Broken Mask

He was happy


He had to be

Had to pretend

Had to hide himself

His true self

The prodigy?

The tensai?

Behind a mask

A mask made of smiles

Gently, caring, always helping

Trusting boy

And then suddenly

Without any warning

His mask of lies broke

And he broke as well

Pieces shattered



Waiting to be picked up again

By someone who cared

Cared enough to help

Help him

Just like he always did

When he wore the mask

Or at least

If he cared enough about that person

The he helped

But now he was broken

Shattered in thousands of pieces

Pieces who were slowly losing their shine

As hope diminished

The hope to be helped

Will someone fix him again


Not only fix…

Also change him into something new


If they would just fix him

It wouldn't help

Because he would break again

Dull blue eyes looked around

Without seeing

The usual sharp, almost deadly expression gone

Not blinking when a hand entered his field of vision

Gathering the shattered pieces



Mending them together again

Blue eyes regained their intensity

And he looked up

Only to meet

The eyes of the one

Who cared enough to help

And to change him

Those beautiful golden eyes

Maybe it was time





And live a life without pretending


"Ne, Fuji-sempai, are you going to stop pretending now? …Or are you to scared?"

A smirk

The answer found, deep inside himself

He smiled a true smile, without pretending

And tugged the other forwards

Into his lap

As their lips met in a

Chaste kiss

"Why don't we just find out, ne Echizen?"

"Mada mada dane."

The tensai just smiled

While holding his most precious one close