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Chapter 9: The Play and the new students.

Two weeks had passed since the food fight between Rath and Suzaku had happened. As such the Gods and the girls had gone into a routine for the day. It was almost always the same. They get up in the morning and Rath would be there making breakfast Rune and Thatz would be there also helping and they would share notes and finish homework. After that they would head on they're way to school, which was the only thing that broke the routine, afterwards they'd go to work and then come home, sometime Rune and Thatz would go to their own home and sometimes they stay at Rath's and they all work on homework together and they head to bed after. There were a few times when they had to stay after school; the other day for example when they had to act out some weird lines.

"Mr. Tamahome, this is your part and script."

Suzaku looked up form his desk at the teacher whom was staring down on him crossly. Suzaku frowned slightly, but then sighed in resignation. 'I hate being mortal,' thought Suzaku then the sentence hit him and he looked up at the teacher in confusion.

"Script?" asked Suzaku curiously.

"Aw come on Suzaku!" mocked Rath causing him to send a glare her way, "It's the festival of Plays! Everyone in our grade will be given a part in all these different plays."

"It's why we stayed after school yesterday," sighed Seiryu next to his brother.

"It's also what I've been talking about for the last week, if you'd just pay attention!" growled the teacher, "Now come up here and get your part! Though I really don't see how you managed to get this one."

Everyone in the class looked back and forth between Suzaku and the teacher then finally Suzaku got up to the front of the class to collect his script.

"What part did he get?"

"What Play will he be in?"

"I hope he's in the same play as me."

"Not me."

"Did he get the lead Role in a play?"

"Congratulations, Mr. Tamahome," said the teacher as Suzaku reached the front of the class. "You will be playing Mr. Darcy in the Play 'Pride and Prejudice.'"

"No Way!" cried half the students mostly girls.

"He's in a chick flick!" laughed a few boys.

"A chick flick that's been around for years now!" argued the girls.

"So… beside who'd chose 'Pride and Prejudice' any way?"

"Probably the girls."


"Enough!!!" cried the teacher, " Suzaku return to your desk."

Suzaku returned and began to flip through the pages trying his best to ignore Rath's snickers, even Rune and Thatz were giggling, though his brothers looked on curiously.

As he looked at his lines he was strongly reminded of his priestess and celestial warrior, Tamahome's relationship. He quickly looked up to see who was going to what.

"Adam you'll be Prince Charming, in 'Sheirk.'

Allison your Mary Jane form 'Spider-Man.'

Tom your Mr. Cotton from 'Pirates of the Caribbean.'

Genbu your Mr. Bennet for 'Pride and Prejudice.'

Bell your Dorothy in 'Wizard of Oz.'

Thatz your Charlotte Lucus 'Pride and Prejudice.'

Byyako your Mr. Collins form 'Pride and Prejudice.'

Leon you'll play Dracula form 'Dracula.'

Seiryu you'll play Mr. Bingly form 'Pride and Prejudice.'

Maia your Riza form 'Full Metal Alchemist.'

Rune your Jane Bennet form 'Pride and Prejudice.'

Rikki your Ed Elric form 'Full Metal Alchemist.'

Alan you're the cowardly lion form 'Wizard of Oz'

And Rath your Elizabeth Bennet form 'Pride and Prejudice."

"WHAT!!!" yelled Rath across the room, she was so loud in her protest that students three classes down turned their heads.

Suzaku froze for an instant then quickly flipped through his script to find the name of the person Mr. Darcy ended up with. The name 'Elizabeth Bennet' smirked and taunted him. Instantly his stomach churned with revolt at the thought of him being Mr. Darcy. His soon flipped the pages of their own script, realization dawning upon them. Every head in the class went silent and stared at both Suzaku and Rath. It was no secret that they hated each other and for them to be paired up even in a play was calling for Hell's fury.

"Who thought that stupid idea up!!!" yelled Rath.

"Principal Lykouleon," answered the teacher silencing Rath.

"He has to change it this is the worse decision he's made!" called Suzaku standing form his desk.

The teacher scowled at the two. Then a smirk hit his face.

" Since you two will have such trouble acting out your parts together. You might as well get to work at it right now," ordered the teacher as he moved aside, " Up to the front now! And recite for me and the class a few lines of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth being together."

Suzaku and Rath looked at each other for a second, disgust clearly written on both faces. Then Reluctantly they went up to the front of the class, scripts in hand. Both faced the class.

"Do you Dance Mr. Darcy ?" said Rath in more of a growl.

"Not if I can help it," answered Suzaku just as poorly.

"Stop!" cried the teacher, "Your doing it wrong. You have to act as if your noble class and that you don't know each other. Now try it again."

