Don't Build Me to Break Me

By Forgotten Sunrise

A/N: Last chapter was short, this one will be longer. It's been a year since I first started this story!

Chapter six: Dance

Artemis hadn't bothered with the note he had gotten the previous night because he was sure it was nothing more then a wedding invite from Maféia, which he wasn't planning on attending unless Richard told him to do so.

He got up the next morning at six twenty and washed his face took a quick cool shower and combed his hair before he got dresses in the cloths the maid must have laid out for him. A white button up polo, black slacks and a pair of loafer. These weren't his clothes thought, they were just brought. He wondered why these were laid out instead of his own. He would have to have a little chat with who ever laid his cloths out.

Artemis decided to use his free time to 'explore' his room a bit. He realized the Richard musty have gone through a great deal of trouble in making this room. It was (in a very scary was) an identical replica of his bedroom in the Fowl Manor. He looked up at the fresco on the wall that he use to assimilate with home. Richard was indeed a mad man.

Lost in thought, Artemis didn't realize it when Ida walked into his room, only about ten minutes later.

"I assume you got my letter then" Ida said once she saw that he was up and ready. "Have you eaten yet? We have a very long day ahead of us"

Artemis turned and looked at her and raised his brow a bit

"Pardon me, I didn't realize that you had sent a letter."

"Well, I see that you didn't even bother to read it." She said a trace of sadness laced her voice.

Artemis looked at the pink note that laid untouched on his bed stand table.

"I figured that to be a wedding invite from Maféia, I was going to decline."
"Oh really? Too bad, now you have to go."

Artemis gave her another raised eye brow

"The person I was going to go with has…other plans, so now, you're coming with me."

"I assume that I don't get a choice in the matter."

"I thought we already established that?"

"So where will you be taking me?"

Ida smiled genuinely to him for the first time they met

"You'll see."

She grabbed his hand and led him out the house to where her custom painted pear pink Navigator was parked. She unlocked the door and got in. However, Artemis stayed clear away from her vehicle.

"C'mon in, we don't have all day" Ida said once she saw that he wasn't going to get in.

"I really don't feel comfortable getting in that car with you. You can barely see over the dashboard and I have no clue to where you're taking me and frankly-"

"Cut the bullshit and just in the car." She said quite testily

He got in the car. He might have been a great deal taller then her. But he knew that he wouldn't stand a chance against her if she decided to get physical. Once he got in, she flashed her smile again.

"We're going to have lots of fun today!"

Artemis nodded his head, but made a mental note to check her medical history to see if she was bipolar.

She wasn't a careful driver at all. She raced down the hill going at least eighty, then slowed all the way down to sixty once she hit the main roads. All poor Artemis could do was hold on to his seat and pray that she didn't have to stop immediately. After about fifteen minutes of diving she stopped in front of a small reddish building with a banner across it reading 'The McGossicc's Dance Studio'

Artemis eyes widen as he read this.

"This must be a mistake. Ida, I don't dance." He said as he watched her get out the car.

"I know you don't. In fact, I heard that you didn't even go to your own prom. Boy that's sad."

"Quite the contrarily actually."

"Out the car Fowl. I'll be teaching you just how to dance today. Consider yourself lucky."

"I'll consider myself anything but lucky at this moment." Ida swiftly hit him in the chest with her fist before she ushered him into the building.

"Okay!" she said clapping her hands together "So first things first. Let start with the waltz, because it is the easiest to master." She then began an almost half hour rant about the meaning of the dance. Artemis dare not stop her thought because she was so passionate about it.

"So now, take my left hand in your right, and hold my back with your left." He was hesitance for a bit, but Ida came and put him in the right position.

"I know that you're uncomfortable, but dancing serious for me."

"I realize that, but there is no way I can do this for you. I just don't dance."

Ida let go of his hand and rubbed her temple, clearly frustrated

"Ok, look. Here my situation. My bastard partner left me to go fuck some other girl. And now every other guy I know already has a date to Maféia wedding."

