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Last time…

He stared at the demon and answered his previous question, "No. I saw something completely different actually. And now I know how to defeat you."

Chapter 20: The War Ends

'It wasn't a complete lie, or bluff.' Gohan thought as he stared Vandrak down. 'I do know how to immobilize him, just not how to seal him away again. I need to get the Z sword.'

Vandrak stood there with an ugly scowl on his face. His dead, black eyes were filled with rage as he stood there, face to face with the only being alive with the power to kill him. 'But he won't kill me.' Vandrak thought. 'Not unless he wants the universe to collapse. Hahaha!'

The darkness was still battling the light as the positive and negative forces clashed in an all out war. The light was losing in the struggle and as darkness began to prevail, Vandrak's power also began to rise.

Gohan had a bitter taste in his mouth as the smell of his own defeat lingered in the air. Once more, he powered up to his Mystic state. He would not lose without a fight.

Vandrak crouched down into a fighting stance as a smirk appeared on his face. 'Vengeance is sweet! Hahaha!' Vandrak thought as he stared evilly at Gohan. 'Yes, you will die for what your ancestor did dear Gohan. Hahaha!'

The Mystic Saiyan crouched down into his own fighting stance as he stared straight back at the evil menace. 'This is it. My war will end now. The sword is of no significance right now. I have that power within me. I just need to bring it out. Just like m…Zogan. It is strange how I just know that he fed his own positive energy into the sword in order to immobilize Vandrak. It's as though his memories are my own. I have to recreate what he did in a sense.'

An eternity seemed to pass before Vandrak finally launched himself forward in a wave of negative energy. His body radiated black as his features became indistinguishable.

Gohan also launched forward, and just as Vandrak generated the blackness around his body, Gohan generated a white glow that filled his entire being. For some reason it was suddenly a lot easier to tap into that strange power. It was almost like his body became a spirit bomb, only a lot more potent.

As he flew forward he couldn't help but feel happy. 'Why do I feel so happy?' Gohan wondered as he drew nearer and nearer to his evil counterpart. 'There is so much at stake in this war of mine. I was chosen and I didn't like it one bit, I still don't. I was forced to fight him. Fighting for dear life is all I've known since I was five. I don't even know how I'm going to seal him away, and yet, I'm happy. But how and why?' Gohan's confusion raged on as his fist finally clashed with Vandrak's own.

A shock wave of black mingled with white surged through the barren desert landscape as the two opposite beings were locked in a stalemate. Time itself stood still as the greatest powers in all of existence clashed one last time.

This would be the final battle in Gohan's war.


"Do you sense that power?" Goku asked his two companions.

"What do you think Kakarot!" Vegeta exclaimed irritably, "Of course we do!"

"It's immense." Piccolo stated, "Pure evil versus pure good. This is truly a war for the universe."


Bardock stood next to the battlefield, observing the fight that would ultimately decide the fate of the universe.

"This is it, the final battle in the war. Do as Zogan had done all those years ago. I know you can do it grandson."


Gohan and Vandrak broke apart after an exchange of devastating attacks. Neither Gohan nor Vandrak appeared to be losing energy. Gohan couldn't understand it, 'A minute ago I could barely hold my own against him. Now I'm matching him blow for blow. What's more, I feel like nothing could go wrong, like everything will work out.'

The situation was indeed very strange.


"That's weird!" Krillin said as he scratched his head.

"No kidding." Yamcha said as he also couldn't believe what he was sensing.

"This is the ultimate clash of powers." Dende said, "Pure good fighting against pure evil."

"That is correct." Shin said, "All evil has manifested itself within a single being. That is how Vandrak was born. And now, Gohan has proven that he is worthy. Unknown to him, the last time he visited the Neutral he was granted a very unique power and it was enhanced when Old Kai released his hidden powers. Only one other being was granted such power before, Zogan. With this power he helped seal Vandrak away. Gohan has to do the same if the universe is to survive. And it seems as though he is finally able to harness the positive forces he was endowed with."

'You can do it Gohan!" Videl encouraged him in her own mind.


Furious winds raged through the war-zone as the two powers collided in forces previously unknown to the universe. The war was sensed all over the universe and the earth suffered damage as the collisions became greater still.

'This is ridiculous! I have to find a way to seal him away before the Earth blows up anyway.' Gohan thought frustrated as he began thinking back.


"So I have to beat him without actually killing him! How the hell am I going to do that! Do I turn him so he's a good guy? What?" Gohan ran a hand through his hair and growled as his task just became impossible.

"There is no way you can turn Vandrak. He is the source of all evil. He plants seeds of evil in those with the potential to become evil. Some, like Vegeta, are able to rid themselves of the evil seed. Others, like Frieza, allow it to grow and eventually they reach the point of no return. Vandrak will always be evil, no matter what." Kibito said as Gohan became more depressed by the second.

