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Jounouchi's Prerogative

Chapter 12

Completely preoccupied with what she was doing, Alice had been caught off guard by the yell that had come from one the floors in the mansion above her. After picking up the silverware she had dropped and pausing in thought for a second, she recognised whom the voice belonged to and smiled. Their houseguest was awake it seemed, somewhere near the recently withdrawn Master of the House, and it didn't sound like they were fighting. In fact, it sounded like their houseguest had just yelled for Kaiba to come over to him, which definitely wouldn't happen if they were arguing anything like they had been recently.

Bustling happily around the kitchen and out into the main hall, humming to herself, she walked into Charles, who was rushing over hurriedly after slipping out from behind a tapestry on the wall.

Alice smiled pleasantly, appearing perfectly unperturbed about the commotion upstairs. She peered with interest at the elaborate artwork that was obviously concealing more than just a wall. "Oh my Charles, I didn't know that there was a passageway there. Nothing gets by you anymore, does it?"

Charles looked at her for a moment, bewildered as to why she was so calm when it was obvious that something was going wrong between Kaiba and their guest. He waved his hand, as if to disregard that strange comment from the conversation and straightened his tie.

"Did you hear that Alice?" he said, a frown now on his lined face. "That was Jounouchi yelling just now, wasn't it?"

"I think so," Alice said calmly, hands clasped formally in front of her apron.

"You don't think they're fighting again, do you?" Charles looked anxiously up the stairway, "We should go stop them before-"

Alice merely chuckled and patted the old butler on the shoulder. "They'll be fine. I've heard them yelling at each other before, and that time it didn't sound like a fight. So…"

Charles blanched, suddenly confused. "So?"

"It's good that they're together and not fighting. Don't you think?"

Alice stood there, bouncing on the balls of her feet, obviously enjoying every second of his exasperation. She crinkled her eyes in a reassuring way and swept off without another word, leaving Charles to stand there with a nonplussed look on his face.

He shook his head at how Alice seemed to be getting way too involved in the whole matchmaking affair that these past few days had turned into. He sighed and disappeared back behind the wall hanging through which he had come from, wondering vaguely if all the nonsense that was standing in the way of a decent relationship between the two a few floors above him would ever end.

When it appeared that no more yelling was to follow the initial outburst, the staff of Kaiba Manor resumed daily life as though nothing had happened, bustling about with their chores and determined, with fierce encouragement from their Heads, not to get involved with the Master if they could help it. It became a point of interest to avoid the third floor, especially around Room 12, as if their life depended on it.

The only person who was determined to get there was Mokuba Kaiba, who stubbornly wanted to see Jou now that he knew for certain that he was awake; as he was trying exasperatedly to explain to the maid's who had caught him sneaking up the second floor's staircase. He was making quite a show of it too, switching between angry to bossy, to crying and back to angry again, trying to find the mood and tone of voice that would convince them to let him pass.

When it became painfully obvious that they were under strict orders not to let anyone interfere and that there was nothing he could do to convince them, he gave his brother's trademark withering glare (to the maid's horror) and hurried off, bee-lining straight for the woman he knew had ordered the ban on the 3rd floor.

Banging through the kitchen doors, Mokuba was stunned to see that the Head Maid was not in her usual spot, next to the sink doing the umpteenth load of dishes. He walked through and searched quickly, making sure that she wasn't hiding from him in a cupboard or the pantry (though this was only a possibility in his imagination) and, stumped as to where to look for her next, left with a dejected expression and hands shoved in his pockets.

As the door to the kitchen swung slowly and finally came to a close, Alice slid quietly from behind the tapestry on the opposite wall that Charles had been using so often recently, and padded gently back to the kitchen. Checking behind her-the young Kaiba had a nasty habit of surprise attacks-she entered and left the swinging door tilted slightly ajar. Sighing when she saw the pile of dishes waiting to be washed, Alice rolled up her sleeves and started to fill the sink, desperately trying to fight the guilty feeling welling in her chest.

"I'm sorry Mokuba; it's for the best, I promise." She mumbled to herself.

She hoped that the boy wouldn't be too upset that he wasn't allowed to visit his friend, and Alice felt pangs of remorse that she was intentionally keeping him from Jou. But the moment was wrong, and if the Master of the House and his blonde guest weren't at loggerheads then any time they had together to bond and perhaps establish a friendship was precious time indeed. Alice, so keen on the prospect of Seto Kaiba actually having a friend, was willing to push her maternal instinct to spoil one Kaiba brother aside for the benefit of the other.

