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Jounouchi's Prerogative

Chapter 1

The moon was high in the dark night sky and the sharp chirping of crickets could be heard non-stop. Random pieces of papers flew around lifted by the bitterly cold wind that raced through the dark alleys and rundown backstreets of the dangerous neighbourhood. Jou wandered alone down the darkened street, humming a tune softly to himself.

He hadn't wanted to stay at home; his dad was back from a night out at the pub and was extremely drunk. Jou had decided to make himself scarce before his father noticed that his 'good-for-nothing' son was still there. Jou still had slight bruises on his chest and back where his father had beat him last time. Jou may have been stubborn, but he knew not to push it when it came to his father. The man had a violent streak, and wouldn't hesitate to seriously hurt the young blonde if Jou didn't back down. Saving his ass and surviving became first priority over his pride, as Jou had quickly discovered. Besides, if he got too badly hurt, his friends would notice sooner or later, and Jou didn't want to get them involved.

So now, at 11:40pm on a Saturday, Jou treaded slowly down foreboding backstreets, his feet following a path they obviously knew. Jou walked without thinking, his hands in his pockets and his shoulders hunched, his jacket collar whipping his face and his long blonde hair wavered in front of his downcast honey eyes. So much to think about-so many subjects…yet his mind was blissfully blank.

He turned a corner sharply and his pace sped up, now heading in a direction with a strong intent to get somewhere. Out of nowhere his mind had suddenly declared that the teen was to go to the park, and then possibly traipse through the forest that edged the small town of Domino Plymouth. Jou wasn't going to debate about it…going somewhere was better than going no where.

Reaching the darkened and shadowed park, Jou wandered slowly over to the swing and sat down, moving with it as it swung and buckled under his weight. A cold wind whistled through the abandoned area, trees rustling and leaves flying. The swing next him swayed as if an invisible child had sat there and just gotten off. He sighed and drew his arms and legs in, taking his weight off the ground. Trying to preserve his slowly diminishing body heat, he pulled his jacket closer. Slowly, against his will, he began to shiver. It was almost too cold, but where would he go that was still warm? Home was no longer an option, so…now where? Teeth chattering, he got up off of the swing and started to wander in the direction of Yugi's house.

Suddenly he froze. The wind swirled and rose around him, carrying with it an unearthly noise. It chilled his being deeper than the gusts of wind, and he stood stock still, waiting for it to pass him again. His ears pricked, straining to hear it again, and he felt his heart begin to pound. It swirled pass again, and he swallowed, thinking quickly.

'What is that?' he thought, frowning. 'I know that noise, those…uh…I know-voices? But…from where?'

And suddenly it clicked. He knew what that was. And he had to get as far away from it as fast as he could. It meant trouble. Big trouble. Broken ribs were not on the blondes agenda. He had stayed away from home to avoid them, and staying here meant he would get them anyway.

The drunken shrieks of laughter and loud swears travelled swiftly to him, coming distantly from his right side. And they were moving closer. He had to get out of there, and fast. He recognised the loudest voice, and its owner was a dangerous and unpredictable character.

He was a large and muscular adult, a jock on the high school team by the name of Herat. He was a bully, and had made it his mission to target and pulverise Jou. Many of his previous injuries had been at the giant hands of the brutish thug, and that had been when he was sober…and alone. Now he had his obedient and stupid friends, and all of them sounded severely intoxicated.

Suddenly he regained control of his stiff body. Feeling tension building in his legs, he sprang up and leaped over the edge of the parks railing, landing awkwardly. Looking back, he could see several large, shadowy shapes lumbering clumsily towards him as the group of thugs got closer. The gradually loudening yells and cheers stinging his ears, Jou turned his back to them, his heart beginning to pound. Zipping up his jacket and plotting a course to reach Yugi's, he clenched his fists and ran.

Herat took another swig of his vodka and, shoving another jock aside, he looked dazedly over at the seemingly abandoned playground in front of them. He squinted, yelling for silence when something moved. A person on the opposite end of the grounds turned their back and ran full pelt towards a line of trees and a pathway into the suburbs.

A beam of moonlight hit the golden tresses of the teen dashing away. Recognising the loping steps and blonde hair Herat's eyes widened and he roared in delight. Taking one last draught of his vodka, smashing the empty bottle to the ground and wiping his wide mouth with one giant hand, he cracked his knuckles and grinned. He was bored of drinking. But now a better game had presented itself. And it was Play Time…

Jou glanced over his shoulder as he reached the pathway, only to see all of the drunken bullies running at him. And one was holding a smashed bottle, its sharp and spiky edges glinting in the moonlight.

Jou turned tail and ran; now fearing for his life. If he was caught…well, if that bottle and its owner reached him, it would be buried in his chest in seconds.

Seeing the retreat as a sign of a challenge and submission, Herat just sped up, racing ahead of his goons to get to the game before them. The moonlight shadowed across his face, and bloodlust could be seen deep in his unfocussed and hazed eyes.

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