Irreplaceable to the heart

By FreyA-wings

Chapter 1: An Introduction

Hello people. I am Freya-wings. This is my first CCS fic that I wrote and I hope I get the interest of you people. Actually, this story was inspired by a manga I read called 'wild act.' Ever heard of it? Well, I just want to say hi to all of you and hope you enjoy this fic. Don't forget to post a review. They are recommended as they are highly appreciated.

Btw, Lemon goodness might be coming your way… so watch out!

P.S Have you ever read Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles? Well, imagine Syaoran and Sakura at that age… so handsome and beautiful… (Sighs) Oh, and Takaeshi Fujitaka is mine… I made him… (Wink, wink)


Imagine Japan… 21st century…

Of course, I have never been there but I have imagined Japan to be a great place. Only hearing is the greatest device I have. Hearing from people made me feel more soothed by the fact that people think Japan is an extraordinarily cunning country. Some people would think otherwise. However, skewed would be your answer. So let's keep it open and you can think whatever you think Japan is like.

However, I am not telling a story about 'Japan.' I am retelling a story that I heard from a friend back from Japan not too long ago. An interesting one that is, and it made my heart shudder, knees weak, like a catalyst for anticipation. However, as a romantic writer, I would like to add some 'juicy' bits here and there, to increase our wild senses and to be involved more into this shrewd story… So I hope you would enjoy this story… I know I did.

(Clears throat)

Again… imagine 21st century Japan, in a city where busy people all drifted to; a city where people work hard, busy, and hectic. At their state, their most clever solution to their stressful lives is entertainment. Speaking of entertainment, this is mostly what it's all about. Well, a major in some cases.

Her name was Sakura Kinomoto. Her occupation? A student by day, a thief by night. Sounds hectic don't it? But it's the truth. To make biography short, she is 16 years old with breathtaking emerald eyes and beautiful brown hair. She lives with a man who thinks he's a girl in this huge apartment up at a celebrity center called CC (a.k.a Celebrity Center). Okay, you might think 'what the heck is she?' She's NOT a celebrity and I must underline that because she is being an undercover, under the protection of CC. Sakura is the daughter of a very famous actress Nadeshiko Kinomoto. Since she was small, Sakura never made it to the scenery of the entertainment neighborhood. The reason for that is very simple: Nadeshiko-kun did not want her daughter to be scandalized and influenced. It's a pretty reasonable decision. Captivating enough, that did not go through very well because at the age of 5, Nadeshiko, the women sex symbol, disappeared.

Oddly, no one really knew where she was, even Sakura. Sakura-chan also never knew she had a father. She doesn't remember anything about him. The only person taking care of her was the man she was living with (a.k.a woman), André.

At the age of 8, André told Sakura that her mother was hospitalized. The media never had this information in order to keep it a low profile. This decreased a little bit of tension. After all those years, Sakura never learned the truth. Somehow, through time, she forgotten she had a father or that her mother was a superstar. She now lived peacefully, at the CC neighborhood, going to school like a normal high school student, and not a single word of 'Nadeshiko' went through the papers.

Saturday Evening

Sakura glanced at her room. Readers beware, because Sakura is a fanatic fan of Takaeshi Fujitaka. Since she was small, she remembered her mother also being a crazy fanatic for Takaeshi. So extreme that she nearly had every collection of his videos, soap operas, merchandises and accessories. That is why is said beware, because everything… nearly everything in her room smelt like Takaeshi Fujitaka.

Sakura sighed at Takaeshi's poster on the wall of her room. Takaeshi-kun died at the age of 25 in a mysterious car accident. After that incident, oddly enough was when Sakura's mother disappeared. Sakura had never seen her mother since she visited her for the first time at the age of 8. Nadeshiko was sleeping on the hospital bed. Her beauty still vivid, her long hair cascaded over the whiteness of the hospital bed sheets. Sakura felt empty. Since then, she decided to become a thief. She wanted to collect all that her mother had been so captivated about… Takaeshi Fujitaka.

I know you must be wondering, who the hell is Takaeshi Fujitaka. Why was he so famous? Why was he an icon to Japan and the entertainment industry? His movies had always been 'the best,' his acting was incredibly entrancing. Don't forget his absolutely gorgeous eyes that would send chills down every woman's spine. He was an icon, and a trade mark to all Japanese women's heart.

When Sakura was 10 years old, she already mastered martial arts and became a Takaeshi Fujitaka super fanatic fan. As a thief, she tried to steal whatever possible items belonging to Takaeshi, from clothes, to winning trophies in the academy. She has a not-so-normal friend called Eriol. With his super genius inventions, it helped her track all the Fujitaka's items. I prefer to call him inspector gadget. His job all day is to invent things and give them to me. I appreciate the awarding relationship.

