I was asked to write an epilogue. I don't know that it will be all that interesting, but, here it is;

TOW The Crash(epilogue)

The beeping rung in Chandler's ears. It was so loud. He could feel the plane dropping out of the sky.
His ears popped, and his head felt heavy. As he gasped for air, he could hear someone screaming his name.
He suddenly realized that it was Monica. She was sitting right next to him, tears streaming down her beautiful porcelain face.
He tried to reach out to her, but she suddenly seemed much farther away. The alarm got louder and louder.
Suddenly, there was no noise at all. Everything just stopped.

Chandler sat straight up, screaming. He was sweating profusely. Monica jolted up, and immediatly put her arms around her husband.
"I'm here sweetheart. It's okay."
Chandler looked around. He was in their bedroom, totally safe.
"These nightmare's seem to be getting worse." Monica observed grimly.
"I don't understand," Chandler said, struggling to catch his breath, "Why is this happening now? The crash was a year ago."
"Maybe we should see someone about this," Monica suggested softly.
"No," Chandler argued, getting out of bed, "This is stupid. They are just bad dreams."
"Bad dreams that you have *every night* Chandler. Bad dreams that keep you up all night."
Chandler sighed. He knew Monica was right. But he really did not want to see a head shrinker.
"I need some air," he said softly, and walked out to the living room.
Monica walked out to the living room 30 minutes later, and found Chandler out on the veranda, hugging himself to keep warm.
She grabbed a blanket from the couch, and climbed out to join him.
He was startled when she put the blanket, and her arms, around his shaking shoulders.
"Maybe I do need help," he said after a minute.
"Only if you want to, sweetheart." She whispered.
He turned to face her, tears in his eyes.
"You're about to have my child," he croaked, looking at her swollen belly, "I can't keep all three of us up like this every night."

A week later, Chandler found himself at the door of Dr. Frank Green, a noted dream pshychologist. He felt a knot form in his
stomach, and beads of sweat form on his brow. He knocked softly.
A tall, older man, with warm brown eyes, greeted Chandler at the door.
"You must be Chandler Bing." he said. "Please come in."
He was very friendly and personable, and Chandler felt his guard drop ever so slightly.
"Have a seat Chandler," Dr. Green said, "Would you like something to drink?"
"Uh, no. No thank you. No Thank you, sir," Chandler blabbered nervously.
"You can call me Frank," he laughed.
"So Chandler," Frank said, his tone changing from hospitable to clinical, "Tell me about yourself."
"Uh, okay. I am a data processor. I am married. Um, my wife is pregnant."
"Is this your first child?"
Chandler paused. "Um, yeah. Our first."
Chandler's mind wandered back to the days following his return;

**One Year Ago**

It was Sunday, Chandler's favourite day of the week. Neither he nor Monica had to work on Sundays, so they often slept in, or
just spent the morning laying in bed, content in each others arms. This was Chandler's first Sunday back at home. He was fidgeting
with the cast on his arm, when Monica sat up suddenly.
"Sorry, did I wake you up?" Chandler asked.
"No, no sweetheart. You didn't do anything." Monica said breathlessly.
"Are you okay? Is it the baby?"
Monica swallowed hard. She had been struggling to think of a way to tell Chandler about her miscarriage. She was waiting for
the perfect time. The truth was, there would never be a perfect time.
"Chandler," she said, turning to her husband, "there is no baby."
Chandler's heart skipped a beat. "What?"
"I lost it. I was so....there was so much going on.....I am so sorry." Monica started crying.
"Oh, Mon" Chandler wrapped his arms around her trembling body, "You have nothing to be sorry about."
"I should have taken better care of myself," Monica weeped, "I was so worried..."
"Shhh," Chandler whispered, "It's okay. We can just try again. And this time," he said, kissing her forehead,
"I won't get on any badly built airplanes."
Monica laughed, and hugged Chandler.
"Sounds like a plan."

**Present Day**

"You are blaming yourself for the miscarriage." Frank stated.
"You believe that your wife wouldn't have lost the baby if you hadn't gone on that trip."
Chandler stared at Frank in disbelief. It was if he was reading his thoughts.
"Chandler, you need to let go of that guilt. It isn't anyone's fault. Things are going to happen. Things that
are out of our control. It is entirely possible that Monica would have lost the baby anyway. There is no way for you
to know."
Chandler looked at Frank, then at his feet.
"So it could happen again?"

