Being a mortal sucks!

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The sound echoed threw out the heavenly palace of the Four Gods. Gendu and Byakko stood in amazement at the other two gods. Seiryu, and Suzaku were fighting as usual. Seiryu was covered in scorch marks while Suzaku was drenched soaking wet.

"Oh great! Now look what you've done!" yelled Seiryu.

"Me! Your to blame too, Seiryu," screamed Suzaku.

The two continued to bicker as Genbu and Byyako looked at their now destroyed home.

"I'm so sick of their fighting," said Byyako.

"Agreed," replied Genbu. "Wanna go check on your country?"

"Didn't we just do that?"

"Maybe, but it's better than staying here with these two, right?"

"You've got a point there," agreed Byyako just as Suzaku was about to throw another fireball, and Seiryu another water sphere.

They launched their attacks at each other; to bad it didn't work as they had hoped.

"WHAT IN THE HEAVENS NAME IS---!" cried Tai Yi-Jun as she appeared before the two bickering gods.

Too late. All four gods stood in surprise and shock at the now chard, and soaking emperor of heaven. Quickly recovering from the shock of being attacked, Tai Yi-Jun's face contorted with anger.

"THAT DOES IT!" screamed Tai Yi-Jun.

The four gods jumped back in fear, the last thing the wanted was an angry emperor of heaven.

"Suzaku, Seiryu, come closer, " said Tai Yi- Jun in sweetly came deadly way. "Now!"

The two gods approached her nervously, Seiryu tried to act tough but it was slowly crumbling away with each step he took. Suzaku didn't even bother to put up a front, to put it simply he was scared.


Tai Yi-Jun. " So I have a plan for the four of you."
"Wait 'the four of you.' Surly you can't include me and Genbu," cried Byyako in indignation. Tai Yi-Jun sent him a death glare, making him feel as tiny and unsignfingent as an ant.

"You two didn't even bother to stop them, now."

She snapped her finger and instantly the four gods began to feel their power being drained from them. Each of the clothing was transformed from majestic celestial garbs to grubby modern day clothing. The first one to look down on himself was Genbu. He had brown Levi pants, white t- shirt, long brown trench coat and slightly worn hiking boots. Byyako was next and saw that he was wearing a white sleeveless shirt, with a green button up shirt on top, black pants, black leather wristwatch, and black mocks. Seiryu came next to see what he was wearing, it was a long mid night blue shirt that fit over his hips, and wrists, baggy Levi's, black tennis shoes, and a silver and dark blue paper boy hat. Suzaku was the last to get a glimpse at himself, he had a regular red t-shirt, baggy blue jeans with a lot of pockets, and yellow hiking boots, red wristbands, and pierced golden hoop earrings. (AN: Think of Miroku's earrings, from Inu Yasha.)

"What the!" they all cried in unison.

"I have stripped each of you of your powers, so that now you are mere mortals," explained Tai Yi-Jun, the four gawked at her opened mouth. Tai Yi- Jun wasn't done though. "You all will stay together on earth on a continent called America, to give you a new experience, while I fix up this mess."

"Wait! We do have countries to look after," said Genbu trying to find a way for them to stay.

"And I see you've all done a banged up job! Seiryu's country barely even exist anymore!" cried Tai Yi-Jun in an excusing way. "You are going and that's final."


"Hey Rath. Throw this trash out for me will you. Thanks you're a doll!"

Rath looked back on her lazy co-worker who was just talking with his friend. Rath Damon was 17-year -old girl, with hip length fire red hair with a white strike in her bangs, vibrant red eyes matched he hair, which was now in a ponytail, and she was wearing her jobs uniform, a black and white tuxedo.

"Didn't even bother to hear my answer," muttered Rath angrily.

"You shouldn't listen to Tom, Rath. At his current pace he'll get fired."

Rath looked to see one of her best friends help by grabbing the next two bags. Rune Elfman was truly a sight to behold she had longer hair than Rath, in long golden locks, framing her bright blue eyes, but was now in the longest braid known to man, and like Rath she too wore the job uniform.

"I know, but if he gets fired then I'm still going to be landed with his job, and I hate it when he calls me doll!"

"I know. Hey Thatz can you give us a hand," called Rune as another girl popped out of nowhere.

Thatz Tucker was another of Rath's and Rune's friends. She had bright green shoulder length hair with matching green eyes, and would have look sweet and innocent if it weren't for the scar that was slashed across her face, not to mention all the mini scars.

"Sure I have nothing better to do any way," replied Thatz as she picked up the last two bags.

"Then why didn't Tom ask you," grumbled Rath.

"Hm? You want me to pick pocket him," asked Thatz.

"Thatz, you promise you wouldn't steal," cried Rune angrily.

"Just a suggestion."

"It wouldn't work anyway, the boss man only pays in checks," included Rath.

"What time is it Rune?" asked Thatz putting her arms behind her head.

"Five minutes till closing time," answered Rune looking at her watch.

"Great, my back killing me, and I still need to feed Rayearth and Sinistrio," said Rath while she stretched out.

" Still don't see who you take care of two dogs, go to school, go to job, and still have time to play with your dogs," stated Thatz.

"You find time, besides it's summer, I have lots of time."

"Then how about finding a boyfriend," asked Thatz.

"Get real like I'd stay with an idiot, that purposely acts like a monkey," hissed Rath.

"Okay that's enough, the boss is going to wonder where we are," interjected Rune.

After another days hard work at the resituate the three girls smiled in victory as Tom was fired and they got their paycheck. The three some parted ways, and Rath had finally arrived home.

"Rayearth, Sinistrio I'm home," called Rath as two huge dogs came and greeted their master with constant licking and tail wagging.

"You two hunger," asked Rath. The two instantly jumped at the thought of food and ran into the kitchen. "I guess so."

Rath took off her shoes and stepped into the living room. 'Huh?' thought Rath as she looked up in time to see four male bodies fall from her ceiling,

"AH!" cried Rath as all four landed on top of her. When the dust cleared, one could see the four, previous gods, stacked on top of each.

"This is all your fault Seiryu," blamed Suzaku who was in the center.

"You're the one that scorched Tai Yi-Jun," replied Seiryu.

"Will you two shut up," hissed Byyako.

"Byyako's right, we're all in the same spot. Honestly we're here stuck on earth on some continent we no nothing about, we don't have our powers any more, and we're stuck here until Tai Yi- Jun is satisfied. Fighting isn't going help so stop it," scolded Genbu.

"GET HECK OFF OF ME!" yelled Rath as wormed her way out of bodies. Stand in front of them. The four looked shock that they landed on someone. "RAYEARTH, SINISTRIO, SICK'EM!"