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Second Chances

Chapter 1

Ranma sighed as he walked slowly down the street, slowly getting more and more depressed. He had just been visiting his mother as Ranko Tendo when the older woman decided to get some tea and then Murphy's Law had to go in affect. In less than a moment the happy look had vanished replaced by a cold, hateful one.

"I-I can explain, m-mom." Ranma stuttered as hot tea dripped down his face from his soaked hair.

"Ranma?" Nodoka whispered, an unreadable expression filling her face.

"Yeah mom, its me." Ranma said then ducked as a blade of steel slashed through the space he just vacated.

"Get out of my house!" Nodoka screamed, holding the sword in position to strike yet again.

Ranma wanted to stay, say something to calm the situation down. Yeah he expected his mother to be upset when she found out the truth but this was ridiculous. As the woman swung the sword again, Ranma dodged and headed out the door as quick as he could to end up walking aimlessly around his mother's hometown.

A loud crack of thunder brought Ranma out of his thoughts to notice some screaming coming from several different directions. Hoping a good fight would distract him he headed off for where he believed the closest screaming was coming from. It didn't take long for him to find what was causing all the noise and he wish he didn't as the blood and dismembered body parts strewn all over the place wanted him to lose his lunch.

There with a huge axe with scarlet driping off one of its blades was a very large man, his skin tinted blue and long white hair. His eyes sent shivers down Ranma's back as they pulsed the same color red as the liquid driping from the axe. Ranma became even sicker when he realized that it was blood, the blood of all the people he must have murdered here. Bringing the blade to his lips the thing licked the blood off the axe with a long snakelike tounge.

"Stop this!" A girl's voice screamed, obviously frightened. Ranma looked and saw someone in a brown cloak wrapped tightly around them while clutching a sword obviously not of Japanese decent. It looked old though, its blade rusting in several spots as was what Ranma could see of its handle.

"Give me the damned sword and I'll consider it." The thing said coldly, a demented gleam in his eyes.

"Never." The girl growled, clutching it tighter.

"Leave her alone!" Ranma said, postioning himself between the monster and girl.

"Please take this and guard it." The girl said as she pushed the sword in Ranma's hands.

"Wh-what?" Ranma asked, startled.

"It knows you will protect it, please for now just run." The girl pleaded.

"Hey!" Ranma snapped, "I don't run from nothing."

"I didn't want to have to do this." The girl said sadly raising her hands towards Ranma. A blue circle appeared under Ranma then everything went white as his vision swirled. Moments later he regained his senses to be several blocks away from where he was. He started to head back when he realized he still had the sword. He debated just throwing it away but that thing wanted it so bad that he decided to keep it. It had to be important in some way after all.

"Why does this stuff always happen to me." Ranma grumbles as he heads off back to where he was moments before. He didn't get to far though as he came upon a several injured people hiding behind a red haired woman with a katana who was facing off against some kind of human looking frog in armor and a sword.

"Mom!" Ranma cried out in horror as she looked exhausted and not able to block the incoming blow. In a flash Ranma was there delecting the strike with the old sword and knocking Nodoka to the ground in safety.

"Ranma!" Nodoka gasped in shock.

"Get them out of here!" Ranma demanded as he blocked each incoming blow of his opponent clumsily.

"No," Nodoka said sternly, "You do it, I-I'll buy you some time."

"Like hell you will." Ranma said, fighting what he was sure was a losing battle. "Your hurt and to tired, you don't stand a chance! Take those people and run!"