They would thank her for it, eventually. Or so she hoped.

Seto Kaiba was in hell. A shining, spotless room full of porcelain and glass, the picture of clean, crisp elegance. Trapped here, with a thumping headache and the burning sensation of a pair of golden eyes watching him carefully, Seto took a deep breath and willed his heart to slow from its frantic beating and return from his throat to its proper place.

Hell on earth turned out to be a bathroom, Kaiba was a man who had a mind full of sin and Jounouchi Katsuya-Seto grimaced at the thought-was the Devil himself.

Kaiba cursed himself for his foolishness and the predicament he had gotten himself into-he had ignored his razor sharp instincts for the first time in recorded history when they had told him not to enter the bathroom. Now he faced the back of the heavy mahogany door to his personal bathroom-which was undoubtedly locked-with the sound of rushing water filling his ears and an audacious aura of mischievousness emanating from behind him.

'Damn. I can't believe I fell for that.' Kaiba growled agitatedly, stopping immediately when he was struck with the thought that growling was a very Katsuya thing to do. 'Stupid mutt. What the fuck does he think he's trying to pull? He's gonna cop it now-I've had enough of him messing with my head.'

'Admit it Kaiba-boy-you're not THAT unhappy about being locked in a bathroom with a pretty blonde, are you?'

Sighing, the brunette ignored the little voice in the back of his mind that was rejoicing at the possibilities that the situation posed, swatting it aside with annoyance. 'Quiet you. I'm not interested in him like that!'

'Really? I bet you'll change your mind when he starts getting undressed and bends over to take his shoes off. Go on...take a peek...'

Kaiba immediately had thoughts of Jounouchi's perfect little bottom, and his hands flexed in his pockets unintentionally. He fought down a blush, realising that if he didn't leave soon, he would be in the same room as the blonde as he undressed and immersed himself sensually in steaming water and swirling bubbles. The blush deepened and his heart began to pound in his ears at the very thought. The need to escape from the awkward scenario increased, but Kaiba felt his body rigidly refusing to move.

'Don't look back, don't look back-just walk forward, open the door, and leave.' Seto started berating himself, steeling his nerves. 'This is YOUR house, be a man and take control!'

The sound of splashing startled him out of his mental reprimanding, and, as though in a daze, Kaiba automatically turned to the exact view he had been hoping to avoid. Jou was bending over the rim of the bath, splashing the rushing water with his left hand, the right one gripping the edge for support. His slippers had already been tossed aside, and Kaiba could see that the edge of his button-up shirt was waving to the side, open and (Kaiba swallowed involuntarily) soon to be removed. The CEO blinked, and thanked his lucky stars that the other man was still wearing pants, though a part of him was already envisioning him without them.

Jou turned and, wiping his wet hand on his open top, straightened up to see that the other man had finally turned around to face him. He'd gotten bored of watching the brunettes back, amusing as it was to bask in his obvious discomfort, and had started to play with the flowing water. It was a nice hot temperature, pleasing to the touch, and the bubble bath mixture smelled of berries and frothed in attractive swirling patterns.

Jou fought down an incredible surge of jealousy, never having been close to a bathtub of this extravagance before. He probably never would in his lifetime again, and he smothered his anger at the justice of the world that a cold loner like Kaiba could have such luxury while Jou and most other normal people would have to settle for a lot less, if any at all.

"How do you make it stop?" Jou motioned to the rim of the bathtub at the panel of buttons. The tub was almost three quarters full and now seemed as good a time as any to snap Kaiba out of the trance he was in.

Blue eyes, looking strangely dark with emotion in the bright lights, flitted quickly from the bathtub to the blonde in front of it and, as hard as Kaiba tried, he couldn't stop himself from peeking at the sliver of light tan skin between the open shirt. He swallowed and focused on Jou's face.

"It will stop by itself when the sensors tell it that it's full." Kaiba said monotonously, trying adamantly not to give away the turmoil he felt inside.

"Oh. Ok."

Jou flashed a fleeting smile and turned around to face the bath, his back to Kaiba once more. Shaking his head, Kaiba could have sworn that the simple smile had become a devious smirk as Jou turned away, but he had been too preoccupied to notice.

