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To Find the Future, Find the Past

Chapter One:

The Last Day

Sixteen year old Zelda Hilyan sighed into her pillows. She couldn't figure out this ridiculous mathematics homework! After ten minutes, she decided that she was getting nowhere fast. Eventually, she just gave up.

Instead, she sat and thought about her last life. Or, at least, what she could remember of it.

The visions, or dreams, that she had been having were not constantly recurring, but always had someone in them that felt familiar to her. Her family was beginning to think that she was going crazy, but she knew her dreams were real! They had to be, there was no other explanation. It was like she was living the important aspects of her life through her dreams. Sometimes, she could live a whole year in one night!

She was a princess of a strange, Elven-type people. She remembered that all of her loyal subjects had loved and adored her and, from what she could tell, they viewed her as some sort of heroine, or warrior, or as some sort of goddess.

Zelda smiled at thinking of this. She wished that she hadn't been taken so abruptly from her last life. She couldn't tell how she died, all she knew was that it caused her Kingdom to fall, literally lost in time. At least, thats what she liked to think. She really had no idea what happened. After her death, the safety of that land was placed on a boy that had apparently, according to the spirits that had contacted her over the years, died a year before her, in battle, in a distant land.

She didn't know where the name came from, but she had decided to refer to the ancient land as 'Hyrule'. It was probably because 'Hyrule' meant 'magical place' in some ancient language or other. It came to her naturally. She wasn't really that interested.

Not yet, anyway.

"Zelda! Come down here!" Her father yelled up the stairs, sounding urgent.

Wait a minute! Her father? He was still supposed to be in Australia, studying that city! He was supposed to be there for 2 more weeks!

"Coming!" Zelda shouted back, English accent clear on her voice. Her father was Australian, but Zelda and her mother were both born and raised in England.

"Why are you home so early, Father?" Zelda enquired politely as she could. He had swept her up into a huge bear hug, so politeness was quite difficult.

"Why, I came to collect you and your mother, of course!" He beamed, then he looked shocked at the confusion in her face, "Hasn't your mother told you?"

"I'm afraid not." Zelda's words were polite, but her tone demanded that she be told what was going on.

"Well," her father beamed in excitement once again, "in order for me to further investigate these ruins, we must move to Australia as soon as possible!"

Zelda felt the pit of her stomach drop from her body. She had heard wrong, hadn't she? 'Oh... please have let me have heard wrong...' Zelda thought, distressed, '...I don't want to move to Australia!'

"We leave this weekend." Her mother added.

Zelda's life came crashing down around her. She didn't want to leave! She was born in England, and she wanted to die in England! Looking back on this thought in a few months, she would realise that she was being stupid. But for the moment, she really believed it.

"...I'm not leaving..." Zelda said in a small voice.

"Yes, you will be." Her father chided her, "you will begin packing tomorrow, and we will fly to Australia two days after that. We will be living there. Permanently. No arguments."

Zelda's eyes began to water. 'He's really going to make me do this!' Zelda's mind wailed, 'It isn't fair! I want to stay here, with my fr--' she caught herself just in time, she reminded herself that she didn't have any friends, '...my mother's family.'

Zelda screamed, and ran up the stairs to her bedroom. Her parents heard a 'SLAM' as she slammed her door and collapsed, sobbing, onto her bed.


Zelda sat in the principal's office, sulking. Her parents were here to un-enroll her. As they finished signing the papers, the principal turned to her and said to her parents; "I'm incredibly jealous of whatever school that finds itself graced with Zelda's attendance next week. She is one of our top students, and she will be sorely missed."

Zelda graced her principal with a forced smile. "Why, thank you, sir. Rest assured that I'm not as thrilled as my parents to be moving to Australia. I'd much rather stay here, but I'm not being given much of a choice."

"Zelda!" Her mother was shocked. Zelda had never spoken like that to anyone, ever. Zelda stifled a giggle at her mother's shocked expression.

"What?" She feigned not knowing what she was so upset about, "It's true!"

"It's incredibly rude!" Her father's face looked like a male version of her mother's, their expressions were so alike. The principal, however, laughed.

"I suppose I don't have to hand that Maths homework, then, sir?"

Everyone cracked up at Zelda's joke. She smirked as she waited for the laughter to die down. She had never cracked a joke before. Many people found this odd, but Zelda didn't see the point.

"No, you don't..." The principal chuckled, clearly amused.

As the papers would not be finalised until tomorrow, the three-person family exited the office and separated. Zelda's parents went home to begin their packing, and Zelda began her last day of classes.

