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If you keep running from your fears, will you ever overcome them? If you don't make mistakes, will you ever learn from them? If you keep hiding behind that mask, will anyone know who you truly are? If you hide from experiences and don't take any chances, will you ever live? If you don't look, will you ever find love? For Sasuke, these weren't questions that came up often, but when he is put into an awkward position from a bet, he begins learning to let up and show what's underneath that cold exterior of his. AU YAOI! Main pairing: Sasuke/Naruto, side pairings: Naruto/Gaara, Iruka/Kakashi, Zabuza/Haku, maybe Sasuke/Gaara...dunno...



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Chapter One: You Cannot Change Fate

Sasuke's POV

47 - 36 - 22

"Umm…Uchiha-san?" I turned to look at the young girl who had removed my attention from he accursed lock. Shifting my gaze, I took a quick look at her: a nice body-not too thin, but not overly voluptuous-she was only slightly shorter than myself, giving me a lovely view of her abnormally large forehead, which she had tried, in vain, to cover up with bangs. She had green eyes, anyone else but myself would have considered them "a stunning shade", but I frowned at their green-like shade. I also noticed that she had pale, pink hair which she had grown out to the middle of her back. I turned enough so that I was facing her and couldn't help but sigh. This makes seventeen…hundred…

"Yes?" I asked, tying my hardest not to snap at her. She had broken my concentration on that damned locker that would never open on the first try, but I was sure that it wasn't simply because this was my first day having to deal with such contraptions-it had to be just my locker. (A/N: Sasuke doesn't believe in the word denial )

I haven't even been in this school for a full day and I have been attacked by women, and frighteningly enough, men, at least twenty times within the two minutes I had to reach my next class. These obviously stubborn people didn't understand that I didn't want to be in any type of relationship with them.

"Anou sa…" She stared down at her feet, a blush covering her cheeks.

"No," I replied coldly, finally reaching the end of my vast patience. She whimpered softly, her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

"Oi, Sakura-chan! Don't annoy Sasuke!"

Her saddened expression turned to one of anger within an instant-something that slightly unnerved me. She has mental problems… She whirled around to scream at the speaker. "Who said you could call Uchiha-san 'Sasuke,' Ino-pig!"

"Nani!" The long-haired blonde reflected Sakura's expression and growled. "You're annoying Sasuke-kun! He doesn't like you…I mean, how could anyone like such a flat che-" Ino never finished her speech. As soon as 'fla' came out of her mouth, Sakura had launched herself at the other girl.

I quickly moved out of the way as the whirling mass of estrogen slammed into my locker and, realizing they weren't going to remove themselves from that sole locker, I sighed and wandered off to my next class, the necessary books still nestled within my locker.

/\ /\

"How was your first day, Sasuke-kuuuun?" Itachi asked mockingly as I threw my backpack-filled with the useless books I had finally been able to retrieve from my locker-at the wall in frustration. "That good, ne?" he questioned, his smug expression only fueling my anger.

"Shut up," I retorted, glaring at my older brother with murderous intent. If only looks could kill…I though to myself, wishing the man's head would blow off, or that he would die in some other unexplainable way, but then I realized I would rather watch him suffer for hours on end. I slipped off my sandals, grumbling to myself, and stomped into our "house." The house was mine-I had bought it will my own money, which reminded me that I needed to find a job soon so I would be out of debt with my parents', but that bastard had somehow gotten a key and decided the night before that he would be my 'guardian' while I "remained a stubborn child"-my father's exact words. The man thought it as one of my more asinine ideas to move away from the family's estates just to go to a private school because my friends went there. Well, only two of my very few friends went there-the Hyuuga cousins Neji and Hinata. My other 'friends' weren't wealthy enough to pay for education there, but in their own right, Kankuro, Temari, and Gaara were "rollers."

The three siblings did have money, but they could never show how much they exactly had, since they had received most of it though…less than legal…means. Kankuro and Temari both worked five or six legitimate jobs between them, but Gaara was the one who made most of the family's money. I had been one of his biggest patrons, but I had slowly been giving up my habits, since I couldn't explain to my parents why I no longer had any 'spending money' to use on other luxuries. I still owed Gaara an extremely large sum of money-an amount that even if I stopped using drugs this moment and saved all of my allowances-if those massive amounts of money could be called such-for the next two years, I still wouldn't have enough to pay him back. The young man was patient, but he had been getting annoying lately with his reminders of my debt. I guess his suppliers wanted their share and he didn't have all of it, but I also knew from Kankuro that Gaara was now giving them their pay out of his own pockets and could easily pay off all of his debt, but that would leave him completely broke for a while. So I'm going to owe everyone money soon if I don't find something…I thought to myself as I walked through the halls of my apartment, only glaring at Itachi for a moment before swiftly closing my bedroom door behind myself.