A moment passed and suddenly, as if the decision had been made, Jou began to undress. Seto had to stop himself from making a noise as Jou reached up and slowly-almost in slow motion to Kaiba-shouldered off his shirt. He threw it to the side on the floor next to his slip-on shoes, and Kaiba felt something give way inside him as the sound of Jou's belt buckle being undone permeated the noise of rushing water.

Suddenly the moment became very real, and Kaiba's brain clicked into overdrive. Jou wasn't simply playing with him. His suggestive hints, mind-games and gradual manipulation of Kaiba leading up to being shut in the room with him hadn't simply been for fun, or some obscure and nonexistent reason. Jou was undressing and getting into a bath, something that he had clearly suggested that Kaiba also do. Jou had made sure that he and Kaiba were alone in the bathroom, closing the door behind them and not making any sudden or aggressive moves to spike Kaiba's vigilant temper. Jou hadn't asked him to leave, or do anything at all in fact, leaving Kaiba to deal with the situation however he pleased. He wasn't waiting for Kaiba to decide either, going ahead with his own business as though it mattered little to him if Kaiba saw him naked or not, if he stayed or bolted like the brunette so desperately wanted to.

The bewildered young man could only reach one plausible conclusion. Moreover, he wasn't as horrified with the idea as he would have thought; there were no outrageous objections from his common sense, his instincts or his hormonal body. Jou wanted him to join him in the bath, and it didn't seem like that bad an idea.

There was a clink of metal hitting metal and Kaiba watched, entranced now, as the leather belt slid past Jou's hips, slowly sliding through the loops until it was entirely free and there another clunking noise as the belt hit the floor. Loosened, the pants fell a little further down thin hips, exposing a tantalising brim of black, cloth boxers. Kaiba breathed in suddenly as Jou's arms suggestively moved to his front, and there was a long second as the button was undone and then Kaiba heard the unmistakable sound of a fly being unzipped.


Jou grinned in victory and obeyed, having undressed slowly and laboriously, waiting for the flustered man behind him to say something. He had thought that the belt would have done it, his pants now sitting on his hips quite low, but when the silence stayed, he had moved to the next step, the smirk on his mouth widening as he heard the sharp inhalation behind him.

He wiped his face clean of any teasing emotions and turned to face Kaiba again, hands at his side. Side on, with his dusky light brown skin, thinly muscled with a few fresh and old scars, pants undone and practically falling off now, Jou looked sinfully good and Kaiba had a hard time remembering what he was meant to be saying now he had the blondes attention. He opened his mouth to speak and then shut it again as Jou slowly, tantalisingly, moved a hand to his chest and rubbed in-between his pecks, as though scratching an itch.

"What's the matter, Kaiba?" Jou's honey eyes danced and a small coy smile curled his soft lips; he showed no inclination that he felt uncomfortable being partially naked in front of another man-in fact, if Kaiba didn't know any better he would have thought that Jou was actually enjoying the attention. Kaiba was blatantly ignoring the bruises and darkly reddened injuries on the shorter teens torso, instead preoccupying himself with appreciating Jou's toned physique.

"You're serious, then."

It wasn't a question. Jou raised an eyebrow and eyed Kaiba with more interest, now intrigued by what he was implying. There was a slight blush on Kaiba's porcelain cheeks and Jou felt a slight twist of pride, as that was more than some of the girls at their high school could get out of the Ice King at the best of times and they had tried everything.

Kaiba looked at Jou with deep, stormy crystalline eyes, and Jou felt his gaze drawn to Kaiba's thin mouth as he spoke. "You honestly expect me to stay in here while you have a bath?"

Jou shrugged placidly, no longer smiling. "I'm not going to stop you if you want to leave. But I stand by what I said before-havin' a bath will help with your headache."

There was a sudden chugging noise as the final surge of water came out of the tap and then there was silence, except for the pounding of Kaiba's heart in his ears. The glass mirror and sides of the shower in the corner of the room had fogged up, and the smell of bubble bath wafted pleasantly through the air. The spa looked magnificent completely full and Jou totally forgot about Kaiba for a moment, making a noise in admiration and splashing a hand through the bubbles.

It was now or never-Jou really wanted to get in, his lungs, back and ankle aching dully, but he knew that taking his pants and underwear off and doing a cannonball at that exact moment might just be the final straw and the CEO would snap like a twig. So he fixed his gaze with Kaiba's and smiled calmly.

