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Fear Chapter 16

"I can't believe your making me do this," Fred scowled, glaring at his brother and Hermione. "I mean, she's a year younger! We can take her!" He said, putting up his fists.

George shook his head. "Yeah, and should be graduating right about now," he said, slowly pulling down his brother's arms.

Fred's face grew redder. "I don't care. I will not go around the school, apologizing to every single stupid student in --"

"And teacher," Hermione added, finally joining the conversation.

They had reached the great hall, where only a few students remained, either doing their homework, talking, or eating.

Hermione pushed the twins fore ward, and they pretended to fly fore ward, landing on top of a table. Hermione shook her head and laughed, not amused the slightest.

Fred looked at George and George looked at Fred. They both grinned. "I think we need a trip to Hogsmead," the said in their -eh-hem- creepy unison.

Since they had given Harry their map, they pretty much punched every portrait to see whether or not it would open for them. Many cries, shouts, and curses escaped the portrait's mouths.

"Shut up, all of you!" Fred yelled down the hallway. "Open up, whichever you are!"

Many portraits opened, in spite of the hurtful punches from the twins. "One to Hogsmead!" George commanded, and every portrait shut itself. "I guess we are in the wrong hall then," he smirked.

"For Merlin sake!" Said a portrait that was rather close to George.

Fred whipped out a black felt marker and grinned evilly before he began drawing on the poor ballerina. Squeaks and shouts proceeded with every mark that the twin made, while George tried to pull him off.

"Common Fred! Snape's coming!" He said exasperatedly before pulling his brother around a corner, leaving the girl in an ugly purple dress so whimper sadly.

Professor Snape quickly walked down the hall, and had to do a double take before noticing the new art. "I am so very sorry," he said gently as he stood in front of the now wailing painting.

"Who did it?" He asked, and that was the signal for Fred and George to run down the hallway in frantic hurry.