Hi, DD here, this is another story from me that popped into my head for a couple of days ago. The story will be from Darks POV (mostly), so his thoughts and feelings will be mixed up in the text, but don't worry, it's easy to read. Yeah and I know it's a lot talk about gardens, but look at the heading comrade. Enjoy and tell me what you think about it.

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Warnings: Yeah, I'm going to be very mean to Dark in this story… and there is a big possibility that I will have Krad killing Riku, because this is sort of a death-fic/thingy/something alike that sort of thing… Yea, I have warned you…and you do know that I can write some twisted stories right?

"…" speech

…´Dark thoughts, if I separating them from the text…

Secrets Hidden In the Garden.

Chapter 1

Dark looked around his garden and smiled to himself. He was a tall, handsome young man in his early twenties, with purple hair and matching eyes, wearing a pair of old, black frazzled jeans and a worn-out marine t-shirt. Thick gloves had protected his hand from the stinging nettles and the thorns in the shrubs. He looked down on them and decided that he didn't needed them anymore, took them off and revealed two long, large hands with green spots on the digits. Sitting on a chair in the newly cut grass beside his lawn mower, admiring his work, he couldn't think of any other word then 'perfect'.

Dark had spent the whole week working his butt off to make his garden look the best during the summer, and now was he resting, in his scruffy clothes, crooning on a little tune and basking in the pride that comes from a well done job.

He was proud over his garden, knowing how much work he had put down in it. There was only one thing that stained all over his pride, and that thing was just 15 meters away, on the reverse side of the road: Krad's garden.

He had made a challenge in trying to beat his neighbor in the one-sided contest "Who-has-the–nicest-garden-of-us-two?", but every year had he been forced to see himself beaten. Dark sighed, stood up and paced slowly over to the bushes that shielded his garden from the sounds of the road and looked over on his neighbor's garden.

Krad had made some huge changes in his garden a couple of years ago, tearing out everything except a magnificent bush with white lilacs that was placed in a corner near the road. Dark smiled to himself remembering what his neighbor's garden had looked that summer; like a battlefield, with the blooming lilac that let the wind spread its white flowers all over the muddy soil. Even that garden had had a strange, eerie beauty in it, especially if you liked poetry, and Dark had studied poetry very hard that summer, trying to win the heart of Agata Kurashina, a cute girl with a sweet tooth for poems. She had had long blond hair, just like Krad, but she lacked his characteristically long bangs…

Dark had won her heart; he had put her in front of Krad's garden gates and recited his poem about that garden to her. Unfortunately, had Krad and his garden crew overheard that poem and they had looked at him like he was out of his freaking mind.

Nowadays, was Krad's garden one of the most marvelously and tidiest that could be found in this town. Every year came people and newspapers from miles around to see it and to shoot some pictures for summer supplements. One rude journalist did always trot over to Dark for asking him how he felt being neighbor to this 'famous garden'. Two years ago had he scolded off that poor bugger, whom popped up the same day Agata ended their relation and Dark had lost his job because he had come to late due to their brawl. He didn't know that the bastard actually had had the nerves to print it, much to Krad's amusement. Dark himself had found it a little bit more… embarrassing. Hell, he had almost chocked on his morning coffee while reading his own ranting in the paper…

Well, he had become acquaintance with the enigmatic neighbor of his that summer, and he knew Krad still had that article in a frame in the studio… But, cute or not cute, Krad was a little bit too antisocial for Darks taste, so he never became a closer friend to him. Krad's girlfriend, Riku, on the other hand was an energetic young woman. Dark really like the times he could chat with the brunette over the bushes or at the road. They had made a tradition to take turns to give each other enigmas to contemplate over until the next time they saw each other, and he knew the answer on Riku's last riddle.


"Come one Riku, do you have the answer to the riddle about Chad?" laughed Dark.

"Chad lay dead on the floor with an iron bar over his back; just in front of him was a piece of food. How did Chad die?" Riku recited the challenge, smiled and continued: "Yes, Dark Mousey, I do know how Chad died. Chad was a poor mouse that had got caught in a mousetrap".

"YAY!" He cheered. "Now, the next question: do you have a question for me?"

She nodded. "I will give you one I heard for the first time yesterday: Romeo and Juliet lay dead on the floor in a wet pool, surrounded by shards of glass. How did they die?"