"Looks good doesn't it?"

Kaiba grunted noncommittally. "I've seen it before. It's a bath."

Jou smirked at Kaiba's defensiveness, making sure to keep his voice low and even so as not to agitate him.

"I'm thinking I'll get in now..." He trailed off, hoping that the other man would get the hint without having to have it spelled out to him.

Kaiba stared, and when Jou rose an eyebrow there was a sudden spark of realisation on the brunette's face.


Jou watched, amazed now, as the all-powerful, ever composed stone-cold business tyrant Seto Kaiba was struck speechless and blushed like a schoolgirl.

Deciding to push his luck even further, Jou slowly-all the while keeping an eye on Kaiba's face-unzipped the rest of his fly and gently slid his fingers down his hip bones in the motion of taking his pants off.

There was a rushing sound of motion and suddenly Kaiba was next to him, hands firmly gripping his wrists to stop any further movement. Startled, Jou looked up to see that Kaiba head was bowed slightly, avoiding being looked at in the face. After a few moments when it seemed that there was no yelling or arguing to be done, Jou twisted his wrist and slid a hand out of Kaiba's loose grip. Still not meeting eye contact, Jou tilted his head to the side in thought.

'What is he doing?' He wondered faintly, taking in the subtle smell of Kaiba's hair and aftershave. 'He's just standing there. Is he coming in or not? I could always just...'

Reaching up with his free hand, Jou gently took hold of the collar of Kaiba's brown jacket and slid the shoulder off, ignoring the wide-eyed stare that he was getting from the taller, furiously blushing teen. He pulled the jacket away from thin shoulders, and then without moving his other hand, shelled the other side as well. He shifted his other hand out of Kaiba's and, leaning tantalising forward and still ignoring the sapphire eyes boring into his face, pulled the sleaves off the long arms with both hands and threw the jacket to the side.

Kaiba straightened up and, licking his lips and swallowing noticeably, fixed Jou with what was obviously a lustful stare. Now centimetres away from each other, Seto couldn't ignore what the blonde did to him, physically, mentally and emotionally.

'Would it be so bad?'

There was no obligation to do anything, it was just a bath-nothing perverted about it at all. Taking a deep breath, he rationalised that if he didn't like what Jou tried to pull or how things seemed to be going, he could always simply get out of the bath and leave. In fact, if he thought about it that way, there was no harm in what they were doing in the slightest. It was simply innocent. Absolutely, platonically innocent. No sexual interest whatsoever. None. At all.

'Who am I kidding?' Seto hit himself mentally. Jou had turned his head away now, watching the steam emanating from the bath with false interest. 'What the hell, it's just a damn bath.'

In one swift, efficient movement, Kaiba removed his shirt and threw it to the growing pile, suddenly feeling self-conscious and bare. Jou's eyes flicked back and he unabashedly stared at Kaiba's exposed body, eyes roving over subtle musculature, pale snowy skin and the dark line of hair that started at his navel and disappeared below his waistline.

It was Jou's turn to blush now that it became evident that the fellow teen had finally decide to join the bath, and his cheeks burned when he looked down and realised that now came the part where Kaiba's belt would be removed, and then their pants, and then maybe even their underwear...

Jou felt his mouth grow dry and he flicked his eyes up to see that Kaiba was watching him closely, and seemed to have moved closer. His thin, curved lips were wet, as though he had just licked them, and Jou felt the irresistible urge to kiss him. It seemed like a good idea as they stood in a beautiful bathroom, surrounded by swirling steam, shirtless, shy and blushing-Jou closed his eyes and leaned forwards, lips pouting slightly, ready for what he knew now was inevitable contact.

Kaiba watched as Jou glanced over his exposed body and then up to his face, slowing to stare especially at his lips, all the while marvelling at those lovely honey brown eyes and long dusky blonde eyelashes. When they slid shut and the younger man bent forwards, Seto had already begun to lean down to meet him. His eyes slid shut as soft lips grazed slowly past his own, and he felt his heart flutter in his throat. Jou had to angle his head upwards-Seto was at least a foot taller-and by the time their lips met, Jou had mostly the bottom lip in between his. He pressed on it with his mouth and Kaiba felt teeth gingerly pressing down, and the most ridiculous thought passed through his head.

'Jounouchi Katsuya is nibbling on my bottom lip.'