Both Rath and Suzaku took a deep breath. They had to get into character. The two looked out as if they could see a large group of people dancing. Rath was smiling as if she was enjoying the festivities. The she turned to Suzaku, whom was standing stoic and still,

"Do you Dance Mr. Darcy?" asked Rath as if waiting for him to ask for a dance.

"Not if I can help it," answered back Suzaku in a high and noble tone.

Rath went silent for a second her smile falling as she turn away. Finally she walked away to Thatz desk who smile and flipped through her own script. Suzaku slowly stared at his feet then walked up to Seiryu. Seiryu also flipped through his own pages to his lines.

"I didn't know you were coming to see me," smile Thatz as she Stood up and reached out her hands to her friend.

"I'd never seen so many pretty girls in my life," said Seiryu standing up and walking beside Suzaku stumbling slightly.

"You were dancing with the only handsome girl in the room," remarked Suzaku still in his noble tone.

"She is the most beautiful creature I have ever beheld," smiled Seiryu still trying to get into his part, "But her sister Elizabeth is very agreeable."

"But barely tolerable, I dare say. And not handsome enough to tempt me," responded Suzaku as he stopped in front of Rath, whom looked slightly hurt and then and ice queen, "You better return to your partner and enjoy her smiles, your wasting your time with me."

And with that he walked away back to the front. Seiryu returning to his desk. Everyone looked in Rath's direction.

"Count your blessings Lizzy," cheered up Thatz, "If he liked you; you'd have to talk to him."

"Precisely," laughed Rath as she fiddled with her hands, "As it is I wouldn't dance with him with all of Darbasha at stake."

"Very good you two!!" cried the teacher enthusiastically, "I can see why you two were chosen for the part, you fill it well."

Every person in the room stared at the two. Mouths opened wide in shock, it was like they were no longer Rath and Suzaku, but Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. There was a knock on the door shifting everyone's attention.

"Alright everyone, go over your lines while I take care of this. Rath, Suzaku return to your desks," ordered the teacher as he left the classroom.

As soon as he left everyone started to buzz about the sudden performance. Rath and Suzaku returned to their desks going back to their original selves. But before they could start bickering with each other Suzaku tensed, and it wasn't just him; Genbu, Byyako, and Seiryu did the same. Something with an evil aura was dangerously close by, they could at least tell that much. The teacher returned with two students in tow. Everyone went silent watching them.

"Class," addressed the teacher, "These are our new transfer students, Ms. Cesia Windstaff, and Mr. Nadil King. Please treat them with respect because they are new. Here are you two's roles. Cesia your Mrs. Bennet, Nadil your--."

"I know," smirked Nadil as he took the script, "The villain."

The gods could feel a chill run up their spins as Nadil answered back he held it; the evil aura. Carefully they looked him down and up. He was tall for his age with long violet hair that was thin and long at the bottom and cut short on top. Nadil's eyes were a deep crimson that gleamed brightly out of his pale skin, his was set in a constant taunt, and he wore long black clothes; jeans, boots, and a turtleneck shirt. The girl that stood next to him didn't seem to like Nadil and stood as far from him as she could. Her hair was as long as Rune but it was wavy and not straight, it was dark purple while her bangs were pink, she was skinny with pale skin that was adored with a purple tank top with a black Levi jacket over it, and bellbottom jeans. Cesia looked up feeling the stares upon her. She examined the class there were some really handsome boys in her new class but there was only one that caught her eye. Genbu and Cesia stared at each other for a moment they she turned away her face heating up.

"Now if you two will take your seats," said the teacher.

Nadil strode confidently up Rath, ignoring the class and teacher. That's when Suzaku saw it. Rath's eyes were wide and frantic, her hand that hung in the air with her pencil quaked, so did her hand that laid comfortably on her desk, all color to her skin seemed to disappear as it turned ghostly white, with a slightly green tint to it. Nadil stood in front of her as he stared at her. It was fear; Rath was scared. Suzaku eyes widened in shock at Rath's fear; it didn't make sense to him Rath was fearless.

"Long time no see Rath," greeted Nadil, "You look well. It's so good to see you again too."

Rath violently shook her head as if to ride herself of her fear. The she looked back up at the boy with all the content and hatred she could muster though her trembling hadn't seized.

"Yeah well it's not so good to see you!" she hissed with so much venom that if it were really poisons it would rot the earth beneath her.


Rath's eyes wide in shock at the sudden noise, pain creeping up her arm.

"Oh no Rath it looks like your hurt," mocked Nadil sarcastically.

Rath looked down at her hand fully realizing the pain now as blood began to seep down her desk. Her pencil, sticking out of her now bloody hand.

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