Today was the day she stole the third winning trophy at the Golden Academy award. It was a trophy that was always given to Takaeshi, but this time, it will be given to a different actor.

Sakura flipped through the newspapers and found what she was looking for. KNOW was an entertainment newspaper and it always attracted readers with many interesting and unexpected articles. On the front cover the headings shouted 'Syaoran Li: the new Takaeshi Fujitaka.' Sakura growled as she glanced at the picture of Syaoran Li at the front cover of KNOW. He was a young actor and since he played in one hit movie, his name and face had been plastered all over Japan. 'The new Takaeshi Fujitaka' means that this loser Syaoran Li looked very similar to Takaeshi Fujitaka. This attracted more than enough interest. Sakura hated it. No one can replace the God 'Takaeshi Fujitaka.' Syaoran is only a replacement and it will always be that way. He only became famous because his looks are irresistibly comparable to Takaeshi's.

17 years old Syaoran Li has been in the entertainment industry for a short time only, but his compatible profile suited perfectly in this area that critics believe he will become a new icon for Japan. According to a poll made by 97 believed that he is the new Takaeshi Fujitaka, a 25 year old superstar that died in a car accident 16 years ago. Now, people believe he will win the trophy that was always been given to his alike, Takaeshi Fujitaka. Will this be true? Find out at…

Sakura didn't continue the next line. She scrunched the newspaper and threw it to the bin. Syaoran Li dared take what really belonged to Takaeshi Fujitaka. Tonight, she will steal what was rightfully for Takaeshi.

'Sakura,' André called from downstairs, 'your freakin' food is going to get cold, dear.' Sakura sighed and took her bag filled with ingenious works by Eriol. She doesn't need food. What she need now is collection T.F. #561: The trophy.

Therefore, her job begins now. It is time for mission impossible chapter: 5 episodes: 31. Sakura grinned as she went past the dinning room to find André looking very interested at the mirror he is holding. Don't get me wrong. André is a man, but he likes to act like a woman. Sakura liked him that way.

Sakura strolled past the door and out into the cold night. It's Japan in the summer time. The air is still cold but Sakura suited up perfectly for her mission. You think Sakura is not being fair to André. Don't worry. André is perfectly used to Sakura's midnight stroll.

Smiling to herself, Sakura held her chin high and ran towards her destination…

Saturday Night: The Golden Academy Awards, Gold-reddish carpet

The night was filled with the usual screams of crazy fans and thousand flashes of blitz. The night was tremendously full and busier than ever. A lot of celebrities attend to this evening just to witness the recovery of male legend Takaeshi Fujitaka. At least 50 of the crowd waited for the attendance of Syaoran Li. But he was no where in sight.

Sakura protruded a sunglass, earphones and a clipboard. She intended to disguise as a worker in the academy. She glanced at the main door, observing celebs poking their small empty heads from their limousine one by one, followed by yells and shouts from the screaming fans. She needed to get through the back door.

In 5 minutes, she is already standing in front of the locked gate of the back door. The walls emitted their intentions of blocking any intruders. However, this was not the first time Sakura stole something from the academy. The walls were a bit high, but Sakura just smiled and made a run. She jumped in a classical ninja style and lands like a cat. The area was really busy with people running around here and there and so they did not notice Sakura's intruding jump. Sakura breathed a sigh of relieve and started to blend into the crowd.

Searching the entrance, she found her way backstage. It was so loud and full of activity backstage that she can easily get herself in. Frowning, she wondered where the series of trophies might be located. She shifted her eyes from one side to the other, finding some way to get a little hint. But she needed to take her sunglasses off, it was too dark.

Sakura found a little space between the crowd and a door. She walked and hid herself behind a collection of clothing. Sakura took her glasses off and scanned the area. The area was so full, but she discovered a room, 50 meters away from where she is, that stamped 'trophy room.' Sakura smiled wickedly and eyed the area. Shit, there are guards in front of the room. Now she wondered why the trophy room needed to be guarded. Surely it is locked. Then, the keys must be handed to the guards. Sakura frowned and grunted. Damn those police looking officers.

Putting her glasses back on, she made her way to the trophy room. She must try her luck soon, the show was about to get started. As she walked through the passing crowd, she tried to come up with a plan. But before she could make up her mind, she had already made it to the door.

The two guards eyed her carefully. Sakura only smiled at them and pointed at the door. 'For the award,' Sakura blurted, 'I'm here to get 'thee award trophy.' Silence fell between the sun glassed bouncers. They looked at each other and grinned at Sakura's petite body. Sakura gulped.

