Pain and Pleasure Concerto

Summary: After being separated from Inuyasha during battle, Kagome is kidnapped and imprisoned by Naraku. What will happen when Naraku traps an almost dead Sesshoumaru in the same cell? Kag/Sess.

Rating: T

Genre: Angst/Romance

Pairings: Kagome/Inuyasha, Kagome/Sesshoumaru, Naraku/Sesshoumaru

Warnings: Contains indications of slash, as well as some graphic torture in later chapters. Plus PLEASE NOTE that this is somewhat of an AU.

I was told this in a distant land where tortured
souls have to fight together in anguish
And the scenes of the show are of a cruel and violent nature
Scenes of pain and cruelty are there to be seen
The arena, the town, the place was set for all to watch and see

I was told this in a distant land where the oppressor ruled with an iron hand
And a mission of saddened complacency left cold and emotionless by history
Scenes of pain and cruelty are there to be seen
All the while I should have known it was you killing me

East of Eden - Dead Can Dance

'Damnit! Slow down!' Kagome thought. Even is she wanted to voice the words, she couldn't. Air was rushing by far too fast. She moulded her body tighter against Inuyasha's, hiding her face in his mane of white hair to keep it from getting snagged by the branches of the trees they were running through. She wanted to glance behind to see if Sango and Miroku were following, but she was paranoid that she'd be hit in the head by a branch and go flying off Inuyasha's back. 'They're with Kirara, I'm sure they're safe.' she tried to reassure herself. Suddenly they stopped, Inuyasha's body swaying lightly on the small branch he was balancing on.

"What is it?" she whispered next to his ears. He didn't answer. She was about to ask again when she heard him sniffing the air. "Inuyasha…?" she asked.

"I think we're safe. I don't smell them anymore." He replied, jumping deftly to the ground and placing her back on her feet. She felt her knees trying to readjust to walking. They had been running for at least half an hour now. While they were searching for the last few remaining pieces of the jewel shard, a horde of demons came out of nowhere and attacked them. Even with the Tetsusaiga they were no match for the onslaught. They ran and didn't look back. Kagome smiled when she saw the thick form of Kirara come into view, Sango and Miroku walking beside her.

"We didn't see any more of them." Miroku called. Inuyasha nodded.

"We'll I'm going to go and look around, just in case." He said before jumping back into the trees. Sango and Kagome set out to make camp with the few supplies they had saved before their flight from the previous camp. When Inuyasha returned the sun was already steadily disappearing into the horizon.

"Find anything?" Shippo asked. Inuyasha shook his head.

"The only thing around here is a small deserted village off to the east, and a lake a little to the west. No threats there." Kagome got up and stretched, then picked up her bag and began to walk off to the west. Before she could even set her path, Inuyasha had jumped in front of her, his movement a mass of white and red blurs.

"And just where do you think you're going?" he asked, obvious displeasure in his gold eyes.

"I'm going to bathe in the lake. You said there were no threats." She replied, walking past him.

"Hey just wait a second! We were just attacked by a gang of demons, and you want to go take a bath?" Kagome's only response was to keep walking. "Kagome! At least take Kirara or someone with you."

"Kirara is worn out from the run today. If you must be so insistent, then Shippo can come with me, won't you Shippo?" she called. The boy shook his head excitedly and then ran over to where the two were standing.

It took a few more minutes of arguing, ending with a few 'sits' before Kagome was at the lake with Shippo.

"Okay. Close your eyes." she said. She watched as he covered his eyes. After stripping of her clothes, Kagome sank into the cool water, letting her hair sink farther and farther in.

"Can I open my eyes now?" Shippo called, and Kagome laughed, forgetting that she had left him there with his eyes covered.

"Sure Shippo." She said, and then dunked her head underwater. She tried to open her eyes under the water, but it was too dark to see anything. She stayed under for a while, proud that she could hold her breath for so long. She always loved how her hair floated in the water. It was like being a mermaid. When she finally felt the burning starting in her lungs, she pushed herself upwards, coughing a bit as she broke the surface.

"How long was I under there, Shippo?" she called. To her it felt like an eternity. But no answer came. She got as far up in the water as she dared and looked around.

"Shippo? Shippo!" she yelled, but the silence fell in thick around her, the air almost sickeningly still. Leaving her modesty behind in the face of fear, she stood straight up in the water. And then she saw him. He seemed to be passed out by one of the large rocks surrounding the lake. His colourful robes were torn. She ran out of the water and went over to him, shaking him. Regaining her composure she went to pick him up and take him back to the camp.

But suddenly the back of her neck felt very itchy. She reached a hand back to scratch it, and then froze when her fingers felt a cool metal dart-like object lodged into her neck.

"Inuya…" was all she got out before she collapsed to the ground.


"Kagome! Shippo!" Sango yelled. They were all out in the woods searching for the pair, who had been gone far longer than usual.

Sango was the first person to reach the lake. She almost instantly saw Shippo lying by a large rock.

"Inuyasha!" she yelled, and could hear the faint rustling of the trees as he ran through them. He was quickly beside her, running with her over to Shippo. She picked him up and cradled him in her lap, glad to feel a firm pulse in his neck.

"Where's Kagome, Shippo?" Inuyasha demanded, his voice rough and laced with worry. The little bundle murmured.

"What?" They said in unison, both of them dropping their ears down to his level. He barely whispered this time.



The first thing she noticed was how cold the floor was against her flesh. Before humiliation overtook her she realized she was wrapped in a blood red sheet, but it wasn't large enough to cover most of her body from the cold. She looked around and saw that she was in a small room with only a small torch in the corner giving any light. Its dim flickering caused grotesque shadows to dance around the ceiling. Moonlight came through the bars at the end of the room. 'What…am I in a prison or something?' She turned back to survey the room even more.