"Aww, that almost the same question I gave you. How did they die? But fear not sweet lady the great detective Dark Mousey shall solve this riddle and spread light over… err… the hidden answer… whatever" During his speech had Dark straighten himself into a parody of some dusty picture he had of Sherlock Holmes in his mind.

Riku giggled and then they heard Krad calling for her. She waved goodbye to Dark, dazzled him with the sparkling ring she always wore. Dark supposed it was a present from Krad; it sure looked like something the blonde could do…

Dark snapped out from the memories and moved his head until he remembered something. Talking about Riku; he hadn't seen her in a long time now. The last time he saw her was nearly two weeks ago, when he accidentally had been witness to a huge argue between her and Krad. She had run out to the car followed by a more composed Krad, who had mumbled something inaudible and Riku had replied in a sharp tone:

"Oh yea, and what are you going to do about it pal? Kill me?"

Krad had not answered, he had just been standing there like a statue made of ice, while she had jumped into the car, slammed the door shut and driven away. Dark could not remember seeing her since that day, though he had seen her car in Krad's garage ever since…

Dark went inside his house to make some coffee, but noticed that he had run out of milk. What a shame. Oh well, the shop is only 600 meters away, he could take a walk and buy milk while the water heated up slowly on the stove.

He grabbed his wallet and was about to take his jacket when he looked at himself in the mirror. He really needed to change his clothes before doing anything besides garden work. He slipped out from his besmirched clothes, tossed them outside and walked into his bedroom. After putting on a tight black top and a black pair of trousers made of cotton, he added the black leather jacket to the outfit and let the wallet slide down into the hidden pocket. The last thing he did was to pouring some water into a pan and turning on the lowest heat on the stove.

On his way back from the shop met he Krad. Krad was driving and honked at him in acknowledgement, Dark himself gave a wave with the hand.

Hmm, that's interesting. He was driving her car…´

That was new; Dark had never seen Krad drive another car besides his own before. But then again, Krad had been acting very strange since Riku disappeared. He was either hiding inside his home or walking in his garden, being antisocial out in the sun. The few times Dark had approached him had he been acting quite annoyed.

Dark caught himself pondering over why Krad had honked at him, so when he came to his garden gate, he simply put his milk in the letterbox and walked over to lean on the garden gate to Krad's house. He had to admit; it was a very beautiful garden. He smiled to himself and leaned deeper over the gates to get a better view, when a flash of gold from the lilacs caught his eyes.

"What the…?" Dark hesitated for a while, unsure on however he could walk in to Krad's garden just like that or if he should wait until Krad returned. But what if someone else came and saw the flash from whatever it was?

He made up his decision, opened the gates and slipped in. He walked cautiously towards the flash, scrupulous about always knowing where the flash came from. When he came closer to the bush saw he something golden dangling very close to the ground. A small, oddly shaped branch that had ramified into five smaller twigs stood up from the loose soil, and unfastened on one of these twigs hang a shimmering ring. Dark sat down and picked up the ring. It seemed rather familiar to him, and the only one that he knew wore a ring was Riku…

Riku! That's why the ring was so familiar to him; it was the ring Riku always had in her hand.

The one she never took off

Why was it hanging here?

Dark felt his mind stop and looked down on the branch he had found it on, and slowly, like if he was looking on one of those pictures that is both a young and an old woman in the same time, depending on whether a line is a neck or a nose. So slowly did the branch change shape. The branch with five twigs was not a branch, he saw it clearly now, it was a hand, penetrating the soil.

Dark somehow managed to get on his feet and walk out from Krad's garden; he collected his milk from its hiding place and walked inside to the kitchen. The water boiled in the pan. Mindlessly, he turned off the stove and made himself some coffee. His brain started again when the first zip hit his stomach. He placed himself by the table.

'Okay, Krad, his neighbor, was a murderer; he had killed Riku and buried her under the lilacs and what could Dark do about it?´

Yes, that was the first chapter. Hope you liked it. For those who don't remember Agata: she is the ghost in book… 4? The one Saehara fells in love with. She belongs to the DNAngel crew, sort of… Anyway, I've planned this to be a 3 chapter long story, so DO NOT give me more inspiration about this 'kay . it's weird enough as it is… .;; and be aware of the fluff in chap 3! Hmm, maybe I spoiled the whole thing now?

Oh yes, for you who might find the letterbox episode weird: It's a perfect place to put things for a short while when something catches your attention, just don't forget whatever you put in the box…