damn it. Why do I always do that? But really, this whole thing would be so much easier if we just split up and held our own! We've all done it before, why the hell would now be any different? I suppose…Better go apologize…Jet sighed and turned around, walking back inside through the small tunnel. The second he walked in, their eyes met. "Eh…I'm…sorry…" He stuttered, scratching the back of his head. Why is that always so damn impossible to say? For once, Virginia didn't reply. She simply went back to staring at the fire.

"We still need to figure out who will take watch for the evening," Clive said.

"I'll do it," Jet said.

As if unphased by the quick answer, Clive simply nodded. "Well, then I believe the rest of us should plan on getting some rest. We don't know what tomorrow will entail."

Jet sat against the wall near the tunnel with his ARM lying against his shoulder, ready to draw at anytime. It was sort of weird for him to offer to take the night shift, except when he was trying to get away from the group. Yet this thought hadn't crossed his mind, and when it did, he shrugged it off. The amethyst eyes found their gaze focused on the leader lying in her sleeping bag. He blamed it on the Guardians, but every time he looked at her, emotions he had never dealt with in his life rushed at him. He hated them, but they intrigued him at the same time, thus why he was so caught up on whether to stay or go.

Morning came, the rain had died somewhat, but there was still a sprinkle. Jet watched as Clive was the first to rise and began to cook a small breakfast for them. Gallows was the next to rise, followed by Virginia. Everything went about normally, Clive serving out oatmeal in their beat up bowls, Gallows just being plain grouchy, Jet sitting quietly. Except Virginia was the only one acting strange. She simply sat with her bowl of oatmeal and ate quietly. She looked at nothing in particular, obviously in deep thought.

Gallows decided to beak the silence. "So, what's our plan?" He asked somewhat somberly. Or maybe he was just overtired.

Just as Clive was about the speak up, Virginia cut in. "I think…Jet, I think you had a point last night."

The three looked at Virginia in surprise. "I said I was-" Jet began to protest.

But Virginia cut him off. "You're right. It's crazy for the four of us to travel together, they're obviously going to catch on. But if we all split up…" All of them now looked completely stupefied. "If we split up and pose as other people…there's no chance they can catch us, right?" She looked around at the other three.

"Well…I suppose…" Clive stated.

"This is crazy? Did you lose too much blood yesterday or something?" Gallows asked, putting his bowl down in complete shock.

"No…but, think. If we hadn't traveled like that, there's no way the Ark of Destiny would have found us."

"That is not necessarily true," Clive interjected.

Virginia ignored him. "If we go visit Catherine and Kaitlyn now, we will only endanger them and all of Humphrey's Peak. In fact, if we visit any of our families, any of our acquaintances, we'll be endangering them all." There was a pause as Virginia closed her eyes and looked down. "Even if we don't open fire, surely they will. And what would happen if an innocent bystander got caught in the crossfire?"

"It happens all the time. Anywhere you go. You can't prevent it," Gallows answered.

Virginia shook her head defiantly. "I won't buy it! Innocent lives won't die because of my selfishness…"

There was a very long silence that fell between them. Virginia's sudden change of heart was all sinking into them, and even confused them slightly. Clive sighed softly, before turning to Virginia. "Is this your choice leader, to disband?"

Virginia looked to Clive, then shifted her gaze to Jet before staring at nothing. "N-no. Not disband. We're dispersing…posing as other people, other lives, for not only ours but everyone's protection. And then, when one day our names are clear, we'll meet at Humphrey's Peak."

"'When our names clear'? Do you realize how long that'll take!" Gallows exclaimed.

"Generally even the most wanted criminals are cleared, or at least no longer actively searched for within ten years…" Clive said.

"So you'll be 40, you realize this right!" Gallows exclaimed. "Are we really going to still be Drifters then!"


Clive was soon interrupted by Virginia. "That doesn't matter. We'll figure that out when we get there…" She looked around. "I'm sorry…I…"

"An apology isn't necessary," Clive said with a smile. "This is not a good bye, nor are we disbanding as you said. We will find our ways back to each other again."

"Let's all promise…Let's promise that we're going to see each other again as soon as all of this blows over," Virginia said.

"Of course," Clive said.

"Can't go on any other way," Gallows said, casually throwing his hand up.

All eyes planted on the silver-haired Drifter. He looked between the other three. "Yeah," he replied. "But, how the hell are you going to even pull a gun without reopening that wound in your arm?"

This seemed strange to Clive and Gallows. Here Virginia was spliting the group apart, but Jet seemed so adamant about splitting, when before he normally would have high-tailed out of the party as fast as possible. "I'll be fine."

"Where are you going to?" Jet asked.

"First Boot Hill, then…I don't know."

"The sun's startin' to rise…" Gallows commented. "We should head out…"

Silently the Drifters killed the fire, gathered themselves together, and left their safety into the muddy sand and the light cool sprinkle. They walked back down the hill they had walked up to, and looked at each other. "This is it…" Virginia began. "Good luck guys…and remember our jobs."