Kaiba scoffed mentally, vaguely amused that there was no snide remark he could come up with at that exact moment. Preoccupied with current events, his mind had completely vacated, free of the usual chaos that he had to keep at the foreground. There were no business deals, propositions or agreements, no meetings, no school, no study or homework. There was no Domino, or the Kaiba mansion; no Mokuba, no Alice, no Charles-nothing outside the room that they were in and the distractingly good-looking individual in front of him, who was currently suckling on his bottom lip.

His hands ached to reach out and touch, to grab Jou by the waist or wind long arms around his back, but a part of Kaiba told him that the moment was good the way it was, and he daren't risk having to stop kissing Jou just for a petty touch. Seeming to read his mind, Jou took that final step forward, closing the gap completely; Kaiba was struck by how warm and soft Jou was to the touch, their chests now slightly brushing. Taking the hint, Kaiba raised a hand slowly and gingerly laid it on Jou's waist, making a muffled noise and taking advantage of the breath Jou took to slip his tongue past open lips.

Jou reciprocated with his own tongue enthusiastically now, tilting his head to the side and opening his mouth fully, granting complete access to its invader. Kaiba grunted as hands rested firmly on his upper chest, and slung his other arm around Jou's shoulder in return. They stayed that way, kissing gently yet fiercely, adventuring and testing their dominance over the other until Jou broke the kiss with a startling blush on his cheeks and lips bruised and swollen. He took a deep breath and looked wistfully at the spa bath.

Reading his mind, Kaiba smirked down at the shorter teen in his arms and his pouting expression. "Shall we get in?"

Jou looked back up at him and then back down, as though thinking frantically. He took a step back, breaking contact with Kaiba, and the brunette couldn't help but feel despondent for the loss of heated skin against his own. It seemed that the previously confident and scheming young blonde had become aware of the situation to its fullest and was swiftly deciding his next course of action.

It was Kaiba's turn to be impatient now as Jou thought frantically about the situation, bottom lip held between his teeth distractedly. Smirking slightly, Kaiba decided to help force Jou's hand a little bit, not feeling the slightest bit guilty about it considering how badly Jou had been torturing him lately.

He reached down and imitated the slow, deliberate motions that Jou had done moments before, unbuckling his belt with a loud clinking sound and pulling it slowly from the hoops of his pants. Jou's eyes snapped to his waist, wide and staring, following the belt as it left the tall brunette and was dropped to the floor. Jou blinked and looked up at Kaiba, a light sneer on his face.

"Smartass." he said deeply, hands on his hips and chin raised haughtily.

Kaiba grinned with one side of his mouth and swept Jou into his arms. Jou made no resistance but still made a noise of surprise as Kaiba gripped him firmly and pressed their bodies together. Jou felt his hands trail down his back and his heart skipped as long fingers slid past the rim of his pants.

"These need to come off" Kaiba said darkly, his eyes on Jou's stormy with obvious desire. "Don't you think?"

"Mmmm…" Jou mumbled; his brain was uninterested in forming words at that exact moment, preoccupied instead with the creamy skin of Kaiba's delicate neck at his eye level. How badly he wanted to nuzzle and bite it-but he resisted; if he bit Kaiba, he'd never live it down.

Kaiba's warm breath tickled Jou's face, making his long fringe flutter on his cheeks and he crinkled his nose. Kaiba crumbled inside, Jou's facial expression cuter than he could have imagined, and he swiftly bent down and stole a firm, moist kiss from soft lips. Jou blushed now, and tried to focus on anything other than the feeling of Kaiba's hot hands, which were stealthily edging further down into his pants.

He bent his head and looked up at the taller man, and their eyes met. Jou felt a burning heat of need welling in his stomach, and he prayed that if his pants did come off, his boxers would at least partially hide his growing excitement. Finally, Kaiba's hand reached their destination, firmly grasping Jou's bottom with both palms. Kaiba felt a twinge of satisfaction that he had the chance to grope Jou's fine butt again, having been obsessing over the last time frequently in the last few days and wishing for more.

Jou blushed deeper as he felt the pressure on his rear increase, Kaiba's long fingers massaging the flesh gently, and Jou caved in; as Kaiba pressed his body to him, Jou leaned up and they met again, open mouthed and needy. There was no delicacy this time, as Kaiba felt the self-control vacating the more he held the blonde to his burning body, Jou's hands gripping his sides in near desperation.

