A Change of Heart

Chapter 1: The Nightmare

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This is about 2 mortal enemies ever since childhood. Will they remain the same, or would a miracle happen that would forever change their lives? (Hao x Anna)

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On the first day of school in eighth grade, there was a huge crowd watching at the corridors by the lockers.

"Why you perverted Hao Asakura!" Anna shouted angrily after Hao was trying to –ahem- kiss Anna.

"I'm not a pervert." Hao answered casually the way he usually does.

"Then how do you explain harassing me in front of all these people?" Anna shouted back.

"I'm not harassing you. You're making that story up." Hao said while looking blankly at the ceiling.

"YEAH, Hao's right!" Hao's –ahem again- cheerers and fans defended him.

"I would simply call that trying to "rape" me, Mr. Perverted Bastard Asakura." Anna was trying to calm herself down which is an impossible dream

The crowd of rather eavesdropping students "oowed" at Anna.

"Shut up." Anna quickly said.

"You know what? This means war, Asakura! And I mean WAR!" Anna angrily said.

"So, you're challenging me? You challenge the almighty and powerful, handsome and sexy Hao Asakura?" Hao questioned Anna who was really going to burst out like a volcano.

"Remove the adjectives, Hao. They don't suit you." Anna seriously replied.

"So, the calm and steady Kyouyama Anna is now acting like a mad and wild horse! Okay, here's the deal-I don't accept your challenge unless you tell me what I get if I win this stupid little game of yours…"Hao answered.

"If I win, you become MY slave for the whole school year. You will do whatever command I give you and I'll torture you if you don't do so." Anna continuously explained.

"And?" Hao confusedly asked, "How about me?"

"Well, if you win, you--" Anna suddenly stopped.

"You'll be my girlfriend for the whole year! How about that! Nice idea I've got, ne?" Hao proudly exalted his own idea.

"No! I'm not going to let you!" Anna objected.

"But you gave your own condition, so I can give mine! If you don't agree with then I'll spread that your—" Hao paused.

"Stop! Alright, alright. I accept." Anna interrupted.

"Good, it's settled then. You just give me what to do, and POOF! you're my girlfriend for the next 10 months! How lucky can I get!" Hao excitedly told Anna.

Then, as Hao turned his back, Anna felt a blaze of cheating in her eyes and attacked him while he wasn't looking.

"YAAAAAHHH! I'm gonna KILL you right now!" Anna screamed out at Hao.

"Hey! What the FUCK?" Hao was surprised while Anna charged at him.

Anna smacked him straight in the face which left Hao with a BIG red mark on the cheek. But that didn't stop there.

"NOOO! Please! Anything but the hair! STOP! Don't touch the hair! I'm begging you! Please…" Hao was pleading (?) at Anna.

"Oh, is that it? Thanks for the hint, Hao." Anna wickedly smiled.

"Uh-oh. Bad idea." Hao nervously gulped.

Then Anna got a flashing object which Hao recognized as a –gulp- knife.

"Hey, are you REALLY that desperate to KILL me?" Hao asked as he was staring at the shiny knife as Anna walked toward him.

"No." Anna replied as she continued walking toward him.

"Then what are you going to do with that knife?" Hao asked again while Anna moved in closer by the minute.

He got his answer when Anna –cut- his gorgeous hair. His long and beautiful hair.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Hao loudly wailed.

The crowd was completely shocked. The fan girls were crying because Hao lost his sexiness after he lost his damn good-looking hair. But the others just "oowed" at what happened.

"Shut up." Hao shot a serious look at them.

"So what does it feel like losing your rapunzel-like hair?" Anna beamed at Hao.

"You're gonna pay, Kyouyama. You're gonna suffer. This DOES REALLY mean WAR between YOU and ME. I'll make your life miserable." Hao quietly whispered.

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You may be wondering what Hao was supposed to say when Anna stopped him. Well, that's a secret…for now.