Old Life, New Beginnings

Chapter 5

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Ranma was riding in the back of her mother's car wishing that they just killed her when they finished with her. She was wishing that she never got up this morning. A very small part of her was wishing that they had never found her.

She remembered how this day started and should have known something was wrong to begin with. It was the first night in so long that she had got to sleep in a real bed. Waking up early though was normal for her at times though the morning spent hunched over the toilet throwing up wasn't.

For the last few mornings she had felt a little nauseous but she put it off to the lack of food or the questionable quality of the food that she had eaten. She had plenty of good food to eat the previous night, though a part of her was still distrustful, she doubted they were poisoning her.

The previous night Ranma had told both Nodoka and Hikaru what had happened and that she was sure that they raped her. She remembered trying to fight them off but was too wasted from those drugs they gave her. She remembered a pain between her legs as something was forced inside her over and over while she screamed, beginning to stop. The questions she had though, was it all in her head or did it really happen?

Of course Nodoka wanted to go immediately to the hospital but Ranma refused outright not wanting it to get out that the greatest martial artist in the world was possibly…raped. With the morning throwing up though Nodoka wouldn't drop a hospital visit so in the end they had went.

After an eternity in the waiting room Ranma was called back for the most humiliating experience in her young life as the doctor gave her a full examination seeing how she had never had one before. Ms. Mizuno was very nice about it but then came the pregnancy questions, had Ranma ever had sex?

Before Ranma could stop her, Nodoka had said yes and there was more tests done and it came back positive. Ranma couldn't help it, she broke down in tears. Nodoka told the woman, it turned out to be her friend, about what had happened and Ms. Mizuno had given Ranma several options including abortion.

Ranma wanted to scream "YES, give me an abortion, I don't want this thing inside of me from that bastard!"

She couldn't though…she didn't know why, but she couldn't. The doctor, Ms. Mizuno, had said to take a few days to think about it which brought her to now, riding in the back of the car with Nodoka and Hikaru in the front. She wanted the thing inside her gone, didn't she? So why not destroy it? It was an abomination!

'It's a part of me…' Ranma thought. It was too, it was a part of her, something that was living. Something that would grow into a human being, her child. Did she really want to destroy it? A part of her did, she was a guy and this was so wrong. She was stuck as a girl at the moment though, she was a girl and this was her child…She wanted to keep it.

"Mom…" Ranma said nervously.

"Yes honey?" Nodoka asked, looking into the rearview mirror.

"If I decided to keep it…what would you say?" Ranma asked, a hand going over her stomach.

"It will be tough dear but it that is what you decide I will back you completely." Nodoka said.

"I will to, bro." Hikaru said.

"Thanks guys." Ranma said.


Natsume Mizuno walked into her apartment after a long day at the hospital with a lot on her mind, especially about what Nodoka had told her the night before. Of course she believed in magic, it was hard not to when your daughter was a sailor senshi. But Nodoka said her son was finally home but he was cursed to turn into a girl with cold water and back with hot. While that was a little difficult, the proof was right in front of her this morning at the hospital. She did a quick test to determine if the girl was really Ranma…and it was. She almost cried when she realized her best friends child was really home then find out that he, or rather she was drugged and then raped and now was pregnant.

Seeing her own daughter sitting at the table pouring over her homework instead of hanging out with her friends who Natsume was sure was the other senshi. Walking over to Ami she wrapped her arms around her daughter tightly and kissed the top of her head.

"Hi mom." Ami said, "What's up?"

"Well, Ranma is back, Ami." Natsume said.

"That's great mom, I bet Auntie is ecstatic." Ami said.

Sitting down across from Ami Natsume sighed, "She is but there are some small problems."

"Like what?" Ami asked.

"This is not to go beyond this room, understand?" Natsume asked and continued at her daughters nod, "Ranma was cursed to become a girl with a splash of cold water but hot reverses it."

"Wow, is it just superficial or is it a complete change." Ami asked, shocked yet intrigued. Natsume loved that about her daughter, she was always curious and wanting to know everything about everything that she possibly could.

"It's a complete change, I'm afraid and for the time being Ranma is stuck as a girl." Natsume said.

"Are you sure its Ranma then?" Ami asked.

"Completely, I ran a few tests to confirm it." Natsume said, "But there's more. She was drugged then raped and now she's pregnant."

"P-pregnant?" Ami asked, shocked.

"Yes dear, Ranma has been living on the streets for at least a few weeks. She's in her fifth week." Natsume said.

"Is she keeping it?" Ami asked.

"I'm not sure, she needed time to think." Natsume said. She was never one for abortion but in Ranma's complicated case, she could understand. A part of her didn't want Ranma to get one and was hoping it wouldn't come down to it.

"I can understand if she doesn't but…it's still a life, a living being." Ami said.

"I know dear, this has bothered me all day about it since she came in." Natsume said. "If she ends up going to your school, will you and your friends please keep an eye out for her?"

"Sure mom." Ami said.

"Thanks sweetheart." Natsume said.


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