She entered her English class, and immediately the talking died down. The entire school knew Zelda as an ice-queen bitch. She never picked on anyone, but she never paid them any attention, either. The teachers were all clamouring to have Zelda in their classes, not only because she was a good student, but because she inspired the sort of quiet that teachers only dreamt about.

The period was one of the slowest that she had ever endured. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop and hit the ground.

She could feel the eyes on her, and she smirked. Before today she tried to ignore it, but now she had an enraptured audience, and she was feeling pretty rebellious. At least for her. She ripped a sheet of paper from her book, screwed it up into a ball, and when the teacher turned, she threw it at her.


The paper hit the teacher in the back of the head. She turned sharply and glared at the class. Zelda just sat there innocently, acting like she hadn't done anything wrong. No one would dob on her, she was certain of it. A few people snickered in the back row. Not finding the culprit, the teacher turned to face the blackboard again.


Zelda threw another paper ball at the teacher. This time, there were a few giggles from the class, and once again, Zelda adopted an innocent persona when the teacher whipped around, copying the notes that the teacher had written up on the board.

"One more time... One more time and I will keep the entire class back in at recess." She threatened, totally serious. She turned around again, and continued to write about some boring topic or another on the board.


This time the entire class cracked up laughing. Zelda was the only one that wouldn't look guilty by laughing. She simply kept her head down and wrote.

Zelda was quite proud of herself. She had done something that she wouldn't normally do. It may not seem like a big deal to most people, but she had never, ever, done anything wrong before.

"All right, that's it!" The teacher screeched, infuriated, "If the culprit doesn't own up now, I will write referrals to everyone's parents! And when I do find out, I will give them the longest string of detentions in recorded history!"

The entire class gulped, terrified. Zelda tried to look upset with the punishment, but she really didn't care. She was out of here today, anyway.

"But if the person who threw the paper at me owns up now, I'll be considerably lenient on their punishment." She cooed pleasantly.

Zelda didn't say anything. She simply looked around the class, and stopped her sweep when she spotted Gonzo Ferdinand. He was staring at her, again! He was known to be an idiot, and everyone knew that he had a monster crush on Zelda.

She flashed him a smile that clearly said; 'Own up to it for me, and I'll sleep with you'.

Gonzo took the bait instantly, and raised his hand as he spoke.

"It was me, miss..."

She came down on him like a ton of bricks, yelling and screaming so loudly that you couldn't understand her. Zelda was shocked. She was sure she had heard a few profanities thrown in with the rest of the teacher's ravings. The only part that anyone understood clearly was; "Detention! Everyday! Lunchtime! My staff room! Rest of the week!"

Everyone was quiet by now. It was a relief to hear the bell ring. Everyone packed up their things and made a beeline for the door, Gonzo amongst them. It was only second period now. He still had recess, and periods three and four to worry about the detention.


"Hey, Babe," Gonzo tried to sound seductive, and he failed miserably.

Zelda cringed. Not only was he an idiot, she would never, ever, like him, or possibly even consider kissing him. Even for a million pounds! And he was butt ugly to boot.

"Hello, Gonzo," Zelda purred, despite the sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach, "What can I do for you on this fine afternoon?"

"I was thinking, since I took the wrap for you, and I have to suffer for you for the next week..."

Zelda knew what was coming, and she had to bite her lip from screaming and throwing up.

"That we could go and do..." He searched for a word, and not finding one, settled on; "each other..." He gave a smile, showing all of his yellow and black teeth.

'Do each other!' Her mind screamed, 'Even if he had the slightest chance in hell, that would have be enough to turn me off. I need to throw up. NOW!'

Her mind screamed,

"Well," Zelda purred, getting sicker every second, "I'm always busy during the week. Not this weekend, but the weekend after, my parents will be out of town, so would then be all right? The Sunday, maybe?" Hey! It wasn't a total lie. Her parents would be out of town, and so would she.

"Right." Zelda could tell that Gonzo was already getting excited. Poor guy. She was leading him on in the worst possible way, if her mother had taught her anything.

"Oh, and one more thing..." Zelda whispered, "Don't tell anyone. I don't want people to find out before I'm ready. Please promise me you won't tell?"

Gonzo simply nodded, and sauntered off home. Zelda silently thanked the goddesses that she was moving overseas. She saw that it had it's perks. She could start life all over again.

Wait a minute! Goddesses? Where did that come from? She firmly refused to believe anything that wasn't proven to be real, even though she used expressions such as 'oh, God', purely out of habit. The only reason she believed her dreams was because she wasn't the first to dream about a past life.

Oh well, she would ponder on that later.

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