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Brothers? Get Real Lady!

"Such a pretty little Mouse. Mummy's going to have so much fun with you." He forced his eyes open at the insane giggles that followed. What was it with people and referring to him as a rodent? A fairly attractive, if incredibly pale, young woman was dancing around him and giggling. He looked up to see his hands, real and prosthetic, were chained together leaving him dangling from a rather large hook. From the pain in his arm and shoulders he'd been hanging for a while.

"Mousies awake, time to play." She clapped her hands together and several men appeared. It took nearly an hour for him to give in and scream, not that anyone who would care could hear.

He kept his eyes shut, not wanting her to know he was awake. He had no idea how long it had been but he knew that no matter how long this lasted no one was coming. The one person who once would have looked now wanted him dead and that hurt, not that he'd ever admit it. He forced himself to remain still as he felt cold hand on his face, raising his head.

"Soon Mouse, you'll be ready and we can go find my precious Dark Kitten. Such a lovely pair you'll make." He opened his eyes to find hers staring straight at him. She smiled and the world began to haze as she spoke. He hung limply, unaware of the fangs that sank into his neck or of the blood that he eventually swallowed on reflex. Everything was simply too distant for him to care and then it disappeared completely as the world went black.

Druscilla smiled and hummed to herself as she ran her hands over his naked chest, occasionally raking her nails hard enough to draw blood, which she then happily lapped up. The stars had sung to her of him and how he'd help her get her kitten. Once she had them both nicely bound to her she'd turn them. She'd show Daddy and that nasty wicked Slayer alright. Miss Edith had shown her the old ritual to bind a human slave. The mouse would be hers soon, all hers.

She smiled as glazed green eyes blinked open. Her smile widened and she giggled as he continued to lie passively beneath her on the bed.

"Such a good Mouse, so obedient. You want to make Mummy happy, don't you?" His eyes focused slightly on her and he nodded mechanically in answer.

"Don't nod, answer Mouse!"

"Yes." His voice was flat, without inflection.

"Good boy. Mummy's been very lonely since her Spike left her for that nasty Slayer, just like Daddy. But you won't leave me, will you Mouse?"


"Soon as the sun has gone we'll leave. Have to find my Kitten and then you'll have a brother. Will you like having a little brother to play with?"


"My beautiful boys. Both full of light and dark but soon no more light and not even that horrid little Tree will be able to bring it back. She tool my Daddy away she did, but she won't get you." She stroked his face and he turned his head into it.

"Will Mouse show Mummy how much he loves her?" She giggled, running her hands down his body.

"Yes." His hands came up to grasp her shoulders, pulling her down to kiss. He held her with his prosthetic hand while the other wandered her body under her dress. He didn't even flinch when she bit his lip hard enough to draw blood. She sat up and grinned, game face evident.

As his collapsed on top of her shuddering she struck for the vein in his neck, greedily swallowing the rich blood that spilled into her mouth. She held him tightly as he gradually became limp and slipped into unconsciousness again. The ritual was complete, he was hers. She never noticed the single tear that slowly made its way down his face and onto the pillow.

Xander kept his head down as he made his way back to the Council owned apartment he was using. The wind was strong and cold, especially as he was pushing against it. He really missed Africa's heat and sprawling emptiness. Thanks to two years there looking for Slayers and battling various forces of evil he no longer felt really at home in a city especially one as big as Chicago. Compared to tribal villages even Sunnydale would have been considered big. Giles had recalled him to the States because apparently he was worried that Xander would burn out. Xander hadn't told him everything that happened during those two years. He kept walking but there was a sudden tension to his body that was unnoticeable unless you knew him well. He subtly scented the air while shoving his hands deeper into his pockets to grasp stake and gun. He let go of the stake as he isolated the scent, human male. Hearing boots on the gravel a fair distance back he picked up his pace slightly. His shadow sped up as well.

'Great my very own stalker.' He smiled slightly and ducked into a promising alley. Quickly and quietly he jumped and began to climb the convenient if incredibly old fire escape. He crouched in the shadows of a ledge halfway up, keeping perfectly still and concentrating on slowing his breathing to avoid detection. He also got to get a good look at his shadow. Tallish male, maybe late twenties, possibly older or younger, it was hard to tell in the dark, dark hair. The man moved like a predator but something was off, an injury maybe? Eventually he gave up and left, after seeing that the fire escape was too high up to jump for. Xander's grin was decidedly feral as he watched. Had any of the core Scoobies seen it they would have gone running for the tranq gun and books on depossession.

