An even stranger poem I thought up when I was bored- just a monologue of the Doctor describing his fantastic Rose.


Wildflower. Unruly, pretty human
Girl; with your fiery brown eyes
And your devil's heart of gold
I could scold you until you die
Yet you still never do as you are told
One of the mysteries of being only human

I shake my head in unsuppressed wonder
You are not like any other I have ever met before
You dare me to mock your silly blunders
Which I gladly do, thank you very much
But every rose has a tangle of thorns
guarding the heart behind her door.

Every single pearl is encased by a fiery fortress
It is my job to unlock the wonders from within.
For you are a jewel in the haystack emptiness of space
No- I'm lying, space isn't empty, it's full of antimatter, dust- it's a cosmic bin
In fact; yet every single star reflects your pretty face.

Do you like the way the Doctor breaks off into a monologue of his own every few lines?

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