"Don't let it bother you, just do what you've done before and you'll succeed. I have faith in you!" Shin said in confidence.

End Flashback.

'That's it! The vision said; seek what you've sought before, and Shin told me to do what you've done before. In seeking to protect I've had to do specific things in certain battles! This is one of those times! What have I done before that…Of course, I got it!'

The white glowing Gohan with the green glowing eyes descended to the ground where he stood calmly and looked up at his enemy in the sky. He concentrated on his powers. He focussed like never before and his positive energy grew.

Rocks and debris lifted from the ground as Gohan manipulated the very gravity that surrounded him. His power soared to a level beyond belief and the gravity field extended to the horizon. That's how great his energy had become; his power affected everything as far as the eye could see. And in that moment Gohan felt invincible. He knew that he could do what no one else had done before.

Vandrak saw what was happening and fear was driven into his black soul, "What are you doing Saiyan!" He asked heatedly as Gohan gave a great yell. "Stop it!" Vandrak was no longer laughing as he sensed the positive energy building far beyond his own negative energy.

"That's it Gohan! You've finally figured it out!" Bardock yelled at him smiling. Unfortunately that caught Vandrak's attention and he sent a dark beam towards Bardock.

In a righteous rage Gohan pushed his power beyond its limits and Vandrak's beam disintegrated in the shockwave caused by Gohan's energy release. Gohan's features were now pure white as the glow was only broken by the green glowing eyes.

The eighteen year old Saiyan raised his arms in the air and sent a ring of pure energy into the raging sky. The thin white ring came to a halt high up into the air. It started swirling and pulled the blackness towards it in a swirling hurricane.

All the time Vandrak tried his best to hit Gohan with his dark blasts of power, but his efforts were thwarted by Gohan's superior release of energy. The Earth was shaking and the climactic battle raged on.

The ring opened a very strange portal. It was a dark, swirling mass and everything was being sucked inside. The force was too great for Bardock to withstand and his feet involuntarily left the ground as he was being sucked in. His grandson realised this and used his energy to form a yellow shield of energy around the eldest Saiyan.

The portal to the Dead Zone was completely open now. As it sucked in the darkness Gohan knew the end was near. "This ends now." He said in a voice that seemed to come from everywhere as he charged at Vandrak.

The dark master of evil stood there, filled with fear, as he realised exactly what Gohan had done. "NO!" He yelled as a prison of pure positive energy formed around his body and completely restricted his movements. "NO! I CANNOT BE DEFEATED!"

"Not laughing now, are you Vandrak?" Gohan asked calmly as he felt the enormous power starting to surge painfully through his body. 'I have to finish this now, before my body gives way.'

Gohan pushed the spherical prison towards the sucking portal, but Vandrak still resisted and was actually moving away from the portal now. He laughed evilly as Gohan tried to keep his strength level as pain surged through his body. His power did not come without a price.

"HAHAHA! Not so tough now, huh Gohan?" Vandrak said as Gohan's hold became weaker.

'No.' Gohan thought, and once more a certain vision replayed itself in Gohan's mind

Videl was cooking something in the kitchen and he, Gohan was standing behind her. She was unaware of his presence. He smirked and slowly placed his hands on her hips and she jumped in surprise. He spun her around and looked deep in her eyes as he smiled at her. She smiled back and then he kissed her. As they pulled apart two kids came running in. They looked to be about four and six years old individually. The little girl was the older one of the two.

"Hey! Daddy's home!" The little boy said happily as the two kids hugged their father.

"Hey you two!" Gohan exclaimed happily as he picked them up, one in each arm. "You didn't give mom a hard time today, did you?"

"No, we were really good!" The little girl said with a smile.

"They were good up until they broke the fence again while sparring. After that they were good again." Videl said with exasperation.

"But we did a good job fixing it!" The little boy said excitedly and with a big smile. Then Videl walked over to Gohan and their kids and they had a big family hug.

With renewed vigour Gohan forced Vandrak back towards the portal. He ignored the pain and focused, with all his might, on what he needed to do. His eyes were emitting a furious green as he once more poured all his emotions into the single blast that had saved him so many times before.

He only put enough energy into the blast to push Vandrak back, because killing him would cause the universe's destruction anyway. The green beam collided with Vandrak's spherical prison and began pushing it back as the portal began closing once more.

It was a battle of sheer will as good struggled against evil. They appeared to be equal in strength. But Gohan had something that Vandrak would never experience; he had love. His family and friends were the reason why he was fighting in the first place. And he knew they were watching over him at that very moment. He could feel their encouragement as though they were standing next to him. Their strength became his as he gained the upper hand.

