And so a new golden age had begun.

Gone were the times of strife and struggle. Or so the Jade Empire thought. The internal mechanizations of mankind did not rest so easily. For every tyrant that fell, another would rise in his place, another all too willing to bring the glorious Jade Empire to its knees.

In the year following Empress Lian the Heavenly Lily's rise to power, the Jade Empire prospered. The people settled well under their fair and generous ruler and all thoughts of the evil that had preceded her slipped into the pages of history books. The Water Dragon, shepherd of the dead was reborn and the spirits could once more be led to the Underworld to finally rest. The heroes of, what become know as, The Spirit Wars, scattered across the Empire and removed themselves from the public eye. Even the last Spirit Monk, who the Heavenly Lily kept close to her, was rarely seen on the streets of the Imperial City or within the court of the Imperial Palace.

The Celestial Bureaucracy looked down upon the mortal realm and saw, at last, there was balance in the world. But it would not take long for the scales to tip and soon the warriors of the Jade Empire were called upon to protect their motherland once more. From the Empire's past, a familiar enemy surfaced, three seasons into the Empress' reign. The Horse Lords once more tested the Jade Empire's borders and raided outlying villages. With duty once more calling to her, Wu the Lotus Blossom marched to war.