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Garren and Alicia walked in, putting on their show of brother and sister before sitting down at an empty table towards the far side of the room away from the small stage. The barmaid walked over, taking Garren's order of a beer and Alicia's of a chocolate milk, promising to be back before the entertainment began. She did as she promised, much to Garren's surprise.

"Thanks y'all for bein' here tonight," The girl up front began. Garren's eyes narrowed slightly, focusing on her. She had brownish hair, a blue dress, and eyes. Something stood out about her eyes. "So anyway, Ah think y'all know tonight's only mah second night…" A few cheers went throughout the crowded saloon. Garren watched as she turned to her guitarist, a tall man with brown hair and green highlights, and her drummer, a man dressed in a beige trench coat. As the music began, Garren leaned back, intrigued to hear the song she informed the audience her and her guitarist had written.

"All across this threatening sky

Full of tales of danger and war

I heard a thunder, a distant thunder

And the wind begins to take form."

Garren's eyes widened slightly upon hearing the girl's voice. His stomach tied into a knot. Something inside of him just knew it was her. But, then again, he couldn't be positive. She hardly looked like her, even if their voice did sound the same.

"Rushing through, it breaks through the clouds

Calling out to time's open door

The scars of history will be a mystery

Spread your wings; it's time to soar!"

He had a made a mental note to make it a point to listen to the lyrics, but he felt them calling out to him. It simply sounded so like her. He couldn't believe his ears when he heard her sing about the "scars of history". Sure, any Drifter would deal with them, but he had been singing and traveling for a year and had never heard of anyone else sing about them. And Guardians knew that girl always analogized everything to her spreading her wings and soaring.

"And with the guiding hand we'll fly

Back through the corridors of time

To find the key and unlock our destiny

Spread your wings

Together tattered wings unfurl

Through freedom, changing our world

With the bell of the hour to feel secure."

As she sang, Garren leaned back in his chair, nearly forgetting all about the beer he had been enjoying. He soon found himself reminiscing, which caused him to smile softly, something Alicia caught from the corner of her eyes.

"C'mon Jet! Join the rest of us!" Virginia piped up, sitting on the floor with Kaitlyn in her lap.

"Yeah!" Gallows responded, holding up his half-emptied beer bottle. "Clive's gett'n his guitar and we're all going to sing!"

He stood there in the corner, arms folded, leaning against the wall. "Hmph," was his reply, hiding behind his tattered scarves.

"Come on Jet! Please?" Viriginia begged, Kaitlyn chiming in on the "please".

"I don't like to sing, all right!"

He only watched as Virginia and Kaitlyn looked at each other and giggled at his outburst.

As Clive walked in with his recently tuned guitar and sat down on the couch, he looked up at Jet. "It's a good stress reliever, Jet. It'll help all of us loosen up and unwind."

Virginia muffled a giggle as Jet snapped back about just learning about himself before staring out the window. He couldn't help but listen to all of them sing, though he refused to show it.

He felt a small shiver crawl slowly up his spine while watching the barmaid perform. The 'Holly' moved, reminded him of her. You're an idiot, he scolded himself. There is no god damn way that girl can be Virginia! Virginia's…too…too…not like her!

"In the dark, unable to see

I stood tall and dared to dream.

To find the answer, just one answer,

And the truth with lead us as one."

Garren found his heart pounded just slightly faster. He had completely forgotten about Alicia, about the beer sitting in front of him, about the guitarist, about the drummer. His eyes were solely focused on the frail-looking girl singing on stage. He had been near enough musicians over the course of year to notice when someone was singing just for show, or whether they were trying to get something out from within. She, quite obviously, was showing her heart to the bar, but in a somewhat subtle way. That's when he knew it couldn't be her. She was never, ever, ever subtle about anything. She probably doesn't even know what the word subtle means! He mused. …But…you WERE always the one who dreamed in the darkest hours. You swore up and down the only time to dream was during them, because naturally you only sleep at night, when it's dark…or some round-about logic like that…

"We will ride through the eye of the storm,

Holding on to hearts beating strong.

Keeping our eyes on the new horizon,

The tides of war will turn with our soul."

