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Secrets hidden in the garden

Chapter 4 or Epilogue or Whatever…



"He's not working, start the program again!" A goblin shouted.


"Try to get the brain back on track!"

"What does it look like we trying?" One angry goblin snapped.


"Is he working?"

"Let's see how he handles things…"

"Let's hope that he's working…"



Dark could only gawk on Krad when the last word fell from the other ones lips. Krad however looked out through the windows noticed that the agents were about to leave the site. A tarpaulin covered the newly stirred soil. One agent ran up to Dark's door and knocked before he peeked into the kitchen;

"Hi, we're leaving now, will be back tomorrow at…let's say… ten o'clock." A hand that made a wavy gesture.

They nodded and the man skipped away. Krad was confused, emotions ripped through his body. Sadness over Risa's accident and mirth over Riku's newfound love collided with some sort of…anger or upsetting feelings for the breakup. He wasn't sad because the actual break with Riku; the fire in their relationship had burned out two years ago and they had both had…others. Still, he was used to the fact that she lived in his house, like a friend, and he would miss that. She was the one he allowed to see his newest art, and he knew that her comments about the pieces were worthy to consider. Yet, he was happy that she finally had found someone that she truly loved…someone special… And on top on all those emotions, were the fact that a corpse had been found in his garden, and that someone had called the police to deal with it… Krad put one hand on his hip and let the other one ran through his bangs, he sighed. How anyone could know about the corpse? He didn't know. Hell, he didn't even about it…

Crossing his arms round his waist, he heard Dark rise from the chair, but didn't think twice about it, until he felt two arms around his waist and MPFH…?

Dark didn't realize that he was kissing Krad until he looked straight into a pair of utterly surprised golden eyes. But on the other hand, his brain didn't work very well, so his body had free reins to do whatever it wanted to do, and Krad, looking like a lost puppy had been to…sexy, like only Krad could. And that pose he did, when he sighed, oh boy… bye, bye self-control.

He stared into the eyes a moment before he closed his own eyes, not wanting too see the anger and disgust build up in the golden eyes when the shock finally let go of the blond. He let his tongue slip into Krad's mouth, thinking that he could as well do the most of the situation, because it couldn't become any worse. 'Poor Krad, first Riku leaving him, then the police, and now; me ravishing him. He's not having a good day'

Dark felt how Krad slowly withdrew the crossed arms from the chest. He expected to be pushed away, but instead, and to his big surprise, deepened Krad the kiss and put the arms around his waist, letting one arm snake up into the purple-black hair. They stood like that for a long time, not wanting to let go of the other. Dark didn't know if he was taking advantage of the blond, but even if he did, he didn't care; his body was on fire and were was only one way to be free from it…


Someone said the word; he didn't recognize the voice and didn't want to know who it was that had said it. He took a step back towards the kitchen door, Krad followed, like if they had danced. They came out from the kitchen before they where forced to separate. When they passed the main door on their way, Dark closed it with one hand; the other one was entwined with Krad's fingers… He felt how Krad started to unfasten his belt and pants; he leaned forward to nibble on a shell-like ear. After what felt like an hour, they reached the doorframe to a certain room…

They started to pack Riku's things in boxes the next morning, and the said girl came around noon in company with a cheerful redhead, Daisuke, and the first thing she blurted out was;

"What have happened to the garden?"

"The police, that's what happened." Replied Krad before he walked away to fetch Riku's winter clothes in the attic.


Dark explained to her, making sure that he gave Krad's side of the truth. He figure that the blond would still be a little bit too touchy to hear his side… even if they had made, shall we say a progress in their…err…relationship…? They, no Krad, hadn't made up his mind about what he thought about their night together. Dark on the other hand, was trying to convince/tempt/seduce the blond in all the way's he could possibly think of, but he had this feeling that the truth about a certain call would shatter…not only the fragile connection he and the blond shared, but also, depending on how infuriated Krad would get…his life.

They soon ended their work; most of Riku's things were in her room in the city anyway. After a short pause, with tea and buns the two men waved goodbye to the pair as they drove out from the yard. (A/N: Yeah, that's the answer to what Krad did to Riku's car. He drove it to the hospital and took the bus back home…)

A week later came Dark over with a small bush of white lilacs to Krad, and even if he said that he just felt for it; he knew that he would never be able to forgive himself if he hadn't bought the bush. They planted it in Dark's potato land in the meantime the archeologists played in Krad's garden.
Later that summer, after they had visiting a display by a promising young painter named Satoshi; Dark finally told Krad the truth. Mostly because the artist was a certain police commander, who smirking told Dark that he would inform Krad about the call next time he asked. Dark knew that Krad would ask next time he saw Satoshi, he always did.

As calculated, Krad tilted once more, but this time was he able to see the fun part in the story…or at least Dark thought so, until he noticed that the blond had swapped his shampoo-bottle to a coloured shampoo; leaving Dark with a nice greenish hair for a couple of weeks...and that was just the beginning...

DD: Yeah, that's it. If anyone thinks that too much, tell me and I WILL correct it. But I think it's qiute innocent. Oh, and the answer to the riddle Krad asked; the woman stood in a stairway in a hospital and had just visited her husband that was in a respirator on the intensive care unit. Suddenly, the stairway stopps and everything wents pitch dark; the electricy is down... Thanks to the ones who has reviewed. Cookies to you.