'Thee award trophy is not located here,' the right bouncer said in his deep thundering voice. 'As a trophy collector, sure you must know that,' the left bouncer also said in the same thundering voice. Sakura backed away slightly, ready for the run. She was already sweating like mad. 'Can we have your code identification number?'

'Oh,' Sakura started, 'gee, it's getting hot in here. I just… need to get out. You know, to get some fresh air.' Sakura smiled nervously and ignoring her rapid heartbeat, she backed out and walked into the crowd.

Shit, Sakura said to herself, well done ms thief. After a few meters away from the bouncers, she looked back and was mortified to find one of the bouncers with his big and giant form pushing his way through the crowd, following her. Great, she whispered to herself, I need to make a run… and quick, the show is starting! And I don't have a clue where the fucking trophy is.

Therefore, Sakura made the run. Just as suspected, the bouncer ran after her too. Fortunately, the crowd was too busy to notice the shouting of the bouncer that Sakura slipped past with her petite form. As oppose to the bouncer, who is so large that he knocked people over and made them angry.

Sakura ran past the backstage towards an empty garden. She gasped for air. 'Well done Ms Smart!' Sakura bellowed to herself.

'Halt,' a voice thundered in the silencing air behind her. My heart stopped. Shit, shit, shit. 'What are you doing at this ground?'

Sakura sighed and turned around. She gasped when she saw who it was. He had long black hair and was wearing sun glasses. In his hand, he held a gun, pointed towards her. Sakura barely breathed. She was shocked in both ways. First, the guy in front of her was… H.O.T! But at the same time, the gun pointed at her was giving her the creeps.

'I… I was just getting… some fresh air,' Sakura breathed out. The man was tall, and with the shine of the moonlight, his figure was incredible. You can almost see his muscular body through his thick black suit. He looked more like a hunk model than a… 'Who are you?' Sakura whispered.

'I'm a body guard. And you are standing at forbidden grounds. I need to ask for your I.D number,' the wholesome body guard said in a husky yet soft tone.

Sakura only sighed again. Oh yeah, the stupid identification number, she thought, how did I forget. 'Listen… buddy,' Sakura said, 'I just needed to get some fresh air. This was the only ground that I can step on, which does not have any kind of activity in it!'

Silence fell between them. Sakura could hear the show starting in the distance. Great, she thought, the show had started and I am cut from my mission because of this stupid… yet awesomely handsome looking young man who calls himself a bodyguard. The bodyguard heard the announcement that the show started. He set the gun down and laughed.

Sakura raised her eyebrows. More shockingly, she nearly had a heart attack when the man in front of her took off the hair on his head. The black long wig fell to the ground, replaced by smooth and silky short brown hair. He took off his glasses too, replaced by astonishing dark brown eyes. Sakura's mouth fell open. For an instant, she just had the shock of her life. It was as though the man in front of her was… Takaeshi Fujitaka.

'Taka…' Sakura started but cut off by the man in front of her, giggling to himself. Sakura blinked and was dumbfounded to find the man was not Takaeshi Fujitaka… but one and only, Syaoran Li.

Syaoran Li folded his arms and stared at Sakura with his amazingly dark pools of brown eyes. Sakura only gaped. She was dumbstruck. She was speechless. She only stared.

'You must be a keen and desperate fan to come all the way here,' Syaoran said with low husky voice, 'to which unfortunate artist do you admire so much for you to do something this crazy?'

In an instant, Sakura creased her eyebrows and struck Syaoran with a glare. 'Excuse me Mr. Arrogant. But unfortunately, you were never on my most wanted list.' Syaoran's smirk never left his face.

'Well, that's very unfortunate indeed. I suggest you go back home before you get caught. And a word from me to you…' Syaoran slanted his head and stared in a manly sort of way, 'you don't have to thank me for saving your life.' At that he turned away into the dark.

Sakura stayed rooted to the spot for some time. She was in a mixture of madness, craziness, thunderstruck, shock and disappointment. That little… piece of shit who looks just like Takaeshi Fujitaka, Sakura wanted to say but her words were swallowed by the fact that she failed the mission.

Sakura frowned and gripped onto her sunglasses, hard. No. This is not the end yet. She looked around the grounds. There was no one to be seen and she somehow needed to get into the stage in order to get the award. Sakura ran back to the place she went out and poked her head through a curtain which is the only thing that is blocking her and the front stage.

She gasped at the sight. The amazing crowd and audience applauded when the M.C called out the nominees. The lights bore jagged to the eyes. Sakura looked around quickly, anticipating some kind of clue to the whereabouts of the award. She needed to know who the winner of the trophy is. So she ran past the people and stood just outside the right entrance of the stage, waiting for the moment to come.