Another smirk crossed Garren's face, as he soon found himself connecting his journey with all the lyrics of her song, as if she herself had traveled the journey. You made us ride straight into anything…Danger? Didn't matter. You didn't care if something was a trap…Garren tugged the front of his cowboy hat down slightly. He had the familiar feeling of blood rushing to his face, which was frustrating because he didn't understand why. It wasn't like Emilia was sitting there teasing him or anything. He was simply listening to a song, and getting mildly irritated at himself for connecting it to his old journey. Once again, he blamed it on Virginia as the interlude music began. Drawing a deep breath, he decided to simply listen to the song. No more connections. No more thinking of her.

"I recall the days of value,

All around was safety and peace.

How could I've known then, there'd be a time when

All would fall at the foot of a beast."

Garren's arms folded closely to him, a reaction Alicia had predicted would happen when he ran into her again. His eyes narrowed slightly, attempting to hold true to his conviction, simply just to listen and enjoy the music. You were so damn naïve back then…You couldn't see five feet in front of you…and if you tried you'd trip over your own two feet…He shook his head, as if that would shake the thoughts out of his mind.

"On the day we took to the skies

Full of hope, so anxious to fly

We soared higher, and never tired

With a fire deep in our eyes."

His eyes widened. Lips parted slightly, breath seeming to left his body, lungs ignoring every command to pull it back in. Something in Holly's voice changed. It was as if memories were sweeping her up into a dream state. He watched, knowing that the song meant more to her then she would ever admit. Call it a musician's instinct, but he just simply knew. His thoughts swirled about her, no matter how much he tried to ignore them. His heart ached, though he refused to admit it still. The lyrics stuck out to him, describing the girl he so sorely missed.

"And with the guiding hand we'll fly

Back through the corridors of time

To find the key and unlock our destiny

Spread your wings

Together tattered wings unfurl

Through freedom, changing our world

When the smoke fills the air, I'll be there."

Garren's arms were folded snuggly around his body, and his hands were now tightening its grip on his arms. He watched her actions closely, scrutinizing every move. His ears listened as she belted out the last line. Yes, you were always right there in the moment… His thoughts went back to Serpent Coils, Ka Dingel, and just about every encounter with Janus, the prophets, Seigfried, and Beatrice. No matter what happened, she always kept the determination inside of her. It was like a promise she held to and wouldn't allow herself to break.

"In the face of disaster we stand.

Racing far, we'll fight and defend.

The cries of thunder,

An angry thunder

Testing those who built on the sand."

If Garren's brain and mouth had been connected during the song, at this point he would have been chuckling, recalling the way Virginia would stand there, brown hair whipping around in the wind, ARMs in hand, the most determined look on her face. Normally, Gallows would be looking about, probably half hung-over, Clive would be watching the back, and he…he would fold his arms and roll his eyes. But secretly, yeah, deep down he couldn't help but admire the girl a little bit. She stood up to anything and everything that tried to push her down. And if she fell…I always caught her,he mused to himself.

"They can try to tear off my wings,

But they can't erase all my dreams.

We'll fight for freedom

And beat the system

This is our turn; this is our time."

Garren's ears immediately picked up the difference in tone of voice, causing his eyes to shoot up to the girl performing up front. All he could think about was Virginia, and saw Virginia in the girl up front. The way she held herself, the way she expressed herself. The words fit all of it so perfectly. He could feel inside of him that the song was describing their attempt to dodge their punishments for saving Filgaia. But she…she would never stop dreaming. She could be on her death bed and still dreaming about what she'd do when she finally got better. That…that has to be you…

The girl bowed, and began to sing her next song, far shorter then her first, though Garren was far from completely listening.

But, I can't be sure that is her. After all, I was positive when I recognized Gallows in Boot Hill, but now I'm only slightly sure. I'll have to try to talk to her later…I have to know…

Roughly forty-five minutes later, Holly took her final bow, setting the microphone back in place before motioning for the wild applause to go to Derek and Ian as well. She had been taking note of the audience, much larger then it had been the night before. Her eyes had been watching, taking note of her new fiancé, Claudia, the city, the outsiders, everyone and everything. And in the middle of her first song, she couldn't help but notice a man in the back, a black cowboy hat covering his face and a little girl sitting with him. Her heart had pounded and her eyes had widened as she recalled Derek's description of him. However, she knew she had to keep her focus, so she made it a point to look everywhere but the table in the far back corner of the saloon.

