Chapter Six

Anakin couldn't hide his annoyance with Obi-Wan as he rang Padmé's doorbell. He tried to smile as the door slid open, but she picked up on his melancholy right away.

"What's the matter?" she asked, stepping aside so that he could come in.

"Nothing, I'm sorry. Just-- arguing with Obi-Wan again."

"Over what?"

Anakin sighed. "He thinks that I'm nothing and you're too good for me."

Padmé's brow furrowed. "He didn't say that, did he!"

"Well, in so many words."

"Oh Ani, I'm sure he's just worried about you. You know he loves you like a brother."

"Well, I don't care. He's not my brother or my father—and I am an adult. He's trying to ruin the best part of my life!" he locked into her gaze.

"I've been dying to see you since this morning, and then you looked so beautiful at the banquet and I couldn't think of anything but being right here right now and--"

"Relax!" she smiled, placing a finger over his lips. "You are here now. So am I. And I happen to think that your presence is quite good for me."

Anakin smiled, suddenly fighting the urge to pull her into his arms and conquer her lips. Suddenly, Obi-Wan had disappeared and there was only Padmé; the Senator of Naboo and the most beautiful woman in the entire galaxy. Not to mention the same woman who had kissed him a little over twelve hours ago.

"Where's Sabé?" he asked, changing the subject.

"Locked in the room next door." she answered, pulling her hair out of a ponytail.

Anakin's eyebrows rose as he watched her chocolate brown locks cascade over her shoulders. "Locked, huh? And Rabé?"

"And Saché and Eirtaé. All-- 'busy' next door."

Anakin forced his adrenaline level down, practically salivating as she stretched out on the couch. "So—we're all alone? For the whole evening?" he paused as she eyed him warily.

Padmé stood up, suddenly. "No need to rush," she thought.

"Yes, I suppose we are." She walked behind the couch on her way to the kitchen.

Anakin followed her. "Where are you going?"

"To get a drink. Do you want one?"

Anakin's eyebrows raised. "Sure you're not just running from another unabashed display of affection?"

Padme spun around. Jedi or not, she was not about to be outwitted by a younger man. She shot him a coy smile. "You're adorable, Anakin. But I'm not just going to make out with you all night." She said matter-of-factly.

"That's what you think." Anakin's head screamed. Outwardly, he chuckled. "Well, maybe not all night," he answered slowly. "But you did leave me hanging this morning—so I feel sort of compelled to offer you the opportunity to finish what you started… and maybe-- test the extent of my endurance."

Padme grinned wickedly and strolled back to the couch. "That was beautifully worded, Ani. But I'm sorry—I'm not trying to be rude or anything-- there's just no way you could possibly keep up with me."

Anakin barely stifled his laughter. Padme Amidala, a tease! This was just too enticing. He cocked one eyebrow at her and sauntered back into the living room. "You're sure about that?" he answered finally.

Padme got such a kick out of his first reaction that she couldn't resist.

"Try me." She whispered, her voice edging on seductive.

Anakin grinned and lunged after her. She slipped around the couch squealing. He caught her in a matter of seconds and after tickling her furiously, pinned her to the couch.

Padme's giggling tapered off into a soft smile as he settled next to her. The passion in his cerulean eyes was unmistakable, and the weight of his entire body was unnervingly close to hers. Anakin licked his lips inadvertently. He could feel Padme's body rising and falling with rhythmic breath and her tunic was no longer covering all of her petite stomach. "I see how it is," he mumbled through a sly grin. "Diplomatic Senator by day—evil temptress by night." Padme giggled again, and beneath a confident grin, Anakin fought desperately for control of himself.

"Force… you're making me weak, Padme." He admitted, his voice dropping to a mellow growl. "Keep this up and you're going to make me do something very un-Jedi-like."

"Make you?" she laughed. "Oh no, if you get kicked out of the Order for being naughty, it is entirely your own fault." She poked him in the chest and nearly hurt her finger.

"Naughty…" he echoed, taking her hand and caressing her fingers with his lips. He really liked how that sounded rolling off her lips. "You politicians are-- excellent with word choice." He commented.

Padme, mesmerized by the low, sexy cadence of his voice, silently shoved her conscience into a black hole. "We're excellent at a lot of things."

The shred of willpower remaining with the young Jedi dissolved in a raging sea of hormones. "I'll be the judge of that."

Anakin fell upon her with such intensity that Padme wasn't sure she'd ever breathe again. And she didn't particularly care.