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Chapter 19- Wait

Rain poured down as Sakura ran through every street, halting for a few minutes, only to find that the streets were all deserted. It seems that everyone has found shelter to protect themselves from the heavily pouring rain.

Yes, the rain was pouring so hard that it hurts if you get hit by the continuous droplets. But one person didn't seem to care. That person would be Sakura. All that matters to her is to find him before he leaves.


'If Orochimaru mentioned something about Itachi, that would awaken Sasuke's hate for his brother and his crave for more power,' she thought while putting her hands together and resting her chin on them. It was a position that Sasuke used to do.

She thought heavily, eyebrows furrowing in deep concentration. She suddenly stood up!

'That would mean that Sasuke-kun would leave the village to kill his brother and to avenge his clan. He doesn't want anyone to get too attached to him because Itachi might kill that person. That person would be…me.'


End of Flashback

Now, as she skidded to a stop in front of a gloomy-looking apartment; she wished he's still there.

'Please be here, Sasuke,' Sakura thought as tears started to form in her eyes.

She didn't even bother to knock. All she did was just to barge in. the door wasn't even locked. As if it was really intentionally done for someone to go in. A dreaded feeling came into the pit of Sakura's stomach.

Everything in his apartment was back to normal. No more turned over couch, broken china, etc. The apartment itself seems peaceful and quiet. Too quiet.

Rushing upstairs, Sakura found herself in front of Sasuke's bedroom. The door was slightly open as if inviting her to go in, so she did. Much to her horror, it was empty. No clothes were left in his closet, his weapons are also nowhere in sight. Now that she realized it, the whole apartment's empty-save for the furniture.

'I'm too late,' she thought hopelessly. 'He's gone. He already left the village….he already left….me.' This time her tears cascaded down her cheeks. But there's a lingering feeling inside of her that says that she might still catch up with him. Following her intuition, she jumped out of his window and hurriedly jumped from one roof to another. Of course the direction she's using is towards the gates of Konoha.

Not caring about the rain she went faster. 'I have to catch up with him,' she thought while she gritted her teeth in frustration.

Landing perfectly on the road that led to the gates of Konoha; she spotted the person she's been looking for.

There, just a few feet away from her, stood Uchiha Sasuke. He was walking towards the gates with a backpack on his shoulder.

"Don't….don't go," she said in a soft voice. "Please….don't go! PLEASE DON'T GO!"

That caught his attention. Turning his head to face the source of the voice; he saw Sakura. She's soaked from head to toe but –from the looks of it- she doesn't seem to care.

'What's she doing here?' he thought. 'I didn't feel her coming…' he added with a slight frown. He's, in fact, surprised to see her here. 'Of all places and time, why does she have to be here now that I'm leaving? …..not unless she knows,' he thought as his eyes widened.

"Please don't go."

'There…she said it again. She knows why I'm leaving,' he thought. Closing his eyes, he said, "Go back home, Sakura."

That line…he said it so coldly. He said it as if he doesn't care about her, but that's not her worries right now.


Frowning at her response, he repeated his command, "Go back home, Sakura."


"Just go back and leave me alone," he said, turning his back on her. Just then he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist. "Why?" he asked.

"I don't want you to go away. Please stay. Please stay, Sasuke-kun," she replied, her voice soft.

"Do you know why I'm leaving?"


"Then, you'll have to understand," he said as he turned to face her.

"I don't want to."

"You might get killed."

"I don't care."

A thick moment of silence fell on them. The rain poured harder, making both of them more soaked than before. Neither reacted to the sudden burst of heavier rain, because all that matters is the presence of the other.

After the pregnant silence that fell, it was Sasuke who broke it. "You might not, but I do." After that said, Sakura's eyes widen as she let those words sink in.

"Thank you," she replied, but her tears kept on falling.

"I have to go," he said heavily.

But even as he said those words; he didn't show any signs of moving at all. Sakura just kept on hugging his waist as if she doesn't want to let go.

Looking at her face, he saw that she's been crying all along. Her tears mixing with the rain made it impossible for him to notice at first, but now that he could see her face closely it became clearer for him.

"Don't cry," he said, his eyes turning soft. "Don't cry, Sakura," he repeated. "I'll come back. I promise I will," he said while stroking her cheek.

Sakura looked at him. He had a slight smile on, and it's for her. "Are you willing to wait for me?" she heard him say. "Yes, of course I am," she answered.

Looking at each others eyes, they kissed. It's different from the first time they did. This time, it's filled with longing, warmth, and love. Yes. This time it is filled with the feeling and understanding of love. They know that this will be their last kiss for a long time, so they want to make the most of it.

They parted half-heartedly after a few minutes but it must be done. Sasuke has to go. He could leave tomorrow but other people might know by then. Some might stop him from leaving, so he has no choice but to go now.

"I promise I'll come back."

"I promise I'll wait 'til you come back."

After those words spoken, he was gone. Disappearing in a puff of smoke; he left.

Sakura woke up with a start, feeling a more tired than usual. Looking at the clock on her bedside table, she knew she overslept but she didn't care.

'He's going to come back,' she thought.

'I know he will since he did promise.'

"SAKURA-CHAN! Sasuke-teme is go-," Naruto said in a loud voice but Sakura cut him off.

"I know, Naruto," she replied in a soft voice with a weak smile.

"Sakura-chan…" Naruto said.

"It's okay. I know he'll come back. He promised he will," she said with a real bright smile.

Naruto then understood. With a big cheery grin, he said in a happy and loud voice, "Of course he will! He's Sasuke-teme. That bastard will do anything to look good and heroic!"

Sakura started to laugh at his remark about her boyfriend and his best friend. Naruto joined laughing with her a few seconds after he said that.

"Mou….baa-chan should know about this…"

In the Hokage's office…

"BAA-CHAN!" Naruto called out as he knocked on the Hokage's office door.

Hearing a grumble from the inside, he grinned.

"I told you not to call me that!" a still young-looking Tsunade bellowed as he entered her office.

"But you're old. I should show you respect, right? By calling you 'baa-chan' I show respect by calling you in a very respectable way…according to your age," Naruto replied in an innocent-like tone.

"Ugh! I have no time for this. Why'd you come here? I don't expect that you're here to just say 'hello'. State your purpose."

Naruto faked a hurt look and then Tsunade glared at him. That glare made him stop, and go on straight to the point.

"Okay, okay! I'm here about Sasuke," Naruto said.

"Naruto, as Hokage you know I have no power over personal issues," Tsunade said with a resigned sigh.

"It's not about any personal issue," he replied. "Baa-chan…"

Tsunade's eyebrow twitched in annoyance at that.

"…Sasuke-teme left."

The twitching stopped and was replaced by raised ones. "WHAT!"

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