They kissed fervently for a few moments until, suddenly and before Jou could react, Kaiba bent and pulled Jou's pants down to his knees with his hands, immediately bringing them to rest on Jou's hips a moment after.

Jou broke the kiss, gold eyes wide with shock, and he shivered involuntarily with the sudden feeling of nakedness that washed over him. Kaiba grinned-Jou was too shocked to notice how un-Kaiba-like that action was-and looked Jou over with lustful eyes. A second passed and Jou didn't protest, so Kaiba did what he thought was the obvious next step. He moved backwards a step, Jou watching attentively, and slowly pulled his pants down off his thin hips and allowed them to sink slowly off his lanky frame to the floor. He stepped out and kicked them to the side, then looked pointedly at Jou and then at his pants. Jou, his cheeks an attractive shade of dark pink, licked his lips and imitated, kicking his pants to the growing pile of discarded clothes.

There was a splashing noise and both young men looked to see that the still steaming bath was beginning to lose bubbles, watching as they were popping and melting into the swirling water. Jou leant over and dipped a hand in, obviously hoping it hadn't cooled down too much. Satisfied, he withdrew his hand and wiped it unconsciously on his boxers, drawing Kaiba's line of sight from his face to his waist. Seeing what Jou had hoped he wouldn't, Kaiba smirked devilishly and felt a twinge of pride in his apparent seductive talents.

It seemed as much as Jou could disarm him and run mental circles a round him by smiling a perfect smile that crinkled beautiful eyes, all Kaiba would have to do in revenge was torture Jou by taking advantage of his physical susceptibility to his charms.

Kaiba breathed deeply and ran a hand through his hair, wondering if Jou would get into the bath voluntarily or if Kaiba would have to practically throw him in. He had already decided that to save either of them any embarrassment, the boxers would stay on at least until after they had fully submerged. He thanked his lucky stars that Jou hadn't thought to look Kaiba properly up and down, or his own arousal would have been easily noticeable.

Jou looked at the bath, watching the steam and bubbles with faint interest, his thumping heart and hot body distracting him from any coherent thoughts. He saw out of the corner of his eye as Kaiba reached for his head but he feigned ignorance, instead debating fiercely whether to move on to taking off their boxers or to get into the bath now.

As if to read his mind and save him from the agonizing choice, Kaiba took a step, lifted a long, thinly muscled leg and dipped it into the water. Pleased with the temperature, he took a foothold, stepped again, and put the other leg in, sinking a moment later into the bath, boxers and all. He slid to one of the corners of the bath and sat in what must have been a built-in seat, now looking at Jou with a teasing smirk clear on his usually expressionless face.

Jou stared. "Your still wearing your boxers!" he spluttered out suddenly, realising that now it was up to him to make the next move and join Kaiba in the tub. This was not going to plan.

Kaiba shrugged. "You going to get in or not?" He lifted his hands and let the water splatter tantalising down his arms; his smirk widened as Jou blanched. "My puppy's not chicken,is he?"

Cursing him silently and ignoring the puppy reference, Jou sighed, throwing his hands to the sides in mock-surrender. He hoisted himself to the edge and put his good leg in, testing the bottom for grip. Feeling his weak ankle protest on having to support his whole weight, he shifted and slid in one movement into the heated waters opposite Kaiba.

The insufferable gloating grin on Kaiba's face remained, and he watched as Jou acclimatised to the wet warmth of the bath and splashed around, getting comfortable in the indented seat he had slipped into. His face lightened as he began to enjoy himself, and he sighed in relief, his head falling gently back to the small headrest behind him. Kaiba's eyes roved over lightly tanned skin, Jou's neck and shoulders visible above the dwindling bubbles.

Suddenly, Jou coughed-it would have been of no concern as it was only small at first, but even over the popping and sloshing of water Kaiba could hear the congestion behind it. Jou put a hand to his mouth as the cough worsened, and bent over in the effort to stifle it. He wheezed as it passed and Kaiba eyed his heaving frame with concern.

"Have you been taking your medication, Jou?"

Immediately Jou looked up, wiping his mouth and taking deep, steadying breaths to regain control of himself. He cleared his throat and glared at Kaiba indignantly. "Of course I have! I've just not had anything like this before, but I'm dealing with it just fine, thanks."

Kaiba raised his hands. "No need to get defensive, puppy. Just sounds nasty, that's all."

"Yeah, thanks" Jou snapped, looking down and focusing on the pile of bubbles under his chin.

