"Paper Roses"

It never is easy when you are different.

Shunned for your darkness. . .

Pushed aside just because

Your ideals aren't of the norm. . .

And the desire to conform

Isn't a part of who you are.

But to find another,

A reflection given flesh,

A friendship found beside a rose,

Someone who understands. . .

And while dependence on another can be difficult,

Benefits can be found. . . so rewarding. . .

As was my experience with you.

For no longer was I trapped in the life that I knew,

But free to live as I was born.

No longer lying,

No longer hiding,

And for no longer than a moment. . .

Because, as the truth came forth,

So did our futures. . .

And the life that ensnared me before

Flexed its grasp once again.

I know the memory of this day

Is going to leave me haunted

But. . .

At least for a moment,

I got what I wanted.

Author's Note: Well, here is my latest "guess the POV poem". It wasn't easy to write since I had certain goals that I wished to achieve when writing the particular POV. So, feel free to guess as to the character you think it is. And don't be scared away if you see people guessing someone other than the one you think, because so far this one has been a bit tricky. And if you want to know the exact POV, feel free to tell me so in a review (and be sure I have access to your e-mail address). Well, kudos to those who figure it out.