The welcoming darkness of my room called to me, but before I got the chance to feel my way around the, still, unfamiliar room until I found my bed, Itachi gently tapped on the door. Damn bastard…what does he want now? "Nani?"

"Your little friend called before you got home…Neji? He wanted you to pick him up at his house in a little while…" Itachi stated through the thick wood of my door, his soft voice almost completely muted by the oak. I glared at, what I though to be, the door, then cursed underneath my breath as I brushed my fingertips against my bed's firm mattress.

Damn idiot needs to get his own car…I thought to myself as I, yet again, fumbled around my room-eventually finding the door-and stomped out of the house, quickly grabbing my jacket and slipping my sandals on before allowing the front door to slam behind me. That action left the door shaking, and I could hear Itachi's muffled laughter as I stormed towards my car.


(Neji's POV)

"Um…Neji-san?" Hinata stared at the ground while nervously playing with he fingers. I couldn't help but smirk at such an adorable creature. The young heiress had always looked at me as her older brother, and was usually the exact opposite from the timid, innocent young lady she played when around others, which led me to believe she wanted something from me.

"What is it, Hinata-sama?" I asked politely, restraining the urge to attack the poor girl and do a few…unmentionable…acts to her. If I would have allowed myself to show more emotion to people, especially Hinata, at this moment, I would have been: A-blushing like an idiot from the ideas I was putting into my own head, or B-curse colorfully, out loud, at myself for having such thoughts about my-less than legally consenting-cousin. AHH! Why must she only be sixteen? I then thought of another option…C-tell Hinata why I am always such a cold, hateful bastard to her, then seduce her, and-after adding a few more images into my already perverse mind, one of which including Hinata in a very skimpy French maid's outfit-I almost smacked myself in front of the girl for my 'C' plan.

'Anou sa…Sasuke-san…when he comes…can I go with you?" So kaiwaii! I couldn't help but notice the cute blush on her cheeks as she looked around the room, never making eye contact with me. Her fingers fumbled nervously as she finally glanced up into my eyes, which were identical to hers.

"Why?" I asked, masking my curiosity.

"I-I…I wanted to go with you…" she mumbled softly, her eyes fixed on my own. I was probably the only person who knew how stubborn the girl truly was, but then again, I knew her best out of everyone. I didn't understand why the heiress would want to go out to a bar with two males, since that was what I was planning to do and she knew it, but the possibilities of "accidents" already were racing through my mind. Maybe if we can get her drunk enough…I shook my head at that idea. I would never to such a thing to my precious Hinata.

I sighed and folded my arms across my chest. "Only if you promise not to wander out of my sight," I replied as coldly as I could and, as soon as she lowered her head, mumbling 'arigatou,' I smiled. She had been under my 'care' for years and I hadn't let any harm befall her yet. Perhaps that was thanks to my excellent vision and years of schooling in the ninja ways, but I thought it was more fate that kept Hinata out of trouble.

"Of course, Neji-san," Hinata replied, smiling at me. Or it could be because of that unbelievably adorable face…I stopped my wandering thoughts and eyes (which were beginning to drift to my cousin's retreating rear) before they allowed any more perversions into my head, but one slipped by. She's so cute…AH! Cousin! COUSIN! Even Gaara would look at me weird for incestuous thoughts…and he's gay!

Before I got the chance to further yell at myself, I heard (and saw) Sasuke's black car pull up outside the mansion's outer gates. "Let's go, Hinata-sama," I stated, nearly falling over in surprise when Hinata took my hand and started walking to the closest exit. Kami-sama…is it my fate to be continuously mocked!

"Neji-san? Are you alright…your hand is getting very sweaty…" Hinata commented, looking at me with concern in her eyes. I mumbled something along the lines of 'I'm fine,' I think. I wasn't sure exactly what I said because I was still in a half-daze over the small hand around my larger one, but whatever I said, made the girl smile and continue pulling me towards the small black car waiting for us outside.