"You're awake." She turned to see a tall man, dressed in a loose-fitting yukata holding a tray. She resigned herself to silence. He sighed and pushed the tray under the bars. "Eat this. It's an order from the boss." He said before leaving the room. She looked down at the tray and wrinkled her nose. 'No way in hell am I going to eat this…' She walked over to the bars and began to shake them violently, panic finally hitting her. When she was exhausted she crashed to the ground against the barred door and held herself while her body trembled. She turned to watch the moonlight filter through the window.


"Inuyasha slow down!" Sango screamed, clutching onto Miroku even tighter, trying to keep a good hold of the still comatose Shippo. Kirara was running as fast as she could, but anger and fear made Inuyasha run much faster.

"He's going to wear himself out! He can't do this twice in one day." Miroku, ever rational, said. And lo and behold he knew he was right as he watched the figure of Inuyasha crash to the ground. As soon as Kirara came to a halt, Sango rushed over to him, sitting Shippo gently on the ground.

"Inuyasha?" she asked, reaching out to find his pulse, her hand snapping back when she felt how rapidly it was beating.

"We gotta find her. Let's go." He said breathily, trying to stand. Sango pushed him back down and then looked up to Miroku for help.

"Inuyasha, you've been running full speed for way too long tonight. As much as I hate to say it, we can't go any further. Besides, we don't even know where to begin searching." Miroku said, helping his friend into a sitting position.

"Sesshoumaru's palace. I bet that bastard knows where she is."

"Well go to sleep then. We'll go there tomorrow." Sango said, but her words fell on deaf ears, for Inuyasha had already fallen into a deep, if not troubled, sleep.

Miroku sat down and put his arms around Sango as she leaned against him.

"You think she's okay?" she asked, wishing desperately that she knew where Kagome was, not only to go and save her, but also to quell Inuyasha's growing fear that she was dead.

"I'm sure she is." Miroku replied, putting as much conviction into the words as he could muster. He sounded so sure that even he believed it to be true.


Dawn was breaking. Kagome had watched the light change all night, a stillness folding over that slowed her breathing but wasn't powerful enough to let her body rest.

It wasn't until full sunlight that she heard the uproar of noise in the hallway. She jumped when she heard the heavy door that lead into the room in front of the bars slam open. Half a dozen men poured in, another man stretched between them.

Kagome's heart sank. All she could see was the white hair and the red yukata. 'They've killed him!' She was about to begin screaming when her mind finally cleared and she could focus more. She saw that there were no ears jutting out of the hair, and that the figure didn't wear a red yukata, but rather a graceful white kimono stained in blood.

"Sesshoumaru…" she said quietly. She was stunned. She had never seen him bleed before. One of the guards laughed at her.

"Yep, the Demon Lord himself. It was quite a task taking this one down. Naraku had to take the form of the little orphan he keeps with him. Open the door." he said to one of the few guards still standing. Kagome saw that most of the men were wounded, some of them ghastly pale. The guard unlocked the door leading into the cell, giving Kagome a harsh glare. She felt her usually boldness returning and glared right back.

"Don't you run."

"Yeah right. Like I'd be stupid enough to run with a dozen guards in the room." She mocked. It wasn't until they threw Sesshoumaru's body on the ground in front of her that she realized they meant for them to be cell-buddies.

"Wait a minute! You're putting him in here?" The guards laughed once again.

"Yeah. And I'd be careful when he wakes up, he's probably going to be one pissed demon. Have fun girly." With that they locked the door and then left the room.

Kagome was left staring at his bloody body in the morning light. Kagome had never been one for blood. At first she thought he was dead, but upon closer inspection she saw the faint rising and falling of his chest. The smell of blood finally hit her nose and she crawled back to the corner, her hand at her nose.

As soon as she thought she couldn't take the sight and smell of such carnage any more, the guard walked through the door, carrying another tray. 'He can't expect me to eat right now…' He pushed the tray through but instead of a bowl of soup like last time, now it was a large bowl of water with a rag.

"Boss says to clean him up."

"Absolutely not! I can't touch that!" she screeched. She had cleaned and bandaged Inuyasha, sure, but something seemed horribly wrong about doing the same to his brother.

"Boss says you have to or else he'll come down here and kill you. Now do it." He said, walking out the door. Kagome sighed. Even though she didn't know who this 'boss' was, she knew that he really wouldn't mind hurting her. She crawled over to Sesshoumaru and looked down at him. His armour had been removed and there was a large wound on his chest. His spill of platinum hair shrouded around him, and when Kagome saw the splatters of blood on it, she felt sick. She went to work on him like she would to Inuyasha.

She pulled the Kimono off of his chest, thankful that there didn't seem to be any wounds below the waist. The thick material pulled off of his body with a rip, the blood causing it to congeal to his skin. Once his upper body was stripped she took the rag and began to clean the blood off, careful to check the wound every once in a while to make sure no new blood was seeping out. When she went to clean his hair she worked especially hard, finding it almost blasphemous to have blood on it. When she had cleaned all the blood off of him, she couldn't help but run her fingers through his hair. She was expecting it to be rough, like Inuyasha's, but when she touched it there was nothing but pure silk that could have been smoother, softer.

"…so nice…" she muttered, not aware she had spoken out loud.

"Surprised?" a soft voice said out of nowhere. She whipped her gaze to his now open eyes.

She didn't think she had ever felt fear like she did at that moment.

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