Dear Joey,

You're a boy who needs to grow up.

I want to kiss you,

I want to hug you,
can you not see I love you?

Joey when you laugh it feels amazing.

When you smile I smile back.
The way you talk, the way you walk,

You make me shiver in pain.

The pain comes from doubt Joey,
I am afraid you don't love me back.

Joey, you've got me on my knees begging.
You're the only guy I ever need.

Yes, there are other girls, but I'm different,

I'm unique and special.

I need a man who can think on his feet,

So get ready Joey…

Joey, you're so strong.
I want to kiss you and embrace you tightly.
Please kiss me, touch me, and embrace me,

Love me, don't hate me, please keep me.

Joey, you're what a man's suppose to be,

You've got me on my knees begging for your love.

You've really got me!

You've cornered me into a dead end.

I am so frustrated because I don't know what to do.

Kiss me, touch me, embrace me, keep me,

Love me, Joey can't you see,

I'm helpless without you.

I need you badly.

Joey, I'm in love with person,

And one person only,

You Joey, I love you.