"Derek!" Holly exclaimed in a whisper, looking over her left shoulder at the guitarist. "Ah think…Ah think he's here!"

"Who?" Derek asked, his head turning slightly to the side.

"Him!" She continued in her hushed voice.

"Then perhaps you should speak with him. That would clear the air, would it not?" Derek asked, removing the guitar strap from his shoulders.

"But…" Holly's eyes widened and her heart began to leap out of her chest. "What do Ah say?" Her voice barely stayed hush. "How do Ah bring a conversation up!"

Derek looked over, a slight amused twinkle in his eyes. "Simply say you haven't seen him in town before and ask where he's from."

"And how is that suppos'ta let me know if it's him!" Holly began raising her voice, her fists pressed closely to her side in frustration.

Now Derek couldn't help but chuckle at her. "If it's him, well, you knew him better then any of us." Before she could open her mouth with another protest, he spoke softly. "Just go." Holly peered over Derek's tall shoulder to watch the man in the black cowboy hat say something to the little girl before stepping outside. She knew then would be her chance, possibly her only chance.

Garren stood on the front deck of the saloon, leaning against the warped wooden pole, arms folded, face hidden beneath his wide-brimmed hat. He attempted to control his breathing, doing anything he could to level himself. Moments later, he heard the saloon door swing open, causing his eyes to look up, only to see the girl that had shot him into his sudden frenzy. Surely, she's simply stepping out for air. His mind reasoned with him.

"'Ello there," the girl said, holding her hands shyly behind her back.

For a moment, he panicked upon the realization the saloon singer had indeed stepped out to speak to him. No, no, she simply saw me here, that's all. "Good evening," Garren replied, pulling the tip of his hat down a little as a greeting.

There was a pause, as neither of the two musicians seemed to breath. "Ah saw y'sittin' in there," she continued. "Y'new t'town?"

"Yes ma'am, my sister and I are just passing through," Garren replied after a moment of watching the girl's actions. "Forgive my rudeness, I'm Garren," He held his hand out to the delicate looking girl.

"Ah'm Holly," she replied with a smile as she took his hand. There was another pause. "So Garren, where ya'from then?"

"My sister and I are from Little Rock," he explained. "We're on our way there now."

"But Ah thought with the recent floods…Oh my!" Holly exclaimed. She quickly bowed her head. "Ah…Ah'm so sorry."

Garren smiled softly. "It's fine." He watched closely as the girl stood back up. He found himself comparing her to Virginia, trying to find any little thing to put one and one together. Shortly after, his mind scolded him for trying to hard since there was no possible way for the connection.

"There you are Holly!" A voice near the saloon doors came. Both Garren and Holly looked up at the tall blue-haired man that stepped outside. "Everyone's inside has been looking for you," he said with a smile as he put his arm around her. "Who's your friend darling?"

Garren watched as Holly put on what honestly looked like, or maybe he simply hoped it was, a forced smile as she said. "Janus, this is Garren. Garren, this is Janus." Garren caught a strangeness behind her voice. "Garren 'ere's from Little Rock, just travelin' back home with his lil' sister," Holly explained, her forehead scrunching slightly as Janus pulled her closer to him.

"Ah, Little Rock's been pretty dangerous from all the mud," Janus said.

Garren nodded. "Our parents died from the mudslide a few months ago, so I took her traveling with me. But I think it's better for us to face our demons," Garren explained, his arms tightening around himself.

"Best of luck then," Janus replied with a smile that Garren had grown to hate a long time ago.

"In fact," Garren said, his hand on his hat again, bowing his head slightly. "Better go check on her. Pleasure meetin' you Janus, Holly."

Garren walked back inside to sit down with Alicia, his heart aching so much that he couldn't listen to Janus and Holly's conversation.

It had been pretty foolish of him, after all, assuming that Holly was Virginia. Holly was too fragile; Virginia would have never dealt with things the way Holly did. Virginia and Janus? Yeah, that pairing was as likely as a Gob shaving Nidhogg's back. He cursed himself again for thinking that Virginia would have been so easy to find.

The next afternoon, after spending the morning contemplating the next step in their course of action with Alicia, Garren walked downstairs to find Angela, Claudia, and Janus all clamoring around Holly. Garren folded his arms, cocking his head to the side slightly, watching what was going on silently, as no one seemed to noticed him.

