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Chapter 1 Revised


For once Ranma was glad of the fathers bar hopping habits as they was now out of the house. He was tired of all of the trouble and pain in his life caused by everyone around him who believed he was nothing more than property. No one cared about him as a person, not even his own father or any of his so called fiancés. He seemed too be nothing to anyone around there other than a punching bag, both verbal and physical.

He thought about the people at the New Light House, especially Kei who seemed very kind and protective of all the residents of the large compound. She actually cared for Ranma and everyone else that was under the New Light House's protection.

A couple of months ago Ranma would never of considered leaving the Tendo's but after meeting and getting to know Kei then Sean and Hiroshi the young martial artisit whole outlook had changed. Before Ranma believed honor was everything but now saw it as the tool everyone used to manipulate and use him for their own good. Yes honor was still very important th him, it would always be, but now with Kei's help he would never let someone else's twisted view of honor control him.

He still had trouble believeing his luck though, when Kei had found Ranma he was in girl form crying in a secluded area in the park. Of course Ranma was strong, probably one of the strongest teens around for miles. That was physically though, mentally Ranma wasn't very strong thanks to her idiot father and thanks to all the stress and everything going on she finally broke.

That was when Kei found her though and gave the redhead a shoulder to cry on. When later Kei found out the curse the girl was surprised but didn't judge Ranma, Kei never judged Ranma only being a friend. After meeting several more times throughout the week Ranma finally meet Kei's boyfriend Sean and his best friend Hiroshi. The three ran a sort of halfway house for runaways and hard luck cases.

At first Ranma thought the three was too young to run a place like that but it turned out Kei had actually inherited it from her father who died a year before. To keep her father's dream to help others alive she kept it open and had Sean and Hiroshi help run it.

Now Ranma was ready to take that open invitation to stay there that Kei had given him several times. He couldn't deal with the crap everyone heaped on him day after day. He was almost finished packing and slipped the pack on his back with a sigh of relief. He was going to be out of there before anyone noticed. Besides the fathers out drinking, Kasumi was doing some shopping, Nabiki was somewhere attending to some business, and Akane was…

"You wortless bastard, how dare you!" Akane growled.

Unfortunately, Akane must of came back early and now she was right before him. "What are you talking about?"

"Your running off with one of those hussies, you PERVERT!" Akane shrieked, her anger rising as a red glow started to surround her body.

"I'm not going with any of them," Ranma said, "I'm going somewhere where people respect me and give a damn about me."

"That's a bunch of bull you two-timming BASTARD!" Akane screamed, her mallet appering in her hand, "I HATE YOU!" With that Ranma was knocked through the roof and halfway over Nerima to land with a splash in the lake at the park.

By the time Ranma dragged herself from the lake and limped to her destination it was getting petty dark. She looked up as she saw Kei hurrying to help the still slightly wet red head inside.

"Are you okay, Ranma?" Kei asked with concern.

"I will be." Ranma whispered, "Is your invitation still open?"

"Of course it is, Ranma." Kei said, a smile on her face. "It's about time you left those monsters. Come on, I'll help you get settled in."

It took several hours until a male Ranma mad his way downstairs after settling in to see about getting something to eat. To his surprise there was a small party going on whish Sean and Hiroshi dragged Ranma into. "It'll be fun." Sean said.

"Besides, theres lots of food." Hiroshi laughed.

"Okay, Okay." Ranma laughed as he let the two drag him into the party.

About an hour later found Ranma sitting at the side of the room watching all of the others dancing and having a good time. It was late in the evening and Ranma was thinking about turning in when Sean and Hiroshi walked up to him and sat down either side of him.

"Here Ranma." Sean said handing him a drink.

"I don't drink." Ranma said eyeing the glass, it didn't look like alcohol really.

"Relax Ranma," Sean said laughing, "It's just a cola. We don't allow alcohol or drugs or anything like that on the grounds."

"We just wanted to see how you were doing man." Hiroshi said.

"Thanks." Ranma said as he took the glass and took a drink and smiled, "It's really nice here and everyone's been great."

"That's wonderful." Sean said, "We're glad that you enjoy it here, you're free to stay as long as you like. All that we ask is that everyone pitches in around the house and help out whenever possible."

"Sure, I don't want to be a freeloader like my pops." Ranma said.

"That's good, Ranma." Hiroshi said, a weird look coming into his eyes.

Ranma yawned again and shook his head, feeling a little funny. He yelped a little when Hiroshi dumped his water on Ranma activating his curse causing the two to laugh a little.

