I don't usually write this pairing, but they're cute and angsty all at the same time. Butterfly in Reverse-influenced.




Tsunade nuzzled into Jiraiya's neck as he hoisted her up to make the long trek back home after a night of drinking.

"Jiraiya... What are we doing?"

"Mmm, walking home..."

"You know what I mean."

Tsunade's hands were wandering: one was tangling in the back of Jiraiya's hair and the other was slipping under the front of his shirt.

"I don't know, Tsunade. I don't know what we're doing," he sighed as they walked down the streets.

"How on earth did I get this job?" she mumbled into his shoulder. "I don't have any idea what I'm doing. The Fourth never should have gone and died."

"You're the one who can think," Jiraiya grunted, shifting Tsunade's weight. He was getting too old to carry beautiful women home drunk.

"No," she frowned. "Ochimaru was the one who thought."

"Aye," Jiraiya sighed. "That Ochimaru does."

"And Kakashi. What are we doing to Kakashi? He's the only one left from the old days, the last war. We can't put him through that again. We can't put any of them through it again. Not the children, Jiraiya."

She was glaring at him as if it was all his fault that a war was brewing in her time, but she wasn't focused.

Kakashi walked by, slouching as usual, and nodded with a smirk to the two elders, completely oblivious to his discussion.

"I'm keeping an eye on him, don't worry."

"Mmmf. You better be..."

They reached the Hokage's suite via a few rooftops and a window. They really needed to get better security in here, he noted.

"Alright Hokage-sama. Bed-time." He grunted as he dislodged her from his chest and dropped her on the bed. She was already half asleep when he pulled off her sandels and pulled the sheets over her form, trying not to look at the ample bousom falling out of Tsunade's dress. He hesitated before going and cupped her face for a moment, remembering.

She caught his hand before it left.

"Jiraiya... we're old. Stay with me."

He sighed, closing his eyes. Yes. They were old. He understood all too well what they were intrusted with.

He finally kicked off his sandels and pulled off his jacket and crawled in behind her, enveloping her in his thick arms.

"You know you're not alone in this, Tsunade. You shouldn't need me to tell you that."

But she was already snoring.

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