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Chapter 1: Dreams, visions and headaches

Gohan awoke startled as he had the same dream, or rather nightmare, for the 9th night in a row. It started the night after he beat the sadistic Cell. Gohan had been trying to figure out why he was having this dream and his mind always settled on his father, for some unknown reason. As he sat up in bed for the 9th time as he thought back to what happened the day his father died.


Goku was yelling at his son: "Gohan! We all know you have the power! Do it now!"

Gohan looked at his father with a stern look on his face and then smiled as he said: "No, I think I'll wait. I'm going to let him suffer for a while."

Just then, immediately after he spoke those words, Gohan saw a vision. What he saw shocked him! Goku saw the sudden change in his son's facial expression. He was about to ask his son what was wrong when Gohan suddenly unleashed a giant Kamehameha-wave that swallowed the imperfect Cell completey.

Everyone was stunned by Gohan's sudden outburst. He released so much energy that the sheer force of it it blew away Hercule and the ZTV crew, and covered everyone else in sand. They were surprised that the fight had come to such an abrupt end.

That's when Cell came back, in his perfect form. He killed Trunks, and Vegeta went crazy. He attacked Cell with everything he had, sending a flurry of energy attacks at the android. When Cell had knocked Vegeta down Goku stepped in. In a fit of rage Goku punched Cell in the head, the android didn't even flinch. Goku then tried to hit Cell with a Kamehameha, but it was deflected, easily. Goku and Cell exchanged blows while phasing in and out of sight.

All the while Gohan had begun to lose himself again. He felt his power rising again and when Cell killed his father with a shot through the chest he released everything he had. Not showing Cell any mercy Gohan sent his fist into the android's stomach which caused him to fall to his knees in agony. Gohan was yelling so loud he could barely think. All he wanted to do was to punish Cell. He kicked Cell into the air before he released a green energy wave more powerful than even Vegeta's final flash and a Kamehameha combined.

And that did it.

After every last molecule of the horrible beast was destroyed Gohan fell to knees, crying. He had just let his father die. The pain of losing his father like that and the exhaustion of the battles were just too much for the young super saiyan, he passed out.

When Gohan woke up he was on the look-out. Dende had just healed his body and they were just about to summon the dragon. The seven orange orbs started to glow a bright yellow as the little guardian summoned the great Shenron. A beam of yellow light shot skyward as it revealed a mighty green dragon with red eyes.

"NAME YOUR FIRST WISH." The dragon stated, impatient as always.

"We wish that everyone killed by the android Cell be restored to life once again."

" VERY WELL." Shenron's red eyes glowed even redder. "IT HAS BEEN DONE. WHAT IS YOUR SECOND WISH." The dragon asked.

They were about to wish to go to Namek so they could wish Goku back, when the dead saiyan himself interupted.

"Hey, guys! Don't I get a say in this?"

Goku told them that the world would be a better place without him, seeing as Frieza, the androids, and Cell were all after him. He said the Earth would be safer without him. And so, without even a second thought Goku decided to leave his family and friends and stay dead in Other World.

Gohan was real broken up about it. 'It's my fault that dad died. I should've protected dad. It should've been me. And now he's decided not to come back? Why? It doesn't matter if he's gone. There will always be some kind of threat against the earth.' And then Gohan thought, 'He's abandoning us.'

When Gohan snapped out of his thoughts the Dragon was gone. Without so much as a word to the others he ran to the edge of the look-out, jumped off, and flew away as fast as he could. That night, he told his mother the news.

End Flashback.

Gohan decided to go for a walk outside since he couldn't sleep. The same thought kept going through his head, 'Dad abandoned us, mom, me, everyone.' When he got to the river where his father used to take him fishing he sat down and stared into the water...thinking. 'Why dad...why?' Then his thoughts turned to something else...

'What was that vision-thing I saw just before I killed Cell? I saw Cell trying to blow himself up, I saw how dad used Instant Transmission to take Cell away from the planet, dad died! Cell came back and I killed him for good. But I saw myself all grown up and without a father. Was that what would've happened if I didn't have that freaky vision? Why did I have that vision? It didn't make any difference, dad still died. Maby fate wanted to prove to me that destiny is destiny, and dad was supposed to die. No! Dad could've come back. But, I guess, being brought back to life is sort of like cheating destiny, or is it? We all control our own destiny, don't we? So many questions...where did that vision come from? Ha, another question.'

He sat there wondering as the birds started to sing and the world started to wake up. All Gohan could think about was the vision and the dream...

...the dream.'The dream is just as freaky as the vision was. Who was the man in the dream, he kinda looked familiar. Weird. I don't know... maybe I'm losing my mind. But the vision was real, and the guy in my dream seems familiar to me. And what does he mean by '...Embrace It...' embrace what! Maybe the dream wasn't finished. I alway seem to wake up before the dream finishes.' A frown spread across the young half-sayain's forehead. He had a lot of questions that he wanted answered, but for now he just wanted to relax.