(Sasuke's POV)

"Oh, konnichiwa, Hinata-chan," I said with slight surprise as the smaller Hyuuga climbed into the car, pulling Neji in behind her. I took one look at the girl's guardian and could see he was dazed-something that didn't happen very often to the stoic Neji-but then I saw the tight grasp Hinata had on his hand.

"Konnichiwa, Sasuke-san," Hinata replied, smiling politely . "Gomen…I-I asked Neji-san if I could come…If it's too much of a bother, I'll-"

"No, it's fine, Hinata-chan," I replied quickly…Neji's deadly glare was starting to unnerve me. "But I hope you don't mind the company of a bunch of guys…"

"Bunch?" Neji blinked, his death glare finally gone. "Who else is coming?"

"Gaara and Kankuro. They said they found a new club that we 'have to see,'" I replied. The red-head was one of my closest friends, besides Neji, but there was also our never-ending rivalry-and that there was something I couldn't place about him. Some of the looks he gave me made my body shiver slightly, but I had grown accustomed to them.

"Oh, where is it?" Neji asked, his loving gaze at Hinata disrupted for a moment as he glanced at me. I particularly didn't see why Neji was so apprehensive about telling Hinata his feelings-Gaara remained blissfully ignorant of Neji's attraction to the girl, so I had no one who would agree with me.

"Um…near your school…" I replied as I pulled away from the curb and pressed the gas pedal to the floor-I had a horrible habit of speeding when not under-the-influence. All of my friends agreed I as a better driver when I was high or drunk.

"It's your school, too," Neji pointed out, giving me a glance that warned me to decrease my speed to something near the speed limit. "So, how was your first day?" Without even looking back at him, I could tell he was smirking.

"Are all girls in your school crazed?" I asked, glancing at him in the rear-view mirror. He raised an eyebrow, then I guess he understood what I was referring to and did his trademark smirk.

"So, that's why Sakura seemed to be in a daze all day…" Neji commented. I gave him a look that mirrored my surprised thought: You know that girl! "She's a friend of Hinata's…and I have a math class with her." Hmm…she must be smart to be taking the same accelerated classes as Neji…pft…she didn't' seem it while she drooled all over me every time she saw me…I felt like I was going to be eaten…WHY would Hinata associate herself with such a person!

"Sakura-chan means well…she's very nice most of the time…but she's.." Hinata blushed and turned her head to the side, which happened to be into Neji's chest. I glanced back, with an eyebrow raised, watching the girl nuzzle her face into her cousin's well-built body and the look on Neji's face was something that I will make sure to use in blackmailing him one day. The Hyuuga looked to be in pure ecstasy as he stared at his cousin's head with wide eyes and a reddening blush covering the majority of his face. Neji looked like he was about to explode.

After a moment of awkward silence, Neji got calmed down enough to finish Hinata's explanation of Sakura. "She's a little boy-crazy…you should tell her off, that's what I did…"

What any female could ever see in Neji, I couldn't even begin to guess. With that thought, I realized I didn't even know what women saw in me! No matter where I went-even on my family's own estates-a pack of blushing and giggling creatures flocked around me. I knew I was slightly cold to everyone (A/N: Sasuke's in severe denial) and I wasn't anything interesting to look at. Black hair, pale skin, shorter than the rest of my friends-I didn't even have a stunning body! The only thing eye-catching about my physical features were my red eyes, which I usually covered up with black contacts-people seemed to stare at me a little less when I had dark eyes. The color of my eyes was inherited from my father's family and was one of the few things that proved Itachi and I were siblings. I thought Gaara, for l of his strange little quirks, should be more popular with women than myself (and Neji). Gaara had amazingly red hair, pale eyes, and a beautiful body that just begged to be licked all over.

Hold it…did I just think Gaara's body was beautiful! I was so stunned from my own thoughts, I blocked out the rest of my internal comment on his body. I had never had such a…frightening thought before in my life.

"Sasuke…are you okay?" Neji's concerned voice ripped me from my confused thoughts. I blinked, then looked back at him in the rear-view mirror, a questioning expression on my face. "You stopped the car."