"'Olly, what am Ah gunna do wit'ya?" An exasperated Angela asked, shaking her head as she walked behind the bar.

"Ah…Ah'm sorry," Holly replied, holding her hand to her forehead, wiping her mouth.

Angela continued on her slight rant as she removed bottles from the wooden cabinet in front of her, mixing them together in a bowl effortlessly. "Y'always gittin' sick on me. Ah dunno what t'do an'more!"

"What's the problem?" Garren asked, finally deciding to reveal his presence in the room.

Claudia looked over her shoulder. "Holly has these fevers and dizzy spells…"

Janus looked up, wearing a worried expression upon his face which surprised Garren. "Every doctor that's come through here has tried every bit of medicine they've had…doesn't do a damn thing. No one can diagnose her…"

"Fevers and dizzy spells?" Garren asked, stepping over. He stood in front of Holly, which caused her to look up. He noticed her bright green eyes trying to peer into his, half wondering if she could see them from that angle. "Been stressed out at all?" He asked matter of factly.

Before she could reply, Janus interjected, "I don't believe you're a doctor Garren."

Garren looked back to Holly and noticed her forehead wrinkled the same way it had the night before. "Ah…Ah've been missin' mah family…missin' mah friends…" Garren heard an extra annunciation on the word friends, then again, perhaps his mind was playing tricks on him.

Garren nodded slightly. "Let me try something…" He said softly, in a voice that caused Holly's eyes to widen slightly. Garren brought his hands to the temples of Holly's forehead, rubbing them just slightly, applying little bits of pressure. You taught me this one day…the day I found out who I am…

I can't believe that he's doing that…Something that Mom taught me…I remember I did that for him that night when he was so distraught…Her eyes closed and she felt herself calming down, the calmest she had even been in the last year. But no, I can't let them know it helps. I must keep this façade up.

He watched her eyes snap open, which caused him to pull back. "Did it help?" Is it you?

Jet…She shook her head slightly. Not when Janus is right here… "Ah…No, ah feel…" She allowed herself to 'pass out'.

Damn it…Garren caught her as she fell into his arms. He looked about for a moment, feeing Holly's weight resting awkwardly in his arms. She's not passed out, she's still holding some of the weight on her own… As Janus helped him right her, Garren watched her closely. He knew for sure something was awry.

Holly kept her eyes sealed shut, and as soon as she felt herself back in Janus's arms, she found it easier to feign her weakness. It has to be you! No one else has ever done that before! She heard Garren and Janus talking between each other, trying to find a solution for her sudden ailments. But what do I do now? All this time I've missed you, and now you're here, right in front of me. But damnit! Janus and everyone else is here too! Guardians…what do I do now? I have to catch him before he leaves…

She's not Virginia. She's not Virginia. She. Is. Not. Virginia. Garren's mind scolded him over and over as he sat down at the bar while Janus stood by her side. He continued to lose himself in his thoughts, or more of his brain drilling a single sentence into him repeatedly, until Angela interrupted his thoughts. "Y'play gitar, right kid?"

His head shot up to look at her standing behind the bar. "Yes," he replied matter-of-factly.

"Since 'Olly can't be playin' toni't, will yah 'ere?" Angela asked, one hand moving to her hip. "Ah'll be pay'n yah."

An excuse to spend another night here…

Oh Guardians, please let him accept! I need to talk to him!

After a pause that seemed to last forever to Garren and Holly, he accepted, much to both of their relief.

Garren sat up on a stool at the front of the stage, his accoustic resting on his knee, completely tuned and ready to go. Alicia was no where to be found - Garren figured she was probably hiding herself for some important reason, and Holly was sitting in a chair against the wall straight in front of him. With a few strums of his guitar to play around with chords and to get his audience's attention, he played a few songs to get the crowd going. Fun songs, rowdy songs, things he had been writing to keep his mind off of his reality. He glanced back at Holly, and knew that he had to play a different song, one, he explained to the audience, he had never played before in a saloon.

Slowly a few notes played out, setting an eerie quietness upon the room. After a few measures of this, his voice could be heard softly throughout the room.

"I woke up out in the wasteland,

As my fire was burning out.

All I could think about was someday…

Maybe I'd be back around.