The portal became restless. It wanted fresh meat, and it would get it. Gohan pushed himself harder as he thought of a young woman and what that single vision had implied, and then he smiled. His beam grew and blasted forward with unimaginable speed.

As Vandrak entered the Dead Zone all that could be heard was a terrible scream of anguish. With Gohan's last bit of energy he closed the portal of the Dead Zone.

Vandrak's control of the Time Bubbles broke and Piccolo, Vegeta, and Goku were released. They were stunned.

Gohan slowly descended to the ground and when he touched down he fell over in exhaustion. His last thoughts before blissful sleep overtook him were, 'Now Garlic jr has a friend, haha. Thanks Videl. Once again you were the reason I was able to win. What's even more rewarding than having a safe universe is the fact that this time no one got killed before I finally won. Can't wait to see your face again Videl…"


"I don't believe it!" Shin exclaimed, "Gohan did it! He actually did it!"

"What…You mean the fight is over?" Bulma asked. She, along with Chi-Chi and Videl were nearly in tears at that point. Videl was, of course, doing her best to hide that little fact.

"Yes." Shin answered happily, "Gohan has done what his ancestor did before him."

"What do you mean?" Videl asked curiously.

As soon as Videl spoke Chi-Chi eyed her suspiciously. She didn't know who this girl was and she didn't like that little fact. "Okay little missy. Start talking! Who are you?"

"Huh? I'm Videl." Videl answered confused.

"Relax Chi-Chi. Videl is a good girl." Bulma said before Chi-Chi overreacted.

Seeing that it was safe for her to talk again Videl asked the Supreme Kai, "Sir, what did you mean by 'ancestor'?" The others were wondering that exact same question as well.

"Zogan. He was a Saiyan, the only warrior with the skill, to subdue Vandrak the first time. However, he did not posses all the abilities that Gohan has displayed. Through his battles and training Gohan has learned much more than was known at that time. The Kai's had to seal Vandrak away in what they knew would be a temporary prison. They prayed that by the time Vandrak found a way to escape, that someone would have found a more permanent solution. Even though Gohan didn't know it at the battles beginning, he already had al the resources he needed to dismiss Vandrak permanently from this plain of existence. And now, he has done it. No one can escape the Dead Zone from the inside, it is impossible.

"Zogen wasn't any ordinary Saiyan. He was something of a legend among his people. He was Gohan's ancestor, or so it is believed. And even though Saiyans weren't quite as advanced and evolved as the few remaining are now, he was. Zogen was a being out of place, out of time. The Kai's never could understand how a single being could make such an incredible evolutionary leap. There were rumours that he actually was from the future, or even a parallel universe. Something was odd, however. The transcripts of the Kai's said that he disappeared without a trace after he sealed one of them within his sword and placed it in the Pillar on the planet of the Kai's. It was named the Z-Sword to remind future Kai's of the events that took place." Shin finished with a thoughtful look on his face. It appeared as though he was very deep in thought.

"So...You don't actually know if this Zogen really was Gohan's ancestor, do you?" Krillin asked.

"No, I don't. Perhaps we will find out someday, or it could remain a mystery forever. Only time will tell." Shin said as he looked down upon the Earth were Gohan lay...


Bardock walked over to were Gohan lay. Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo, also approached. They stood around the unconscious warrior and were amazed at what transpired there. They thought it resembled a dream, one that they were about to wake up from and be disappointed that it ended. But, to their relief, it was not a dream. It had happened and Vandrak was sealed away in the Dead Zone.

"Well Kakarot, your son is truly something else. And even though you weren't there during most of his life Kakarot, Gohan's actions were always influenced by you. The memories he gained from his time with you was key to his state of mind. You taught him to never give up, and to protect those who cannot protect themselves. I know, because I've kept an eye on him. You better not die again Kakarot, you have two sons to watch over. You may have been the first Super Saiyan in millennia, for which I'm very proud of you, but you do have a tendency to do stupid things when it comes to family. I should know, you probably inherited that from me. I'll try to make up for it. You should also." Bardock said. It was the first time he had ever spoken to Goku.

Goku had a serious expression on his face as Bardock spoke. When he finished Goku's face cracked into a grin and he said, "You got it father!"

"Pah...that's enough father and son bonding!" Vegeta said irritably, "Come on clown! Now that you're alive once more I'd like to beat you and prove once and for all that I, the prince of all Saiyans, am stronger than you!"

"Not now Vegeta. We need to get Gohan someplace where he can heal." Piccolo said as he made a motion to pick the eighteen-year old up. He stopped and stood up straight once more with a thoughtful expression on his face.

"What is it Piccolo?" Goku asked as he looked over the Namekian warrior.