"Wake up Ranma." Hiroshi said, "Come on buddy, we'll help you back to your room."

"Sure." Ranma said weakly as she climbed to her feet with the two guys help. She was vaguely aware as the two helped her down the hall and up the stairs until they reached her room. A click made something blare in the back of her mind as she felt herself dumped on her bed and her shirt ripped open. The hands touching her felt wrong as the moved up and down her body, a second set starting to tug at her pants.

"Stop it." Ranma slurred, her body not responding as her thoughts seemed to crawl farther and farther away. She could vaguely feel what was happening and tried to scream when the pain came as something was pushed inside of her but her mouth wouldn't work. She could feel the tears well up in her eyes but wasn't even sure if they fell as she finally lost consciousness.

Ranma was woke up slightly as he heard voices talking heatedly but her mind was still so foggy it was hard to make out what was being said or by who.

"…Can't believe that bitch gave you a black eye…"

"…We'll tell Kei the truth…Ranma forced us…that'll explain the eye…"

"…What about her…"

"…We can't break her so she's worthless to us…They wouldn't buy her…"

Ranma woke as the sun filtered through her curtains and across her face causing her to cringe at the pain in her head and between her legs. She slowly realized what that pain was and noticed she was naked in her bed. Slowly she curled up into a ball and cried for a long time realizing that they betrayed her, violated not only her trust but her body. They wasn't any better than the others and in fact they were worse.

After crying for who knew how long Ranma finally managed to crawl out of her bed and headed into the small bathroom that was connected to her room. She locked the door behind her and grabbed a washcloth from the shelf and turned on the water inside the shower and stepped in.

Crying again she soaped up the cloth and scrubbed herself hard trying to get rid of the dirty feeling she had but it wouldn't go away. She scrubbed harder and faster then froze as she realized something was wrong. Timidly she turned the cold water off and shook in fear. The water was steaming, actually hurting some from the heat but she was still a girl. She let out a wail and dropped to the floor sobbing.

She knew that somehow they caused it but it didn't really matter anymore. She felt so unclean, so dirty and useless. She couldn't stop them from doing that to her but she wasn't really sure why. Was she really so helpless as to let two non-martial artists to have their way with her.

When the water started to get cold again after all the hot water was used Ranma lifelessly climbed to her feet and slowly dried off as she rubbed her eyes. Opening the door she walked out to find a crying Kei standing in the middle of the room crying. When the girl noticed Ranma she threw some clothes into the red heads face and snarled.

"You whore!" Kei cried out, "Protect the weak my ass! How could you force Sean to screw you?"

"I didn't…" Ranma started but was interrupted.

"Get dressed and get out before I call the police, I never want to see you again." Kei said before storming out of the room leaving a devastated Ranma.

Ranma stared after the fleeing girl in shock, Kei believed it was Ranma's fault. Why not though, after all Ranma should be able to beat the crap out of both Sean and Hiroshi with ease. Who in their right minds would believe they forced Ranma into doing anything.

As she slowly got dressed and stuffed what little she had back into her pack Ranma fought back anymore tears. It was hard but she was going to walk out of there without giving any of them the satisfaction of seeing her cry. The only problem was on where to go now, she couldn't go back to the Tendo's, especially after last night. Ukyo and the amazons was out of the question for the same reason.

It slowly dawned on her that there was no where to go, at all. She had no one else to turn to. She lived on the streets before though for years so she could again she decided though she did realize there would be a few problems. She had no gear for camping, she was pretty much to young to work at most places and what few that would hire her wouldn't hire a ronin probally.

Clenching her fist tightly, Ranma fought back the depression fighting to take hold. First thing was first, she had to get out of there. Leaving the room she walked down the stairs thankfully not running into anyone until she bumped into Hiroshi literally right outside the door..

"Watch it!" the boy snapped.

"Why?" Ranma asked, her voice cracking a little.

"Why?" Hiroshi asked, "Why not? Who would believe we could do anything to you? Even Kei believes it's your fault and so would anyone else."

"Bastard!" Ranma growled, punching Hiroshi in the stomach dropping him immediately. The boy lay on the ground curled up tightly in a ball coughing. She wanted to beat the life out of him so much but fought down the urges. She wouldn't do it, he wasn't a martial artist and was a way lot weaker than herself. The look of pain on the boy's face did bring a small smile to Ranma's face though.

She knew that someone would probably call the police if Kei hadn't already so she decided to hurry on out of there. She didn't want anyone else finding out what had happened, it was hard enough admitting to herself that it even happened. She believed the cops would blame her anyways which would even add more humiliation to everything.