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"No. If you ever loved me, you wouldn't have cheated on me." His voice being so calm scared her.

"Steve…I'm so sorry…please."

"No. Go find someone else to play with, slut." Steve got up and left to the Curtis's house.

"Hey, buddy." Sodapop greeted as his best friend walked in. "What's wrong?" Soda could always tell when something was wrong but anyone could tell in this case.

"Dallas Winston. That's what."

"What'd he do?" Two-bit asked from the couch.

"He stole my girlfriend!"

"What…?" This time it was Johnny. He couldn't believe his idol would do that. "But he wouldn't…not to his buddy…" He said quietly.

"Well, he did." Steve sighed. "I'm gonna go take a walk before I hurt something." Steve said and walked out.

"Where's is he! Where's Randle!" Dally walked in a few minutes after Steve left, his eyes blazing. Soda looked at him confused.

"Uh, he just left…why?"

"That piece of shit stole my girlfriend!"

"That's what Steve said…" Johnny said, quietly. He was incredibly confused.

"What!" Dally yelled. If it had been anyone else besides Johnny, Dally would've punched him just because he was there.

"This is gonna be an interesting day…"

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