If this keeps me away much longer,

I don't know what I will do.

You've got to understand it's a hard life

That I'm going through."

His voice set a different mood throughout the room, as Drifters looked around nodding, understanding his words already. Every once in a while, it was possible to catch a mood such as this one. Being so far away from the ones you care about, no matter how isolated one claims to be, can have such an effect.

"When the night falls in around me.

And I don't think I'll make it through.

I'll use your light to guide the way,

'Cause all I think about is you."

Garren found his heart beating faster. He had only played this song a few times before, usually just for Emilia or Alicia. Playing it for an audience as he was had a sudden different impact upon him, especially with the thought that the girl who inspired him could possibly be sitting in the audience watching him.

"The wasteland's getting pretty crazy,

And the world's getting kinda cold.

I keep my head from getting lazy.

I just can't wait to get back home."

Holly rested against the wall, a small smile crossing her face. She had been enjoying Garren's performance, and with each passing moment became more convinced that the Garren up front hiding beneath a cowboy hat was indeed her Jet. Sure, he wasn't the kind to look at something and attach emotions to it, nor was he one to express his emotions…And he didn't sing…nor play the guitar…

Okay, so maybe it wasn't Jet after all…

But he still reminds me of him…Jet, I…I miss you so much…

"And all these days I spend away,

I'll make up for this, I swear.

I need your love to hold me up,

When it's all too much to bear.

When the night falls in around me.

And I don't think I'll make it through.

I'll use your light to guide the way.

'Cause all I think about is you."

The saloon was filled with the intense emotion Garren expressed through his song. Even his guitar strums became more emotional.

He felt his heart twist in ways he had never felt before. Emotions, memories, thoughts, and his recent plights shot through him. It was only at that time he realized the full impact Virginia had had on him over time. No other person had made him feel so…so alive. She cared for him, she respected him, she reached out to him when no one else could have cared less. Other people had given him the tools to survive, other people had laid the trails in front of him, but no one made him feel grateful for the breaths he took.

And all I did was push her away…but she still cared anyway… Garren forced a tear back, but the expression pressed through to his voice as his projection carried throughout the silent saloon.

"All these days I spend away,

I'll make up for this, I swear.

I need your love to hold me up,

When it's all too much to bear."

Holly found herself breathing harder then she ever had before. In her mind, it was something she had always wanted someone to say to her. Okay, that was a lie. It was something she solely wanted Jet to say to her. She thought about him all the time, missed him so much, and wanted to see him again. But that's why I'm leaving in a few days in the wake of morning. I'm going to find you Jet, because all I think about is you…

"When the night falls in around me

And I don't think I'll make it through.

I'll use your light to guide the way."

Garren paused for a moment, not caring that a second and third tear strolled down his face. He looked at the frail girl in the blue dress directly across at him. Ignoring her fragility, her hair, and every other feature about her, he looked directly into her eyes. And in that one moment, her bright green eyes captivated him, and he felt Virginia's presence contained within that vessel. And he felt something deep stir inside of him as he finish his last line, his eyes not breaking away from Holly's.

"'Cause all I think about is you…"

Perfectly, Garren played out the last few measures before the song simply died off. There was a long moment before Garren tipped his hat and the crowd cheered, obviously having been touched by his song. Though his eyes looked away, he still noticed as Claudia ran over to Holly.

"Holly! Holly! Y'okay?" Claudia asked, rushing as she saw Holly's head drop, her hand pressed firmly against her chest.

Holly sat back up, tears streaming down her chest. She nodded. "Ah'm just in a lil' touch o'pain…Ah'll be fine…"

A few songs later, Garren stood, taking his final bow, moments before walking off stage. Ignoring the cheers and compliments from Angela, Janus, and Derek, he put his guitar in his case, flung it over his shoulder, and walked back into the crowd with one simple goal in mind. He had to find her. He found himself blankly making his way through the crowd to the back of the room, only to find the frail-looking girl had gotten up and outside. Silently, he hoped Janus was not outside with her.

He stepped outside, standing right in front of the door. She stood, hand gently leaning against one of the wooden support beams. He watched her closely. She knew he was standing there. His eyes wandered about. She slowly turned around.

At the same moment, their eyes met.

There was silence as they looked at each other.