"I…I'm fine…" My voice was shaking so much, I even got an unprecedented second look of concern from Neji. Quickly pressing down on the gas pedal to stop Neji's worried glances in my direction, I sighed internally. I removed all of the unusual thoughts of Gaara, filling that void with all the reasons I hated my family-mainly Itachi. That action always calmed me down…or at least changed those emotions unfamiliar to me, such as fear and anxiety, to anger, the feeling I was most accustomed to.

That son of a bitch mocks me all the time with that smug "I'm better than you and you know it" look on his face…that laugh…I continued to list the reasons why I had such a seething hatred for my brother, only to realize that of all the reasons, I had no real reason to hate my brother. Well, today's just filled with discoveries.

"This is the place," I stated as I pulled the car over next to a large, seemingly abandoned warehouse. Hm…Gaara told me this was the place-doesn't look all that great…I thought to myself as I got out and quickly opened Hinata's door-being taught gentlemanly behavior from an early age made such acts reflexes. She smiled shyly at me as she got out and walked around the car's back to Neji's side.

"You're sure this is the place?" Neji asked curiously. It didn't seem anything like the clubs we were used to-loud, large, and the only way to get in was either money or reputation (both of which I had in my old city, but I was a stranger in this new place)-but as we got closer to the only visible entrance to the club, a large metal door blocked by one man. He was quite frightening to look at-his body loomed over all three of us and his face was half covered in gauze, leather straps crossing his black-clad chest-I guess that those could be used for carrying an extremely large weapon, probably a sword guessing form the vibe I got from the man. That same vibe sent shivers down my back-I knew this man wasn't someone you would want to play around with, unless you had a death wish.

"What do you want?" he asked gruffly, his eyes traveling over Neji, a quivering Hinata, and my head. I hated when people looked over me like I was nothing…if he wasn't so large, and through him was the only way to get into the club, I would have been quite happy to kick his ass.

"A friend of mine, Gaara, told us to come," I replied coldly. I discovered that if you allowed someone like this bouncer to intimidate you, they would do it every chance they got. And I wasn't going to let this gargantuan step all over me.

"Gaara-san only mentioned two kids…" he stated, glaring at Hinata with a questioning look. "This isn't a place for little girls."

"I-I wanted to come, sir. Neji-san and Sasuke-san said I could…gomen…" Hinata lowered her head, then looked up at the man with such innocent eyes, he backed up slightly. Heh…Hinata could get this pushover to do anything…I almost laughed out loud when I saw that the man had instantaneously crumbled from her teary-eyed look.

"Fine…from now on, you may call me Zabuza, what shall I call you?" Zabuza asked and, from the confused looks he got from the three of us, guessed we hadn't understood him. "Nothing, not even names or looks, enter or leave the club."

"Looks?" I questioned curiously. This trip may have actually been worth my time…I thought to myself, glaring up at the man, who was still eying Hinata-probably readying himself for another one of her adorable facial expressions.

"We would rather not deal with our guests being recognized, unless they wanted to," Zabuza explained. He stepped away from the door and pushed it open with a single muscular arm. "First door on your left is the dressing room, first door to the right is the club. Don't go through any other doors."

Neji and Hinata entered the dimly lit corridor, but I hesitated for a moment, looking up at Zabuza. "You never asked us our names."

"Tell me when you leave, Uchiha-san," Zabuza replied, glancing down at me smugly. "Your friends don't need names so much as yourself."

"Huh?" I looked up at him again-damn people always being taller than me-and furrowed my eyebrows. The large man peered down at me for a moment before looking to something behind me.

"Your brother is a frequent guest…he wouldn't be pleased to hear that you visited us…" Zabuza replied curtly, his eyes remaining fixed on something behind me.

"Oh, why not?" That smug bastard would love to be able to report to my parents that I go to a club and drink…and do drugs…

"Substances aren't the only things sold here…that, and if the owners heard that underage kids are getting in, they won't be too happy," he stated.

Thy won't be too happy with him, he means, I thought, nodding my head in understanding. I passed him and made my way down the long, dark corridor and took the first door to my left, like Zabuza had ordered me to.


(Neji's POV)

"About time you got he-" Gaara's eyes widened slightly when he saw Hinata hiding behind me, her small hands clinging to my shirt. If only those hands were clutching something else. I sighed, finally giving up my "mission to un-pervert myself." "Where's Sasuke?" Gaara asked, leaning back in the plush booth he was lounging across.