'Time to make the hunter the prey.' He finished his climb to the roof and easily spotted the other from his bird's eye view, He followed easily, making the jump between buildings as easily as if he was crossing the street.

Xander crouched by the window of an apparently abandoned warehouse and watched as his prey walked into the centre of the room before simply standing still. The second figure to enter caused a low growl.

"Where's my Kitten Mouse?" The insane vampiress hissed at the man.

"Lost him."

"Bad, bad Mouse!" She struck him and he crumpled, not even trying to get back up. Xander frowned, something was way off about this guy.

"Look what you made Mummy do! Silly Mouse. Mummy doesn't want to hurt you but you have to do as told." She knelt and kissed him softly. Xander desperately wanted to gag. What human in his right mind… It hit him suddenly and he cursed mentally. The guy was obviously under some sort of vampire mind control. He shuddered, bad flashbacks there. He carefully made his way away from the building until he was out of vampire hearing range. He quickly dialled a number from memory.


"I need your help Spike."

"Kinda stuck in LA pet."

"Info fangless. Dru's in Chicago and it looks like she's after me."

"You sure?" There was more than a hint of concern in the vampire's voice.

"I'm the only one I know about that she calls her kitten and the human with her was stalking me earlier. I lost him and then followed him back. He's acting really weird, like she's controlling him or something."

"Dru's good but not over that sort of distance or length of time. I'll have to ask Peaches. Safe to call back?"

"I'm out of hearing range."

"Back as fast as I can mate." They both hung up and Xander fought the urge to pace as he waited. He was glad Spike wasn't dead, in the scattered ashes sense of the word. Sure he was annoying but for a vampire he was pretty alright. They'd saved each other enough times. He was just annoyed that no one had bothered to let him know Spike was back, he'd only found out because he'd gone to LA to give some stuff to Wes. That had put a bit of strain between him and the others, or added to it actually. He'd been seriously thinking of resigning, maybe doing the rogue demon hunter thing that Wesley had tried a few years back. He flipped his phone open on the first ring.


"Yeah. Peaches and Wes agree. Only thing would be the old bonding ritual for a human slave. Takes the humans free will, he'll do anything she tells him to."

"How do I break it?"

"Only one way pet. You'll have to kill Dru." Spike's voice was completely flat.

"Me kill an insane Master vampire. Human here!" Xander fought down the panic.

"Sure about that pet?" There was something odd in Spike's tone.

"Spike?" 'Definitely time to panic.'

"Surprised no one else's noticed it but then you've been pretty much on your own."

"What do you think you know Fangless?"

"Scents changed pet, from prey to predator. Wanna tell Uncle Spike all about it?" There was a definite challenge in the vampire's tone now.

"Promise not to say anything to the others?"

"Sure thing pet, long as you don't fancy a nibble on my Nibblet."

"I'd never hurt Dawnie. Remember that wacky Halloween and what I told you about the school zoo trip?"

"They're back."

"Yep! Some weirdo in Africa did the mojo. I wake up the next morning with a major headache and memories of a war I never fought in. He merged the three of us so that I have the abilities plus control. Hyena is troublesome sometimes but nothing like the first time."

"Ouch, should help though."

"Thought she's your Dark Princess."

"She is and always will be." He could hear repressed pain but didn't comment. "She's also dangerous. Sounds like she plans to bond both of you and then turn you. Totally loyal Childer without the usual want to go out on their own, wanting nothing but to please Sire. And nothing pleases Dru like blood and mayhem.


"Exactly. Kill her before she kills you. Don't want to have to tell the Nibblet or the witch you got yourself bonded and vamped, soul curse won't do a thing. Got it?"

"Loud and clear. Thanks."

"Sure thing. Oh, remember not to look her in the eyes. Hyena might protect you, then again it might not. Knock him out first if you can. He'll need care afterwards."

"Care?" 'Me and my big mouth.'

"Just get through this bit first then call when you've got the both of you home. Talk to you then Pet."