As he looked up he saw the sun reaching over the mountains. 'Wow! I never get tired of seeing that.' He stayed there until he could see half the sun sitting on the mountains, then he got up, breathed in the early morning freshness, and started walking home.

Meanwhile back at the Son residents a very worried Chi-Chi was on a rampage.

"WHERE'S MY BOY!" Chi-Chi yelled as she swung the frying pan of doom around wildly. Krillin was trying to avoid the woman's deadly weapon. He had just arrived to see how Chi-Chi and Gohan were doing.

"I don't know Chi-Chi! PLEASE PUT THAT THING DOWN!" Krillin yelled in panicked voice as the frying pan of doom came crashing down on Krillin's head.

Krillin sat there nursing the bump on his head as a deep in thought Gohan emerged from the woods, not even noticing that his mother was flailing the frying pan of doom around.


"Ow! Mom! What you do that for! Ow!" Gohan was now sitting next to Krillin now, also nursing a bump on the head. Chi-chi was now getting ready to strike again. Gohan saw this and dragged his fallen friend into the air while a 'slightly' overreacting Chichi stomped her feet and screamed while wildly swinging her trusty frying pan.


"Mom! What's the big deal?" Gohan held the back of Krillin's Gi in a firm grip to keep him in the air, and safe from Chi-chi. Krillin was holding his head while he let Gohan do the talking. All the while Krillin was thinking:'Why me! I hate that frying pan!'


"What's wrong with that? I woke up early and decided to go for a walk. I didn't mean to make you worry, I just wanted a bit of fresh air, that's all."

"Oh, that's ok Gohan. Now come along breakfast is almost ready!" A very happy Chi-Chi walked back into the house.

"Krillin?" Gohan asked as they touched back down on solid ground.

"Yeah, Gohan?" Krillin answered with a big grin as he was finally free from Chi-Chi's rampage.

"Do you have any idea what's wrong with my mom?"

"What do you mean Gohan?" A quizical look spread over Krillin's face.

"Well, first she screams her head off in anger and then she's as happy as you are when you see 18! That's a bit weird, even for mom right?"

"Not, really!" Krillin said happily as he left Gohan outside feeling slightly confused.

'These moodswings aren't normal, even for mom. She's never gotten angry because I got up early and went for a walk before. Oh well, I guess I'll go get some breakfast.' And with that thought Gohan went inside, still unable to shake the weird dreams from his thoughts.

Breakfast was quite, um, 'eventful'. Chi-Chi's moodswings increased consideralby and got mad if she thought Gohan ate too fast. Gohan stopped eating and Krillin had 11 bumps on his head at the end of breakfast. Chi-Chi hit him just because she felt like it. 'I come to say hi and see how they're doing, and all she does is hit me a frying pan! Maybe it's just her way of dealing with it. I wonder how Gohan is dealing with it. He seems pretty...normal. Piccolo said Gohan was hiding his feelings. I guess I should just give him some time.'

While Chi-Chi was on her rampage Gohan noticed a fluctuation in her ki. He then realised that it was more than just a fluctuation, it was a completely different ki! Chi-Chi had two ki's! Finally, Gohan couldn't keep his curiosity inside any longer.

"Mom, are you pregnant!" Krillin fell of his chair at this out-of-the-blue question and Chi-Chi just stood there with a blank expression on her face. She started to look like a statue and Krillin was peeking over the table at her with a nervous expression on his face that said: look out she's gonna blow! Gohan then decided to break the silence.

"I'm only asking because Vegeta said that women who carry Sayain babies get violent moodswings. And, well, um, y-you...have b-been, um, pretty, um, m-moody these past few weeks. And I can sense two ki's from you." After Gohan finished he was as low to the ground as Krillin, waiting for the explosion. And then...

...it didn't come! That was weird. Gohan expected his mother to start swinging the frying pan again, but all she did was look at them with a confused expression and asked, "Gohan? Are you sure?" Gohan double-checked her ki again and started smiling and said, "I'm gonna be a big brother! Awesome!" He then gave Chi-Chi a big hug while still grinning madly. Krillin started laughing and Chi-Chi soon followed. They were all very happy and very excited!

"Gohan, you're gonna be a big brother!" Chi-Chi said it with tears in her eyes, but Gohan knew they were tears of joy.

'Wow...' Gohan thought, 'I'm gonna be a big brother...this is awesome!' After Gohan finished this thought he put his hands to his head as his head felt as though it was going to burst. Endless pain seemed to settle itself between Gohan's ears as he tried his hardest to stay conscious. He dropped to his knees and was vaguely aware that he was screaming. He felt a pair of hands grip his sholders and a voice he recognised, but couldn't make sense of what the person was saying. Finally the young saiyan gave in, the pain was just to severe, he let the black abyss overtake him as he lost consciousness...


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