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Sasuke goes too far in telling Sakura off. Sakura decides to train harder….away from Konoha. What happens when she comes back after 2 years of being gone? Sasusaku

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Chapter 1- Unexpected Task

After team 7's vigorous training, which was given by none other than Konoha's copy ninja, Hatake Kakashi, the usual ramblings went on.

"Ahh! That training was like hell, Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto complained while collapsing on the ground.

"Shut up, Naruto! You aren't the only one who's freakin tired," Sakura said with a sigh.

"But Sakura- chaaa…"

"Don't 'Sakura-chan' me!"

"Dobe" Sasuke said out of nowhere.

"Shut up Sasuke-teme!" Naruto said while frowning, his usual cheeky smile gone.

"Its better if you shut up," Sasuke muttered. Sakura giggled and Kakashi smirked at his his comment.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Naruto said at the top of his voice, which made the three of them flinch.

"Hmph! I have no time for this. I'm going home," Sasuke said getting on his feet.

The three of them decided to just stay where they were for awhile. As usual Kakashi took out his beloved Icha Icha Paradise and started to read and…..giggle. Naruto and Sakura just sweatdropped anime style.

"Sakura-chan, do you still like Sasuke-teme?" he asked out of the blue.

Sakura was surprised when he asked about that. She decided to answer him even though that is a really personal question. Anyway they are close friends in their own twisted way.

"Well, I know that I still like him but not that much anymore. You know what I mean?" Sakura said while turning her head to Naruto.

"Yeah, I think I get it." He said while giving her one of his signature grins.

Although both of them thought that their sensei wasn't listening, he was! He was really amused when he heard their conversation.

He is grinning under his mask and his visible eye is curved in a way that indicates that he really is grinning/ smiling.

After a few minutes the three of them are preparing to go home. All three of them have something in mind that has nothing to do with strenuous activities.

Sakura was about to go when Kakashi suddenly told her to…

"Hey, Sakura!"


"Can you give this to Sasuke? I think he forgot to get them because he was tired and irritated," he said while handing Sakura some kunais and shurikens.

"Um…okay then…" she said unsurely.