"How was it?" Monica asked, as she greeted Chandler at the door.
"It was....okay." Chandler said absently, wandering to the sofa. He instinctivly grabbed the remote and started flipping
through channels.
"You don't want to talk about it?" Monica asked.
"Not really."
Monica sighed deeply and continued cooking dinner. She hoped Chandler wouldn't be this distant everytime he finished a session.
"Do you think it was my fault?" Chandler asked, not turning from the television.
"Do I think *what* was your fault?"
"The baby."
Monica laughed, and rubbed her belly.
"Well, no one else could have done this to me."
"No that one. The other...."
Monica's smile faded, as she realized what it was that Chandler was talking about.
"If I hadn't taken that trip.....do you think it would have been okay?"
Monica sat next to Chandler, and pulled him into her arms.
"Is that what you think? That I blame you? Chandler, it was not your fault. If there is anyone to blame, it's me."
"No, Chandler, listen to me. I chose to not take care of myself. I was depressed, and I was selfish. It wasn't your fault
that your plane crashed. It wasn't your fault that I chose to be so destructive."
"I didn't have to go."
"No, you didn't. But you couldn't have known what was going to happen. I don't blame you. Please don't blame yourself."
They sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Both were deep in thought. The silence was broken when Monica flinched.
"The baby kicked," Monica grinned.
"Really?" Chandler placed both hands around Monica's belly.
The baby kicked again, causing Chandler to jolt. He giggled, and looked up at Monica. She was grinning at him.
"This is the baby's way of telling us to pay attention to *her*"
"Or *him*" Chandler argued.
Monica giggled. "Or him."


"What do *you* think the dream is telling you?" Frank asked. This was Chandler's 10th session.
"It's telling me to take the train." Chandler joked.
"Chandler," Frank said, "I'm serious."
"So am I," Chandler said. "You're the doctor, you tell me."
"Okay. I think the dream relays your greatest fear."
"Is flying your greatest fear? Or is it the fear that you will lose Monica. Or the baby?"
Chandler thought about what Frank was saying.
"The key in your nightmare is Monica. She was there, but out of your reach. And she was screaming.
The last thing you want to see is Monica in pain. You are still holding onto this guilt. You think
that if something happens to this baby, you'll lose Monica."
"Hmm" Chandler said.
"I'd like you to come back next week with Monica. I think that together, we can get the nightmares to stop.
I can't help you get rid of your guilt. But Monica can."
Chandler went home that night, and told Monica about all that Frank had told him.
"Chandler, You are not going to lose me."
"I hope not," Chandler said.
"After everything that's happened, shouldn't *I* be afraid of losing *you*?"
"I am not going anywhere," Chandler said.

"Push Monica!"
Monica had never been in so much physical pain in her entire life. She could hear Chandler screaming at her, and felt the
uncontrollable urge to smack him.
"You're doing great, honey." Chandler said, kissing her sweat-soaked forehead.
Her feelings of hatred suddenly melted.
"I love you sweetheart!!" She cried, as another wave of contractions hit.

"Congratulations," said the masked OB/GYN, "It's a girl."
Chandler hugged Monica fiercely.
"A girl!" Chandler whispered, "we made a little girl."
Monica had never been so happy....or so exhausted.


"Daddy!" Chandler's adorable daughter ran toward him, as he entered, and clutched onto his pant leg.
"Hey dollface," Chandler said, picking up his two year old. "Where's your mommy?"
"Right here," Monica said, waddeling out of their bedroom.
Chandler kissed his very pregnant wife. "How are you feeling?"
"Fat," Monica said.
"Daddy, I said to mommy that she had my brother in there."
"Oh really?"
Monica laughed. "Yes, mommy thinks that daddy has been putting ideas in his daughters head."
Chandler laughed. "Hey, if we will it to be a boy..."
Monica cut him off with a kiss.
"Dr. Green called. He has to move our appointment to Tuesday. Is that okay?"
"Can I come too?"
"Oh, honey I think Auntie Phoebe wants to see you on Tuesday!"
"I wanna go with you!"
"Hope Althea Bing," Chandler said firmly, "What did I tell you about whining?"
Hope pouted and ran into her bedroom.
"She gets *that* from her mother," Chandler said.
"Oh really? Ya know, I may be pregnant, but I can still kick your ass."
Chandler laughed, and hugged Monica. He pulled away, and looked at her, suddenly looking very
"Today is the day..." Chandler whispered.
"The anniversary of the crash." Monica finished.
"I can't believe that after all this time I still think about that day."
"Well sweetie, it's not like it was an ordinary day."
"I guess I just..." Chandler stopped, realizeing that he hadn't quite formed his swirling thoughts
into words.
"I look at all that I have, all that *we* have, and I....I guess I just can't believe that I came
so close to *not* having any of this. You, Hope, this little baby..."
Monica smiled, as Chandler took her face into his hands.
"I've waited my entire life for this family."
Chandler swayed Monica back and forth, to the music that was playing in his head.
Think of Tomorrow (Words and Music by Chris Isaak)

The future looks so bright ahead, the past is far behind.
I think of all the things we said, and you are on my mind.
Think of tomorrow. Think of tomorrow.

Mexico has sunny skies, Hawaii knows no rain.
Any place you want sweetheart, I will buy the ring.
Think of tomorrow. Think of tomorrow.

Anything you want sweetheart, anything you do.
Anywhere you go sweetheart, I will follow you.
Think of tomorrow. Think of tomorrow.

Think of tomorrow. Think of tomorrow.

This car I drive is old and beat, it may not see me through.
This car I drive is fine with me, it's headed back to you.
Think of tomorrow.

Okay, yeah, I have no idea where I was going with this.....but oh well.
I am gonna go work on my other fics now....