Clive was the first to leave, heading to the north to visit one more time, and tell Catherine of their plan. Gallows headed towards the west, most likely to head back through the Sand Canal.

"Where are you off to?" Virginia asked, looking at Jet.

Jet scratched his head. "I'm taking you to Boot Hill."

"Umm…I don't know if you listened to me in there…"

His face flushed. Why am I so awful in these situations…and look! She's trying not to laugh at me! I can just see it in her eyes! "Just to make sure your wound doesn't reopen." He thought for a moment. "I need to take the train anyway."

"Just to Southfarm Station?" She asked. Jet nodded, and the two moved quickly through the rain. Trying their best to hide their faces from the few people who were outside, they bought their tickets and ran into the train, ducking into the first available empty cabin. Jet followed Virginia, and once inside, he locked it. "We're lucky it's raining…" She said quietly. Jet stretched his feet across to the bench on the other side of him. Virginia sat down next to him. The train jolted forward, and they began to move. Virginia watched Jet as he seemed to sigh and get himself somewhat comfortable. He glanced over at her, and once again their eyes locked. "Jet…thank you."

He looked at her, unsure of the tone of her voice. From there, he had no idea what to say. She had thanked him many times, though the one that stuck out in his mind was in Claiborne after he saved her life. Although, that time she had walked away hurt and…Wait, why the hell did he care? But still, seeing her be mad at him when she left was almost more then he could bear. He continued to stare at the wall across from him, wondering where the hell his mind was wandering.

"Jet, promise me something." He did not turn his head towards her, but simply listened. "Promise that you won't forget us, and when our names are cleared, you'll come back…please?"

He looked over to her, not sure whether to be surprised or not at her insecurity. Sure, he had seen it before, but it still always managed to make him uncomfortable whenever he saw it. Not sure of what else to say, he replied. "I already promised to the rest of the group…"

"I know, I know! I just…"

You just want to know because I almost left. Jet's intuition told him. Well, if it'll keep her quiet for the trip… "When our names get cleared, I'll be there." He stared back at the wall, cursing that this wasn't like him and that maybe he should have just gone on his own.

Suddenly he heard a long rip noise, but had no idea where the noise came from. He jolted slightly when he saw Virginia lean across his body and felt a soft material wrapping around his arm just above his elbow. "Wh-what are you doing?" He asked, feeling the blood rushing to his face.

Virgina just smiled. "Tying a bow."

Tying a bow…? "Uhh…why?"

Virginia looked up, still half leaning across him, but letting him see the lavender bow made from her dress's ripped hem. "Whenever you don't want to forget something, you tie a bow, so that way when you untie the bow, you remember what you didn't want to forget."

Jet looked down to see the bright-eyed girl smiling at him. "So, I'm not supposed to untie it until our names are cleared?"

A small muffled giggle escaped from Virginia. "No, no, nothing like that. I just…" She trailed off, never finishing her complete thought. Instead a yawn came from her, and Jet soon felt her resting on his shoulder.

There was utter silence between them after Jet muttered his normal 'Whatever', but Jet's mind would not allow him to be at ease. Questioning what he was doing, the choice Virginia had made overnight, Virginia's obvious worry about him forgetting her, and secretly, a small voice hoping that she wouldn't forget him. His mind reasoned that that was silly, but still, that unknown knotted his stomach. "How's your arm?" He asked matter-of-factly. Virginia removed her right arm out of her jacket's sleeve gently, showing the red bandage. That needs to be replaced. Guardians know she won't take care of herself. With the aide of his well-used first aid kit, he gently removed and replaced the bandage, content that the bleeding had stopped.

Virginia mused to herself as she caught herself ensnared within Jet's arms, as he was working somewhat awkwardly with his right arm behind her back and his left in front of her. But she did little to complain. In fact, it was the closest to a hug he had ever given her. Even after he was done, Virginia found the crook of his shoulder a comfortable place to rest, and Jet himself was too tired to fight her off. Besides, only a couple hours to Southfarm. Jet found himself slipping into sleep.

And the next thing he knew he was awake, the cabin boys announcing that they would be arriving at Midland Station within the next 5 minutes. He looked down to his right, and found nothing but a note where his companion had been sitting.

When they made the call for my stop, I realized you were sleeping, and as much as I wanted to wake you to say good bye, you seemed too peaceful to disturb. Good luck Jet, and I'll see you someday soon.

Oh, and I hope you don't mind, I ripped a piece of your scarves. I ripped a piece of my dress, so, fair is fair!


Jet just stared at the small piece of paper. He found a small smile almost slipping over his face as he read it. Unlike himself, he folded it up and slipped it into his pocket. What he did not realize, was that he was being sentimental for once. As he picked his bag up and unlocked the cabin, he muttered "No turning back now…" as he left as quickly as possible. What he was also blissfully unaware of was how his life was about the dramatically change.


Sitting up, Jet clutched his head, emotions driving him crazy as his mind recounted the rest of the time, whether he wanted to or not.


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