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Chapter 5

If I Can't Have Him No One Can

In Chase's lair

"No I can't be. Why has Katnappe betrayed me? I can not take this. If I can't have Raimundo no one can." Wuya screaming out loud.

Chase was sitting back on his thrown like chair listening to Wuya whine. "Can you please shut up you hag." Wuya stopped and took at Chase and took couple steps back afraid.

"You have been bitching about this for a whole day. I have had enough of it. If I hear you say one more word of this Wuya I will turn you back to a ghost and kick you out of hears." Chase said angrily walking away.

I will do this alone then. I will need to find them first. Wuya saying in hear mind laughing evilly.


"Where is Kimiko? She has been gone for a day already." Omi asking himself and Clay as master Fung walks towards them.

"I am sorry Omi and master Fung sir. Kim took the golden tiger claws to talk to Katnappe and I let her go." Clay says taking his hat off looking down at the dirt feeling guilty.

Master Fung rubs his forehead and Omi mouth feel. "Clay I know you thot helping Kimiko was gentlemen like, but you should have aloud Kimiko to go." Master Fung said in a worried voice.

"Yes sir. Sorry sir." Clay says kicking up a small amount of dirt. Omi still in shock Dojo closes Omi's mouth.

Omi shook his head. "We must find Kimiko before any thing goes wrong. She might be hurt or worse. Dojo come on we must find her and quickly." Omi saying as if he just had too much sugar.

"No can do kid. I do not know where to look." Dojo says becoming depressed.

"But we…" Omi was cut off by master Fung. "We must be patient Omi. We can not simply do this. When a shen gong wu reveals them selves we must get it before the Wuya does.

At Katnappe New Lair

Kimiko is kissing Raimundo. Katnappe is watching wait for her turn. "Come on come on. I want my turn with him."

Kim gets off Rai "Go it's your turn." Kim watches Kat take her turn. Kim was happy to be with Rai again, but was not happy she was sharing him with Katnappe.

"Kat have you felt like Wuya is up to something. She was after Rai just as much as we are." Kat lets off Rai and sits next to Kim.

"Now that you mention it. I know you beat the snot out of Wuya, but Wuya came back from worse." Kat looks at Rai then back at Kim.

"Its funny we are talking as if we are sister. Kim if any thing happens to Rai what will you do?" Kat looks at Kim hoping she understands what she meant.

"You mean if he were to die? No that won't happen I will make sure of it." Kim says to Kat.

"I know that. I mean if it would happen. I know Wuya better then you. If she can't have something she will destroy it." Kat now looks at the floor waiting for Kim to respond.

"O sorry it's a what if question. Well I will go and kill who ever kill him." Kim says holding her self.

Rai is standing there listening in. I won't die. I am still fighting Kimiko. I am still here. I am fighting this potion Kimiko. I only want Kimiko no one else. He thot when an explosion hit a wall alerting him, Kimiko, and Katnappe.

"My my sorry for the damage. What is this why is Kimiko here? So you betray me and allied with this dragon." Wuya spoke out. Kim and Kat jump right between Wuya and Rai.

"Sorry Wuya I rather join up with her then a hag like you." Kat hissed as a cat.

Kimiko stood there hoping that Wuya would just leave, but she was ready for a fight.

"Hahaha you think I want him. No I want him dead. If I can't have no one can. If I kill both of you before I kill him then I will have him all to my self." Wuya shouted shooting a ball of fire.

Kat dodged as Kim took it. "Kat Rai is behind us didn't you forget." Kim yelled as Kat hit her self in the head.

Kat jump in the air coming down with her claws sticking Wuya. "You pest" Wuya says grabbing Kat with her magic and throwing her across the room.

While Wuya throw Kat Kim yelled "Fire" hitting Wuya in the face with her foot.

Rai during this whole time is gathering his chi for a strong attack. He knows Wuya does not go down so easily.

"Go my kitties attack Wuya." three of her super cats out and four of her super tigers (1) jumps out and attacks Wuya.

Kim jumps out of the way to gather her chi while Katnappes cat distract Wuya. Wuya uses her magic to throw all the cats back as Kat slashes Wuya face. "No one hurts my cats."

"But me" Again Wuya uses her magic to grab Kat and throws her. Kim unleashes her chi and yells "Fire" hitting Wuya in the stomach. Wuya flies back she gets up hurt.

Wuya was bleeding from her stomach. "You little filth." Wuya screams unleashing a large amount of magic knocking back Kat and Kim. Kat was out but Kim was still in.

"Wind" Rai shouted sending a big wind burst at Wuya. Wuya hit's the wall and breaks the wall. Rai runs up to Kim helping her up. "Thank you Rai." Kim says exempting his help.

Wuya is slowly getting up. "If I can not have him no one will." Dark energy was glowing around Wuya as she was getting up.

Kat now wakes up feeling this dark energy. "Kim get Rai out of here. Go back to your temple I will hold Wuya here. There is a jet I took from Jack back that way." She pointed then attacked Wuya.

Kim takes Kat advice and ran with Rai. Kim injured as she was made it to the jet and gets in followed by Rai. She saw Wuya now walking in holding Kat head dripping with blood.

"No" Kim said taking off. Wuya started to fly up but was caught by the cats that Kat told to attack Wuya earlier.

At the Temple

Clay and Omi saw one of Jacks jet and prepared for battle. Clay has the third arm sash and Omi has the orb of tsunami out.

It was Kim and Rai but Omi and Clay does not know that. Kim hears "Third arm sash earth" He hit's the jet as Rai shouted out "Clay Omi it's me and Kimiko up here."

Clay and Omi signed here that. Damage was done to the jet and was falling. "Jump guys I will catch ya" Clay shouted. Kimiko jumps out first because Rai pushed her but before Rai jump. A ball of energy flies straight towards the jet and hits.

Clay caught Kim as Kim shouted "Rai".

For the rest of the day at the temple it was quiet. Omi was training and kept make mistakes, Clay throw cards into his hat missing each time, and Kimiko was in her room crying.

"No why did it have to end like this. Why?" She was crying when a knock came to her door. She walked over and opened her door. It was night she has been crying for three hours now. She saw master Fung.

"I am sorry Kimiko what has happened. This has a effected every one including me. It is not time to cry young one. It's the time to see a new future. Raimundo may be gone but his strength is now in you and in the others." He explained to Kimiko to make her happy.

Kim hugs master Fung "Thank you master Fung but that won't bring him back to me."

"That may be true but he is with you right here in your heart always. Now dry your tears young one." Master Fung words made Kim to stop crying.

He walked off as Kim closed her door. She walks in her own bath room and washes her tears. She looks in the mirror to look at her self. She quickly looks to the side of the mirror and see Rai reflection on the mirror.

She turns around and sees Rai. She runs up and hugs him. "Are you really alive? Are you really here?" Rai lifts Kim face and givers her a kiss on the lips. He whispers "What do you think?" Kim smiles happily.

End of Chapter 5

And story

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