"Right here," Sasuke replied, walking up next to me. Glancing over at the Uchiha, I noticed his face was covered by an oval mask, very similar to the ones Hinata and I were wearing, except for that were our masks were featureless and solid white, his was covered in unusual black patterns. The boy's hair was also pulled back into an odd, gravity-defying ponytail-something I had never seen Sasuke do before. He looked older with his hair pulled out of his face-more like Itachi-even with the mask covering up his face.

"Can I get you something to drink?" an alto voice asked from my side. I turned and stared at the single most beautiful creature-besides Hinata-sama, of course-I had ever seen.

Long, dark hair that had been pulled back into a tight bun with two strands covered by identical long, silver beads framing the creature's face, soft brown eyes, and-upon further study of the beauty's delicate body covered with tight, black leather pants and a loose-fitting poet's shirt that was open to the breast-bone-quite male.

"Inko, theses are the friends I was telling you about," Gaara said coolly, sitting up on the red leather bench. Sasuke immediately sat down next to Gaara and I slowly sat down on the red-head's other side, Hinata still clinging to my shirt. Parakeet? Strange name…I thought to myself, watching the young man as he, in return, studied us.

"Oh, I'm very pleased to finally meet you," Inko said, smiling at us. "Let me guess, beer for Gaara-san, sake, some ginger ale for the lady, and…" The man stared at Sasuke for a moment, his lips pursed in a cute pout. "Hmmm…scotch?"

"Wrong," Sasuke commented smugly.

"Oh? Then what will you have, handsome?" he asked seductively, bending down next to Sasuke. If he was a girl, Sasuke would have a lovely view of cleavage right now, I noted to myself. It was scaring me slightly that it was hard for me to keep my eyes off of the small man nearly resting his head on Sasuke's chest. No one had been able to do that to me before, except for Hinata, of course.

"A beer," Sasuke replied, sighing loud enough for Inko to hear him. The boy didn't even seem to notice their 'waiter's' close proximity.

"Alright then…" Inko stated, standing back up as he smiled. He pulled a mask out of his shirt and put it on. The mask, like ours, was white, but had a red swirl across it and four identical S-shaped lines on the forehead. "I'll be back with your drinks in a moment."

"Inko…" Gaara's voice stopped the young man in mid-turn and, as Inko turned to look at him with slits for eyes, he continued, "Who's working tonight?"

I wasn't sure, but I guessed that Inko had smiled underneath his mask and the young man replied, "Kitsune…he'll be out in a few minutes…" With that, Inko turned and quickly left our table.

"Working?" Sasuke asked curiously, turning his masked head to look at Gaara. The boy nodded his head and looked over the back of the bench. Sasuke and my gazes followed his and saw that we were on a balcony overlooking an extremely large-and unusually empty-dance floor. There were two tables on the floor, one in front of the small bar that was built into a nearby wall and the other was…unique. It had two circular cages that occupied the ends of the oval table and in the middle was a pole that reached up to the black ceiling, which was almost two stories above our heads.

"What is that pole for?" Hinata asked innocently, looking from Gaara, to Sasuke, then to myself.

I grabbed the neck of Gaara's fishnet shirt and growled, then-slowly so the red-head could understand me-stated threateningly, "If this is a male strip club…" Hinata doesn't need to see this…damn Gaara and his kinky ways…

"No…not just males…"Gaara replied nonchalantly. "And they don't strip, they dance…it's interesting to watch…like a difficult fighting style." Damn bastard loves fighting too much…almost as much as Sasuke…

"And this Kitsune?" Sasuke asked, staring at the metal pole in wonder. He wasn't as 'innocent' as Hinata, so he was probably imagining just exactly what a girl could do on that pole…as was I. Why does the pole have to be so tall?

"The best of all the employees," Gaara replied, pausing for a moment, then continuing, "and, sadly, the most expensive…"

"Ex…pensive?" It took a moment for the information to add up in my head, and when it did, I tightened my grip on Gaara's shirt and shook him violently. "What are you thinking! Having Hinata-sama come to such a place?"

"I didn't invite her, you did," Gaara pointed out, which only fueled my anger. I hated to be proven wrong…especially by that smug bastard. He knew me almost as well as Sasuke did, so he knew exactly how to get a reaction out of me.