"So you want me to learn how to dance, for Maféia's wedding?"

"All I need you to do is master the waltz and learn some of the other ballroom dances."

"And tell me why I should master this dance? What would I gain?"

Ida sighed and fell into the nearest chair. Her cheeks were full her lips pout and she was twiddling with her thumbs as she thought.

"How about…your freedom? I can get you out of my sight in less than a week. If you do this for me."

"And how will you manage to get me out?"

"Just give me time to think on that. But do we have a deal?"

"I don't have too many options, so yes. Yes we do."

Ida beamed up at him.

"Great! Now, let's get back to work. Take my left hand in your right and take you left hand just above my waist and use it to hold me in place." Artemis did as she said, reluctantly thought.

"Okay, So seeing that you don't know how to, this time I'm going to be the man and lead. Notice how I move right foot forward and one, two three turn. That's the basic. You try now." Ida said repositioning herself.

Artemis looked down at her as a little color rushed down to his cheeks

"I'm not sure if I can do this quite yet, maybe if-"

"Don't expect to get it right the first time. I expect you to stumble and fall and step on my foot a couple of time. On the count of three you will start. One, two…"

They spent the next five hours dancing, only stopping for water twice. Ida was very strict when it came to her teaching style. She yelled every time Artemis messed something up. She hit him every time he stepped on her, she even through a fit when he asked if they could stop for the day, after three hour. But Artemis put up with it. He would have normally left, and throw out thousands of reason why this was below him. But there was no way he could escape Richard on his own, and Ida was offering a way out. So he kept at it. At the end of five hours, he still was good, but he had gotten better.

"Good work Arty," Ida said as she took a sip of water out of her green and blue bottle "Another five hour of practice, and I think you might do well."

Artemis frowned.

"Never call me 'Arty' again. As far as another lesson, I'm not up for one anytime soon. My legs are burning and my shoulders are sore from where you kept hitting me."

Ida started laughing at hearing, Artemis frown only deepen. He felt out of self when he was around her and didn't like it on bit.

"You'll learn to love the burn, so get use to it." Ida said still laughing as she skipped to the door. Artemis followed her out and into the car.

The two got back home around one o'clock p.m. Artemis crawled out the car, still very sore and tense, as Ida unloaded her gear.

"Caro Ida? Artemis? Where did you two go off too?" Richard said as he swung opened the door to greet them back."

"Ciao papa! We just went practicing for the wedding, that's all. Was he gone to long?"

"No, no no, not at all. But I thought you were going to go with Ian to the wedding."

"I was…but there's been a change in plans"

Richard nodded but he didn't seem to happy about this 'change in plans'

"Well come in now children, lunch has been made and it looks like you had a hard work out." Richard opened the door wider so that Artemis and Ida come in, kissing his daughter on the forehead and wrapping Artemis in the most awkward and uncomfortable bear hug. A lunch of calamari for Artemis and grilled tomatoes, garlic and onions for Ida.

"You two enjoy your meal." Richard said smiling to the both of them, as he left towards his office.

"DeVore, you have a lot of explaining to do." Richard said as soon as he was safe behind his office door.

"Mr. McGossicc I can explain-"

"What going on between you and my daughter? She seems more than upset with you."

Ian bit his lower lip. This wasn't good.

"She must have found out that I was cheating on her."

"Carelessness! DeVore, when you ask my daughter to marry you, she had better accept, or I fear the worst for you, you understand."

"Yes sir, I understand."

Richard leaned back in his in his chair and lit his cigar.

"Good, then I expect to see you around here soon to apologize to her. Flowers make her happy."

"Yes sir, I'll be there tomorrow, first thing in the morning."

"Talk to you then." Then he hung up.

He took a long puff of his cigar before he opened his newspaper that was lying on his desk, to read it. On the front page of the new paper a huge picture of his niece, Maféia with her soon to be husband Zenkia where holding hands and kissing. Richard shook his head.

"Kids nowadays."