Title: Suite Disobedience

Author: JadaSkye

Feedback: Romance/Humor

Setting: Somewhere in the imaginary middle of Episode II

Synopsis: Put Anakin & Padme in the same orbit, romantic tension abounds.

Disclaimer: George owns everything, I'm just poking around in a little corner of the universe.

Notes: This was written about two months before the release of Ep. II, and by the time I finished it, I didn't want to change it all, so ignore the idiosyncrasies. Padmé still has her handmaidens and perhaps certain members of the Jedi Order are a bit more relaxed about 'relationships'. This is my first Ani/Ami fic. I'm not quite sure where this plot bunny is headed, but I'm up for an adventure. :) If I get enough positive reviews, I'll carry on with it awhile…

The trip to Afauberac had been a long and monotonous one. With Anakin and Obi-Wan both on the other ship, and her handmaidens nowhere to be found, twenty-five year old Senator Padmé Amidala was understandably bored. Which is why, when Captain Olie announced they were to land in five minutes, Padmé gathered her things and couldn't get close enough to the ship's exit doors.

The Afauberacians were notorious for their lack of organizational skills, which is why it was believable that the ground crew was not prepared for the Senator's arrival that evening. When Padmé and her crew reached the surface, it took fifteen minutes to find the other ship. Padmé nearly unraveled the bottom of her gown fidgeting with the trim. Just as she thought she couldn't bear to wait any longer, their guide received word from across the base. Padmé looked up, and approaching from the east, were the eight passengers of the other Coruscantian ship. Padmé quelled her excitement at the sight of the two Jedi Knights across the landing platform. Especially the younger of the two.

Anakin Skywalker was equally as eager to meet the Senator, but dared not show it. He kept pace with Obi-Wan and upon reaching the other half of the crew, greeted Padmé with a respectful bow. As the Afauberacian guide began a short welcome speech and apology for the confusion, Anakin and Obi-Wan fell into guardian positions on either side of the Senator. Anakin maintained his knightly disposition, but the moment Obi-Wan's watchful gaze shifted, he caught the Senator's anxious eyes and winked at her. Padmé bit her lip, outwardly embarrassed, but inwardly delighted at their secret affection for each other. Yet she still refused to admit the magnitude of the crush she had on the young knight.

Sabé's mood was a bit sour. It was 23:00 and she was space-lagged, as well as third in line for the fresher in her room. She had fought not to exchange ill words with Captain Gawain after he had announced that she and Rabé and Saché and Eirtaé were to share a suite. The handmaidens were used to tight quarters, but this was ridiculous. Anyone in their right mind should have realized that four of the Senator's handmaidens would not function with only one fresher. And while Sabé loved the other three as sisters, the line had to be drawn somewhere.

She sighed. At least, the four of them weren't alone in their predicament. The rest of the crew was faced with the same dilemmas. No one had nearly enough personal space, or the patience to deal with the situation quietly.

Padmé on the other hand, had gotten the sweet end of the deal; a much larger suite, connected with her handmaidens and a much larger fresher all to herself. Sabé knocked on the inner door which led to the Senator's room and Padmé quickly answered. Sabé's jaw dropped as she entered.

"Oh, my lady!" Sabé cried upon entering the room. "You are the envy of all your maidens!"

Padmé looked at her friend curiously. "Why? What is it?"

"This room is tremendous! And you're the only one in it!"

Padmé smiled. "Are your arrangements not working out?"

Sabé snorted. "We're all together and there's only one fresher. How do you think it's working out?"

"Oh, that's awful!" Padmé cooed sympathetically. "Well, you're certainly welcome to mine, I'm through with it for the night."

"I'll take you up on that, my lady." Sabé sighed. "I'm last in line in our room." She stood to go and fetch her things from the other suite.

Padmé smiled. "Please do. And when you're through, come talk with me. It's rather lonely here anyway. I can't possibly inhabit this whole room by myself."

Sabé grinned mischievously in the doorway. "Perhaps you should ask Padawan Skywalker to inhabit it with you. I'm sure he'd be delighted."

Padmé's jaw dropped and she hurled a pillow at Sabé, who disappeared into her own room, laughing.

Anakin stood glaring at his Master in disbelief. "I hope you're kidding, Master, because there's no way!"

Tycho grinned and shook his head. "Well, you ain't sleepin' with me."

"Nor I, Padawan." Obi-Wan agreed. "Master and apprentice are to be close in mind and spirit, but that's pushing it. I need my space. You can have my blanket, though."

Anakin's jaw dropped angrily as he pulled Obi-Wan's previously airborne blanket off his head. "I am not sleeping in the bathtub!"

"Well, you're welcome to the floor as well!" Obi-Wan chuckled. "It's not nearly as confining. But other than that, I'm afraid you have no choice, Padawan, unless you wish to levitate yourself for seven hours."

Anakin glared up at him. "Guardian of peace and justice, are you? Ha! This is hazing! Child abuse!"

Obi-Wan laughed, digging through his luggage. "You're hardly a child. You're barely a minor. You'll be twenty-one before I can blink again!"

Anakin fell silent, but then his eyes turned sly.

"Then I'm free to make my own decisions?" he persisted.

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes, not paying much attention. "You always make your own decisions, Anakin."

Anakin's lips formed a devious grin. "Fine then. I'm going to find someplace else to sleep."

Obi-Wan sighed as Anakin strolled out the door, bedclothes in tow. "Just stay out of trouble, padawan."

Tycho had a pretty good idea as to where Anakin's first stop would be. He had half a mind to stand guard at Padme's front door all night, but he had to force himself to remember that he was not her father, nor was she still a naive child, incapable of fighting her own battles. She had matured into a beautiful and fiery young woman, full of wit, intelligence and heart.

And she would need all of those things to combat the charms of Padawan Skywalker.