"I wonder…Garlic junior needed the Makial Star to open the Dead Zone. I'm curious to know how Gohan managed to do so without it." The serious expression on Piccolo's face suddenly softened into a genuine smile as he looked down at the boy who had become a man.

The others were a bit startled. They had never seen Piccolo show any affection, not even to Gohan. But he was actually smiling, and then…he started laughing. Not an evil or taunting laugh. No, it was a genuinely happy laugh. It was infectious, and soon the three standing Saiyans were laughing right along with Piccolo.

It made them all feel lighter than air and when they stopped they all looked down at the sleeping warrior. He had such a peaceful look on his face.

Goku bent down, took his son's hand and said, "All aboard?"

The others took hold and they disappeared from the battlefield.


It was a month after Gohan's War ended. Since then the saviour of the universe hadn't had a single vision. He didn't need to know the future. The future would reveal itself in time. And it was filled with peace.

His parents were back and so was his grandfather, Bardock. Gohan decided that living with his parents again would be awkward since he practically came to know Bulma and Vegeta as his parents. But continuing to live with them would also be strange since his real parents were back. Gohan came to a decision and decided to move out into his own place.

It was a cosy little place. Gohan didn't want anything too big just yet. It stood on the grassy plains next to a wide river and it was halfway between parenting unit one and parenting unit two. That's how he referred to Goku and Chi-Chi, and Bulma and Vegeta. Otherwise it got more confusing than it already was.

He was starting to write 'fictional' books. It was basically his life's story. But the general public would never believe it was true, so he gave everyone an alias. He, himself, was known as Zogan in his books.

Gohan didn't know why he was so intrigued by that name. 'I'll figure it out eventually.' He thought.

One year later his first book was published and had broken all previous sales records. He also still tinkered around with inventions, but his most important priority was someone who had graduated high school seven months prior to his record-breaking debut in the world of fiction.


Time…it's a funny thing really. Not funny as in humorous, but funny as in strange. The barriers it represents were broken long ago when Trunks came from the future. Those barriers were shattered when Gohan first gained control over his visions. The idea of seeing the future both intrigued and scared the young man.

It was something that could not be fully understood, but Gohan knew it wasn't something to be toyed with.

"Knowing the future…knowing what will happen. It goes against the basic principles of life. It supposed to be unpredictable. We are not supposed to know what will happen. What's the point in living if we do? No surprises, good or bad. But I'd rather take the bad with the good than have nothing new to live for. It's like a spoiler posted on the internet, read at your own risk. I'm not reading into my, or anyone else's lives unless the visions come automatically. That usually means that something will go wrong. Besides, my usual senses have always warned me if my loved ones are in danger. It's like an eight sense."

"An eight sense?" Videl asked confused.

"Well…yeah." Gohan answered, "I have eight senses, sight, hearing, smell, feel and taste." As he said the last of the 'normal' senses he gave Videl a soft kiss which she returned just as gently.

"Tell me about the other three?" She asked while smiling brightly at him.

"Sure." He said as he smiled back at the beautiful young woman in his arms. "Number six is my ability to sense energy, anyone who can control their energy can do it. Number seven is a sense I picked up through meditation. It's more of a feeling I get when someone close to me is in trouble. The last one is the visions. And that is one that I will not practise unless absolutely necessary. I don't want to know everything. I want surprises."

Videl smiled up at Gohan as they leaned against a big Oak tree. She was happily resting in his arms. They were just sitting there…enjoying each others company and the simple things in life. A gentle breeze swooped by the couple as the sun was slowly making its descent.

Grassy plains stretched forever in front of the couple. It was so incredibly peaceful. Gohan treasured every moment of it. It was the first peace he had known since he was five. The peace was only now starting to settle in on Gohan's state of mind and he was going to cherish both the peace and the blue-eyed beauty in his arms.

"What are you thinking?" Videl asked. She knew him so well.

"Just how much I love you…and how I'm never going to let you go." He said softly while giving her a loving smile and hugging her lightly.

She returned his smile and merely said, "Good…"

The sun surrendered to the calm night as the last rays of sunlight disappeared and coolness spread throughout the plains. The young couple slowly got up and walked off in the direction of the river.

When they reached the river they entered a small house that was obviously being added on as construction material could be seen everywhere. Gohan and Videl sat down on the couch and looked deep into each others eyes.

The twenty year old man broke the eye-contact and run his hand across Videl's enlarged stomach. He looked back at his wife and smiled. In a single months time their lives would change once more. Only this time, it would be for the better. They were happy and couldn't imagine life to be any other way.

Gohan's war was now a mere memory. And as they sat there they both knew that new memories would be created in the years to come. The two could see more happiness than hardships in their futures.


…until I write a sequel…which could be next year…
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