Finally, in just a few minutes time, another famous Japanese actor Ryu Nabuhiro came on stage to announce the winner for Thee Award. Sakura stood with rapid heartbeats.

'There comes a time when we all need something new,' the actor spoke in Japanese, 'however, we would never forget the old. The award that I am going to announce tonight was once given to a very special actor, an actor that had changed the course of entertainment industry. The actor that had sent women in wild crazy fantasies, and I know because I have one.' The audience laughed in response. 'Ladies and gentlemen, we never complained about who once received this award, because he deserved it. He was an icon, and I know you must agree too.' Everyone nodded, including Sakura. 'However, he was gone… but not forgotten. Now, it is time to hand this award to the future. To continue the incredibility that what was once started by our most loved friend and talented actor… Takaeshi Yukimura.' At this, everyone applauded very loudly, even Sakura.

Silence fell for a few seconds after the long applause. Sakura's heart was beating faster and faster.

'Let me introduce to you, those actors and actresses that were nominated to take over the line for Japan's future entertainment industry.' Everyone held their breath… including Sakura. '… Tomoe Kobayashi…' Applause. '… Akira Kobane…' Applause. '… Syaoran Li…' Extremely loud applause. And the list goes on.

Sakura frowned and produced a huge sweat drop on her head. 'And the winner goes to…' the whole room fell unusually silent while Ryu unveil the envelope. Sakura searched the area. There were tens and thousands of spectators and celebrities at sight but it was not a mission impossible to spot Syaoran Li. He was sitting at the middle front row, giving her a full view of his figure. Sakura was curious to see Li's head down. Even though she could not see very clearly but she spotted a strange look on his face. It was as though he was not happy.

'Ladies and gentleman, I am pleased to call upon… Syaoran Li.' The crowd went wild and I had to shut my ears from the very loud cheer. Every one stood up and joined into the long applause. The atmosphere turned into a proud one. Syaoran slowly stood up and walked towards the stage. I sighed as I imagined Takaeshi walking up the stage to get his award. It was only a blur, but I remembered his vibrant face when he took the medal and lifted it up in the air with a glowing pride.

Syaoran took the award from Ryu's hands and came to the mike. The crowd still cheered and blushing, Syaoran had to hold his hand up to stop the applause. I frowned when Syaoran smiled… it was a fake smile… He looked very sad.

Finally, the crowd stopped its loud continuous claps of hands and settled down to listen to Syaoran's speech.

Li sighed and looked at the brilliant trophy in his hand. 'Gee,' he started, 'I don't even know where to start. I just got into the entertainment industry not too long ago and to get such an achievement is very…' He giggled cutely and I swore I heard women behind me gasped and giggled at his cuteness. 'I'm speechless. And I know… I should be proud. Especially when I look like Takaeshi…' Even though that last sentence was just a whisper but silence intruded the huge room.

'Well… I just hope that with this award, I can break through and continue the journey that was started by Takaeshi Fujitaka. I am inspired to do so and I hope I can introduce Japanese movies to the world.' With that everyone applauded. 'I know thank you is not enough, but I will continue to work harder to make a dream come true.'

And with that the crowd roared again with applause a cheers. Syaoran bowed and took off the stage. Sakura stared at him. She had some thoughts about his words but she shook it off and started to run to the other side of the stage.

Sakura was too late. Syaoran was no where to be seen. It must mean that he was at the after show buffet, a place where all the celebrities gather to get gifts and food. Sakura stormed my way there, making sure she is camouflaged in the crowd.

But when she got there and explored everywhere, he was no where to be seen. Sakura frowned. Damn it! I'm too late! Sakura thought to herself. Sighing in disappointment she scanned the area for an exit. This was the third time in her life that she failed her mission.

As Sakura neared the exit, she stopped short. She blinked and whipped her eyes with her hands to make sure what she was seeing was real. And it's true. Syaoran Li was in a corner of a dark area, and people are quite oblivious of his presence. In the dimmed corner, Sakura could see his eyes, staring vacantly at the trophy in his hands. He seemed what Sakura would simply describe as… sad. He sighed and turned his attention from the trophy and smoked his cigar. He leaned his body against the wall, and for a moment, his silhouette made Sakura sense pity, oddly enough.

Well, Sakura thought, he doesn't seem to appreciate what was offered to him. Then maybe you should just give it to me. It would be more useful that way. And so, Sakura walked closer towards the figure in front of her and leaned against the wall while folding her hands and twisting her leg.

'If you are not interested, then I want it,' Sakura demanded in a low seductive tone. Syaoran Li turned his attention to Sakura. That was when emerald met chocolate…

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