"Sure. If I don't call back in four hours, call in the Slayers."

"Will do. Good luck."

"Thanks, I'll need it." Xander walked away, he needed more weapons.

It had been easy to stake the few minions on guard and get in and that should have tipped him off. He cringed slightly as Dru laughed.

"Brave, brave Kitten come to save the Mouse." She laughed again as she danced around the remaining minions while Xander seemed to be dancing with them.

"Hello Dru, Spike sends his regards." She hissed and even the minions flinched, although that could have been because of the pile of dust he added to his growing collection.

"Liar! My poor Spikey's dead. He burnt so bright."

"He's in LA with Angel, Dru." Xander was careful not to look directly at her as he continued to fight, the moves flowing smoothly in a way they never had in Sunnydale. He was running through various scenarios supplied by the soldiers memories and ignoring the hyenas scream to cut lose and kill. That was too risky with the numbers and Dru. His eyes met those of 'Mouse'. The older man was standing perfectly still off to one side, green eyes glazed and unaware.

"Do you like my Mouse? He fought me too at first but now he's such a good boy. Does everything Mummy says. He'll be such a good big brother for you precious."

"Thanks but no thanks. Family and me don't mix. Besides there's the whole sibling rivalry thing Dru, we'd end up hating each other. Then there'd be fights for attention, who gets the freshest blood, that sort of thing. My mum mightn't have been the best but she was still my mum and I'm not looking for another. Besides, that'd make Spike my way older brother and that would be way too weird." Xander had used the distraction caused by his constant chatter to palm a small object from his belt, which he now threw. He covered his eyes as it went of, the sudden flash temporarily blinding the vampires and Mouse. As soon as it did he was moving, the Hyena fully unleashed. He ripped through the remaining minions and headed for Dru, only to have Mouse step between them.

"Come on man, you don't want to do this. Fight her!" For a brief second there was a flicker of emotion in his eyes, sadness, before it was gone again. Xander grinned, so the guy was strong enough to still be fighting.

"Mouse stop Kitten! No killing!" Mouse closed the distance between them and Xander studied his movements. He suddenly realised what had been bothering him before, the guys left arm was prosthetic. He relaxed his own stance. Weight balanced evenly.

"I don't want to hurt you pal, I want to help you. You have to keep fighting her. You know you don't want to do this." There were no further signs he'd been heard as he dodged the first blow and blocked the second. Then the other man sped up, forcing Xander to put more effort in. The hyena was still close and wanted blood. He forced it back bring the soldiers memories and abilities plus his own to the front. The soldier allowed him to recognise what the other was, an assassin. 'Hope he doesn't kill me later as thanks.' He shook his head, he really needed to focus or someone would wind up dead. Five minutes later and neither had managed to take the advantage. Then suddenly Mouse made a move that left him wide open. Knowing it was either a trap or his chance to end the fight Xander took a chance. He ended up on top ready to knock him out when he noticed his lips moving near silently. He carefully leant closer to hear.

"Kill me." The guy was whispering over and over. Xander moved Mouses head so their eyes met. Although still glaze over there were tears trailing down his cheeks.

"I'm not going to kill you. It's alright, when you wake up it'll all be over." 'One way or the other.' He quickly hit the nerves necessary and the body beneath him went limp.

"NO!" He looked up at the shriek

"Naughty, nasty kitten, hurting your brother like that."

"He's not my brother Dru. It's over, just let him go. You can't win."

"Silly boy! He's mine forever. You too!"

"Me? Don't think so Princess." Xander took a gamble and met her eyes. She smiled as he went still and his face blank, eyelids drooping. Dru giggled and moved closer, raking her nails down his face before slapping him. Through it all he didn't even blink.

"Silly Kitten, thought you could fight Mummy. You'll have to be taught a lesson later. Now relax." He sagged against her and she held him close.

"This won't hurt kitten, all you feel is pleasure, make you all mine." She shifted to Game face and held him closer, tilting his head.

"Won't hurt me a bit." Dru pulled back in surprise and then looked down ion pain.

"Kitten?" She exploded into ash, his last stake buried in her unbeating heart.

"Sorry Dru." He headed over to where he'd left the other guy and lifted him in a fireman's carry. Walking carefully he headed back to his apartment,