Title: Unfinished Business

Author: greatsarcasmo

Category: Drabble

Rating: K

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: All of this belongs to someone else, I'm just having a little fun and I'll end up just as poor at the end of it as I was when I started.

A/N: The last of several drabbles that were my fic beginnings written 4 years ago – and this one is my favorite. Unfinished Business

Striding through the corridors, Kathryn Janeway looked like a woman on a mission.

This was not so unusual. The large metal pipe in her hand did give several passersby pause, however. And most had the sense to give the captain a wide berth.

Reaching her destination, she entered her quarters without stopping. Her belongings were neatly packed by the door in preparation for their departure to Earth. She ignored them and honed in on her target. She had one last thing to do before she left Voyager for debriefing.

Grinning, she faced the replicator and raised the pipe…