Kaiba sighed, ignoring the faint irritation he felt at the blonde's obsession with independence. "I just don't want you passing out on me or anything like that-"

"I'm not going to pass out, it's not that bad! Seriously-" Jou snapped again, frowning. Kaiba gave him a silencing glare and when Jou fell quiet, he continued.

"-I'm not explaining to anyone how we got into this situation, no matter what." He shrugged nonchalantly. "I might just let you drown rather that have to tell Alice why we're bathing together."

Jou opened his mouth to say something, but the glint in Kaiba's eyes stopped him from going into a rant; instead, he huffed and crossed his arms. Kaiba grinned; impressed with the self-control Jou was displaying, he slid over to sit in front of Jou, tantalisingly close but just out of reach.

"Of course, there is the alterative."

Jou frowned slightly in question, and Kaiba narrowed his eyes deviously and smiled in a way that made Jou blush to his core.

Jou bit his lip, curious. "Like what?"

Kaiba bent closer, his nose brushing Jou's, and muttered sensually against his lips, "…like mouth to mouth…"

Jou let out a muffled moan as Kaiba's hot breath gently tickled his face and he lent forward, unable to resist. They met again, Kaiba's noise of surprise changing quickly to a groan of passion as Jou pushed into the kiss, demanding more, and they fell, entwined together, in the slippery wet confines of the bath.

Mokuba stormed through the halls of the Kaiba mansion, pouting and muttering to himself in frustration. He'd had enough of being treated like a little kid, not being allowed to visit one of his own friends in his own house. Mokuba turned a corner and swept past a maid who was polishing a mahogany cabinet to the side of the hall, and she scuttled out of his way as he passed.

Though he was young and technically not related to the elder Kaiba biologically, they were remarkably similar-kindred spirits enough to be considered blood by all those around them-and this had become especially apparent the older that Mokuba became. He was less temperamental than his brother was, still soft and cuddly like most children his age and susceptible to tantrums and mood swings that indicated his naivety. Nevertheless, he was well aware of his surroundings and had a sharp attention to detail that he undoubtedly shared with Seto, his temper not nearly as venomous but still something to be feared at full strength.

This was why the maid bolted from his sight as he went past-it was well known to the staff that Mokuba had spent almost all of his time since Jou's arrival trying to see him and he had been unsuccessful. Surely, he must be close to snapping, and the expression on his face indicated that hiding had been the correct decision.

At first there was good reason for Jou's quarantine-the young man was sick, bedridden and in no condition for visitors. Mokuba had bent to the will of the doctor, willing to wait patiently to see Jou until he was fit for company.

Then his stupid brother-Mokuba huffed at Seto's brilliance in some areas and absolute idiocy in others-had gone and broken the rule, visiting Jou even though he knew not to alarm him or exacerbate his condition.

But that was two days ago now, and Mokuba's patience was waning. He knew now that Jou was awake and out of his room-he'd heard that shout, as had the rest of the mansion's occupants-and knew it came from the third floor. He also knew that his brother was in the area and Mokuba was damned if he'd let himself get pushed around. If his brother could see Jou, why couldn't he?

He stalked through the clean, elegant halls of Kaiba mansion and thought desperately, scheming with all his might, as to how he could sneak a floor above to get to his forbidden destination. He knew that now that it was after lunch, the change of staff would be happening soon-if he took advantage of it, he might be able to slip past the newer staff unchallenged.

He shook his head, black mane of hair shaking; he knew that Charles was around somewhere, using the labyrinthine passages and secret stairwells winding through the mansion to monitor the goings-on of the house. To be able to pull a swift one on him would be tough, Mokuba admitted to himself, stumped.

"..Unless…" Mokuba stopped, and a look of devilish glee spread over his face. His brain ticked into overdrive and as he formed devious plans in his head-each more outrageous than the next (some involving robots and zombies; he'd been up late at night watching the Sci-Fi channel)-he was struck by a stroke of genius only a Kaiba would think of.

Snapping out his momentary shock at his own brilliance, he started shuffling stealthily towards the kitchens, looking furtively behind him. He knew that there was an entrance to the Servants passages there somewhere-how else did they get around so fast, turning up between the floors like ghosts? He grinned in triumph and bolted helter-skelter down the hallway, unable to contain his glee.

He was going to see Jou this time, and he was certain that no one would be able to stop him.

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