"I want to stay," Hinata stated firmly, glaring at me through the flat slits in her mask. I could tell she was glaring from the hairs prickling on the back of my neck. She could be very frightening when she wanted to be.

"We aren't forcing anything," a voice behind me stated, sounding hurt. I whirled around to see a new masked "server," but this one, unlike Inko, was obviously female. "You really shouldn't judge this place so quickly, Neji-san."

I stared at her for a moment, about ready to ask her who the hell she was, but then I saw the pink hair. "Saku…ra-chan?" I couldn't help but stare, mouth gaping open, at my scantily-clad classmate. Her usual dress-like shirt and shorts had been replaced with a very short, black leather skirt and a pink bikini top covered by a black mesh tank top.

"Shh…my name here is Neko," Sakura said softly, a smile showing on her face. I noticed that her white mask only covered the upper half of her face and, unlike our oval masks, was carved into something resembling a cat, with pointed ears emerging from her long hair.

"Neko-chan, gomen," I quickly apologized, realizing what I had said in front of her. While not exactly "respectable," it was her job to do such acts. But why something like this? She could have any job she wanted with her intelligence…

"It's alright, Neji-san. And…if you wouldn't mind…could none of you let anyone else in school know about this?" Sakura asked softly, setting a round platter covered in drinks-four of which she removed and placed on the table-and a varied assortment of…other interesting items. "The club's going to be open soon…I think the Boss said to expect at least three hundred tonight, so I better get back to work…" With that said, Sakura smiled and left the table. My eyes followed her to a table where two older men were sitting-their backs to us-and handed the taller a pen and piece of paper and the smaller a book. From their postures, they didn't look too old, but they had to be quite old, considering the one's white and the other's grayish-silver hair.

"What's wrong, Sasuke?" Gaara asked, pulling my gaze from the two peculiar men. I glanced over at Sasuke, who was staring at the dance floor below us. I looked down at the floor and saw a group of youths walking onto the dance floor.

"Oi, Gaara, get your tight ass down here!" a voice called up to us, making Sasuke and myself stare at said boy, while Hinata blushed and sipped on her soda in such a cute fashion. KUSO!

"He's entertaining his boyfriends…he can't be bothered!" another voice, definitely female, pointed out. Her remark made the group below snicker. Gaara blushed-yes, blushed-and glared down at the group.

"…" Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the word "boyfriends." He was a bit prejudiced when it came to gays, but most people didn't know that-and even fewer knew why. Once, when Sasuke had first discovered he had an allergic reaction to a certain drug-I couldn't remember its name-and we all believed he was going to die on us, he explained to Gaara and myself why he had such a hatred for homosexual males (he had no problem with two girls) and why he despised his brother so.

Sasuke had nearly been raped by his older brother and a bunch of his 'friends' when he was around seven. They stopped only after Sasuke had gotten his hands on a knife and stabbed one of Itachi's friends. The man lived, but ever since then, Sasuke had hated his brother, and visa versa, and was scared of almost all men. Ironic, how of the two male friends he actually had, one was gay (Sasuke, for some reason, hadn't figured out that yet) and the other was a pervert after his own cousin.

And ever since that day, Gaara had made sure, through his 'connections,' Sasuke wouldn't be able to get his hands on whatever that drug was. The stoic red-head never admitted it to anyone, as far as I knew, but he obviously had a thing for Sasuke and did all he could to protect and help the Uchiha. It was kind of cute, but at the same time, sad, since Gaara knew Sasuke could never feel the same towards him.

Gaara stood up and quickly squeezed past Sasuke, glaring in front of himself as he went stomping off. "Sasuke-kun, are you alright?" Hinata asked, resting her hand on Sasuke's. I had realized years ago that Hinata was the only person who could touch Sasuke without the stoic bastard recoiling. The Uchiha glanced up from his beer and stared at Hinata for a moment.

"I'm fine…" he replied softly. Hinata was also the only person Sasuke acted…human…around. There was just something soothing and caring about her. And unbelievably sexy…NO…BAD!

Sighing inwardly at a few…interesting…images, I took a sip of my sake, finally wondering how Inko knew my favorite drink was warm sake.


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Kitsune-fox (like you people didn't know)

As for the title…hensou-disguise, masquerade

Inko's full name is actually Botan'inko (lovebird)…which will be explained later on in the story…anyways…please tell me how this first chappie was!