Ice: Here's my idea I've had for a while. I don't own anything, but I hope everyone enjoys it.

It was a semi-peaceful afternoon at the home of Valon, Raphael, and Alister. Of course that meant Valon and Alister were fighting off and on while Raphael went about his business ignoring them. This was one of those days.

"I got it first!" screamed Valon.

"I got it first! Get your own!" screeched Alister as they fought over the last can of Dr. Pepper.

"This is the last of it!"

"Not my problem!"

"One of these days they're going to wake up and love each other after all the fights", thought Raphael as he watched Family Guy.


"No, it's mine! I saw it first!"

"I did!"

"I bought them!"

"I hate you, Alister."

"You want them you go buy you some, no drinking mine."


After the Dr. Pepper war, they finally settled down watching TV, Alister with the last of his Dr. Pepper and Valon guarding his 12 pack. Evil looks were passed back and forth between the two. Raphael tried not to notice.

"One of these days you two will wake up from these pathetic fights", commented Raphael.

"Don't hold your breath", was Valon's response while Alister snorted with laughter.

"I'm being serious!"

"Yeah and as long as we're in the same house, we're going to fight"

"I'm going to the one place you won't pick a fight with me", said Alister.

"Oh yeah, where?"

"I'm going to take a shower and I highly doubt you want to join me."

"Got that right. Have fun."

"Peace and quiet from you."

Alister headed off to take a shower while Valon stayed in the den with an evil grin. Raphael noticed and thought, "Oh great. Here we go again."

About five minutes later, Valon walked out of the den saying he was hungry. Raphael was almost sure that meant hungry to cause trouble and followed him. Valon, however, did walk in the kitchen. He eventually found a pot which Raphael figured was going to be thrown at Alister, but instead was going to be filled with water.

Valon thought for a minute and turned to the sink. Grinning, he turned it on to fill the pot. Don't throw cold water on him, thought Raphael as Valon continued to fill it half full which he did ever so slowly.

Meanwhile, Alister was content with peace and quiet until he noticed the change in water temperature. Suddenly, cold water poured down on him.

"Curse that Valon! I know it was him!" he screamed.

Just as quick, warm water flowed again.

"Maybe it wasn't him after all…"

Back in the kitchen, Valon put the pot on the stove while he dug around in the pantry for something to fix. He came back out with some pasta. Thinking he could do no harm, Raphael walked back to the den.

Noticing that he was gone, Valon went back to play with the sink again. Turning it on warm water and letting it flow, Valon went back to his boiling water to add his pasta.

Alister still thought Valon was the culprit, but soon forgot about it. Until the temperature changed again.

"Damn him! I know he did! I'm gonna kill him when I get out!" he shrieked.

Again the water became warm and everything went back to normal.

Giggling a bit, Valon sat content while he ate. He was trying to come up with another way to get him. Suddenly a thought came to him. Grinning evilly he choked down his meal and found a large pot. He filled it full with ice and cold water. Once done, he raced to the bathroom where Alister was taking a shower. Trying to contain his laughter, he quietly opened the door and snuck in.

In the den, Raphael wondered why it was so quiet and went to investigate. He walked in to the kitchen and saw an empty bowl on the counter and cupboard doors opened. Knowing what Valon was probably up to, he wandered to the bathroom.

Valon had a plan. That plan was to throw cold water and ice on Alister and run as if his life depended on it, in which it very much did. He quietly snuck over and took aim. With as much courage as he could muster, he threw the large pot of ice and water on Alister.

"Holy mother of God! I'm gonna kill you! Get your ass back here!" screamed Alister as he tried to get away from the ice.

"Uh-oh…" was all Valon could think to say as he turned and ran for his life.

Alister grabbed the nearest towel and ran after Valon. Raphael being on the opposite side of the door was promptly knocked off his feet as Valon fled the scene. A minute later, a rabid Alister tore out of the room chasing Valon. Raphael jumped to his feet and ran after them.

Valon ran and hid anywhere he could find. Alister started throwing any object close to him trying to find him. Raphael tried to calm them and get them to stop.

"Please stop! You're tearing the house down! Stop!"

"Valon! I'm gonna kill you! Where are you!" screeched Alister.

"You're not gonna get me! Never! Dang it!" he screamed as he ran from his hiding place.

Eventually Valon made a mad dash for the door. Alister ran after him, but Raphael grabbed him and put him in a headlock. At the same moment Valon reached for the door knob, it opened.

Dartz stood there in disbelief at the sight of Valon curled up on the floor reaching for the door, Alister with a pink fluffy towel around his waist, and Raphael holding Alister in a headlock. He knew they were all somewhat on the loony side, but this time they actually crossed the thin line between sanity and insanity.

"I thought I would stop by and drop this off..." started Dartz as he held out a borrowed movie, "Is this a bad time?"

"Oh no. Not at all", said Raphael as he let go of Alister and Valon took the movie.

"I guess I'll be on my way then. Buh bye."

As Dartz left, everyone stood dumbfounded after their embarrassing moment.

"Umm… I guess I'll go put some clothes on…" said Alister as he stumbled off too his room.

"I guess I'll go watch my movie I've been waiting for him to return…" stated Valon as he walked off to the den.

"So it takes embarrassment for them to stop fighting. Works for me", commented Raphael as he walked in to the kitchen.

Once Raphael was in the kitchen, Alister waltzed in as well. Alister grabbed a can of Dr. Pepper and both went to lay out in the den to watch the movie with Valon.

"Is that one of mine…" started Valon.

"Well what do you know? It might just be." answered Alister.

"Not again. I need a vacation!" screeched Raphael.

Ice: I hope someone likes this. It's based on what my grandma likes to do to me when i take a shower. Usually she tries to wash clothes though... Cold showers to me are only good when I'm burnt. Please review!