"Y'had a good performance tonight…" Holly said, breaking the silence.

"Thanks," Garren replied, taking a few steps towards her. There was another silence set upon them. "How are you feeling?"

"A…Alright…" Holly stuttered. "Are you an' yer sister headin' out soon?"

Garren folded his arms. "We're leaving in the morning," he replied matter-of-factly.

"Ah see."

"You should get some rest," Garren said, his voice softening slightly. "It's pretty obvious to see that you're exhausted and not taking care of yourself…and probably worrying over something you can't control…" Holly looked at him, peering beneath his cowboy hat. He looked over to her, pulling the front of his hat down with a smile. "I'll see you in the morning." Garren stepped down the front porch and began to walk towards Small Devil to check up on him.

"W-wait! Jet!" Holly exclaimed, holding her hand out to him. Did I just…?

Did she just…?

Oh no!


Garren turned around to see the girl bring her hand to her mouth, covering it in surprise before bolting inside. He simply blinked for a few times, attempting to regain control of his functions. Virginia! That is you! He ran inside, in an attempt to follow Holly, only to be caught up by the crowd, losing track of where Holly took off to. Damnit! So god damn close!

At the first dawn, Garren quickly pulled Alicia out of bed and gathered up his belongings. He wanted to catch Holly before anyone, specifically Janus, was around and could interfere with their conversation. "Garren? 'Ave y' seen 'Olly?" Angela asked as Garren walked down the stairs, a sleep Alicia behind him.

Garren frowned. "Not since last night," he replied. "Why?"

Angela sighed. "Ah dunno where she took off'ta. When she wasn't up thi'mornin' Ah checked up at 'er room an' all 'er stuff was missin', 'cept for 'er dress, layin' on the bed."

"She just…up and left?" Garren asked.

"Seems so."

Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! I knew I should've stayed up outside! Why the hell did I think that she'd seriously stay there after she slipped up when I didn't answer or respond to my name! And her arm's still injured and she's made herself sick! Damnit Virginia! You're going to be the death of me! "Well, I'm heading out, so if I see her, I'll help her."

"Ah thank y'Garren," Angela replied. "And 'ere," She threw a small satchel at him which he caught with his right hand. Garren opened it up, seeing gella within it. "For performin' last night. Ah 'preciate it."

"No problem," he replied, slipping the pouch into his denim, leaving the saloon.

"Shit!" He cursed as soon as they stepped outside, which caused Alicia to look at him and suppress a giggle.

He looked up to see Derek walking towards him. Garren glanced up, hiding beneath his at. "She didn't think it was you."

"Huh?" Garren asked, his head moving to see the tall merchant better.

Derek shook his head, his hand resting on Garren's elbow, yanking him down the porch of the saloon. "It's Clive," he said in a tone of voice that Garren immediately recognized. "She's been hoping to find you."

"Really now?" Garren asked, folding his arms.

"When she slipped, she panicked. She realized she probably made an error."

"Damnit. She didn't…" Derek watched as Garren clenched his fists and then quickly shook his head. "I'm going to go find her."

"Really now?"

Garren frowned. "She's probably going to get herself killed. She can't fight, can't take care of herself, and is currently panicking. And…" He swallowed hard. "I was looking for her anyway."

Derek bit his lip in an attempt to hold back his laughter. During the entire trip, Jet never ceased to amuse him, and even a year later, that had yet to change. "Good luck then."

Garren nodded. "Go find Gallows." Derek looked at him curiously, a look Garren hardly missed. "He's caught amnesia."

"You don't catch amnesia."

"You know what I mean!" Garren exclaimed, finding his old temper flaring up. "He doesn't even know what the mediums are anymore! His name's Curtis, and he's got a wife now. Last I saw him months ago he was working in Boot Hill…"

"Very well," Derek replied. "Good luck then."

"Plan's still the same?" Garren asked.

Derek nodded. "We'll meet back at Humphrey's Peak."

Garren nodded, quickly taking off with Alicia and Small Devil, hoping to catch up with Virginia somewhere along the way.

A/N: Heh, apologies on the lengths between updates. Just started college, and my dorm room has yet to get internet up. Anyway, Holly's song was Wings from WA3, and Garren's was Landing on London by Three Doors Down, though a few words were changed by me to fit the chapter.