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Second Chances

Chapter 2

A Warrior is Born

"Damn it, I said run!" Ranma snapped as he blocked another strike and returned it with an attack of his own only for it to be blocked as well.

"Ranma…" Nodoka cried out as he dodged another attack.

Ranma flinched as he felt the pain flair in his side where the tip of the sword caught him tearing open a gash in his side spraying blood as the tip of the sword tore through him. It wasn't really too deep but it hurt like nothing before which was slightly confusing him until it dawned on him like being hit by a ton of bricks. The sword was poisoned!

Ranma's distraction bought time for everyone to get away from the area except for himself and his mother who was refusing to run. A crash of thunder and a few moments later it was pouring down rain which triggered his curse which distracted the frog thing long enough for Ranma to take advantage of the situation.

It didn't last for long though when Nodoka also attacked trying to help but instead caused both of them to fall back to the ground.

"Ahhh…what's the matter, all tired out?" the thing asked laughing.

"I'm so sorry, Ranma." Nodoka whispered, tears streaking down her face as she shook her head back and forth.

Ranma knew he had to do something to stop that thing and get back to stop the other one but for once he knew he was outmatched. The things strength was probably ten times more than Ryoga and that wasn't good.

All time seemed to stop as a beautiful girl with long blue hair and flowing white robes appeared. The girl looked Japanese and about the same age as Ranma herself but could tell that she was far more.

"Ranma Saotome," the girl said in a soothing voice, "I am so sorry for everything that is happening but Neglas is planning to invade earth since it is the nexus for a lot of dimensions. He wants to conquer all of them and make their people his slaves."

"I won't let him!" Ranma growled.

"I know you won't Ranma," the girl said in a sad voice, "I would stop him myself but I am trapped in another dimesion. I asked the girl who brought the sword to bring it there and find someone who had a pure heart who could fully synchronize with its powers."

"Synchronize?" Ranma asked confused.

"Yes Ranma." The girl said, her voice starting to strain, "Damn…Thought I could keep this up longer. Ranma, I offer you the chance to cure your curse if you will accept it."

"Heck yeah I will!" Ranma exclaimed.

"First though you must become the warrior of Valis Ranma and that will lock your curse." The girl said sadly.

"But you said…"

"If you stop Neglas and then return the sword to me here where I am stronger I will unlock it and remove it." The girl said, "As the warrior of Valis you will be granted the powers to stop the invasion but without it you and the world will most likely die."

With that the girl started to fade away.

"Wait I'll accept." Ranma cried out hurriedly.

"I'm glad." The girl said, "My powers are weakening to much…Godd luck Ranma, Warr…of Va…lis."

Time returned back to normal and Ranma looked at the sword which started glowing which stopped the frog's advance. Getting off the ground Ranma pointed the sword at the thing and said, "There is no way I'm letting you or anything else take over my world or any other."

Ranma cried out briefly as the sword restored itself and sent power coursing through Ranmas body burning her clothes away leaving a short white skirt and golden bra like armor with shoulder pads, a red scarf and golden boots. Her hair whipped out of its pigtail and fell freely down her back in waves as Nodoka watched in surprise.

"The Valis Sword!" the frog thing gasped.

"Bingo, frog face." Ranma grinned, "Time for round two."